The Young Ones

Rose. Lonely. Confused. Beautiful.
Charlie. Player. Angry. Always expected too much of.
When Rose and Charlie find themselves in detention for the same crime - mistaken rebellion - Rose hatches a plan. A plan to show the most popular boy in school and people like them what life is really about and what true friends are made of.

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1. The Beginning


We met in detention. Just like Andrew, Brian, John, Allison, and Claire in The Breakfast Club, we met where we thought we would find no understanding. One of the only places the teenagers who are nothing alike are forced to mix. Except it was just me and Charlie Standing. Me: Rose Johnson, the girl guys stare at and dream of doing things to but wont come near. The girl who has no friends as all the other girls are jealous and are worried about what she'll do to their boyfriends. The girl who is thought to be uptight and stand offish just because she knows how to handle herself. And Charlie Standing: player, heartbreaker and the winner of just about every sporting award that a year 11 at high school could win. The boy who had it all.

Like in The Breakfast Club, we were left by the teacher to sit for a couple of hours doing nothing. But we weren't left with a hopeless essay to write or anything of the sort; we were left to sit and talk if we wanted to but that didn't seem likely as me and Charlie weren't friends.

It seemed that I was wrong. After about 5 minutes, which I spent staring at the large chips on my nails which had freshly painted that morning, Charlie stopped whatever he was doing, before mumbling a quiet "So what you in for?" like we were in some sort of prison. 

To the year 7s, detention was exactly that what but once you'd become wise to how school worked, it didn't really bother you. What I found stupid was me and Charlie had actually already left High school. It was the summer holidays and we only had one week before the dreaded GCSE results day. I felt incredibly strange that in a few weeks I would be legally able to drive yet I was still being treated like a kid .

"Slapping a girl in my PE class." I replied, not even ashamed "You?"

"Getting into a fight with the rest of the football team." He smirked. "Who was this girl?"

"Georgia Lucy. I've been made out to be some sort of monster when really all that happened was I lost my footing when trying to slap the volleyball back over the net. She just happened to be in the way." 

He laughed at this. "I had a fight with the football team because Georgia's brother didn't like that I told her to stop stalking me. Then the others cowardly joined in because they thought they'd be next on his hit list."

I decided not to continue talking about Georgia Lucy. That girl had been my enemy for the best part of five years but now she'd moved to Australia I no longer had to deal with her.

"Have you ever being in love?" I looked up in surprise. Had Charlie 'I'm so hot and everyone thinks I'm fantastic' Standing honestly asked me such a personal and thought-provoking question as this?

"Erm, sorry?" I asked him for confirmation.

"You heard me."

"No." I replied. To me it was plain simple: you couldn't be in love with someone unless you'd known them for a long time. You could love someone but not in a romantic sense if you'd known them for a short period of time. You could be in love several times in your life but only one person could be the right one for you. - only one could be 'the one'. I didn't believe in love at first sight but I believed that first sight could release emotions and thoughts that if worked on could lead to love. But never had I been given the chance to experience any of it.

"Neither have I but for some reason my parents expect me to have already met my future wife." He looked at me for reassurance, like he expected me to tell everyone his life story just to embarrass him. I nodded my head to tell him that I'd keep his secret. "My dad expects me to get into a football team's academy or go and get a sports scholarship to a top US University but all I really want to be is... now don't laugh... an architect."

"Why would I laugh? I think it's really cool that your so ambitious."

"Well you're the first girl that hasn't. Most girls think I'm joking."

"I'm not most girls."

"Yeah, now tell me something about yourself."

"I suffered from depression for 3 years." I blurted out. Of all the things I could've picked, why did I say that?! "Erm, sorry."

But as I looked up I saw that the look in his eyes was not pity, it was understanding.

"My sister suffered a while back." He explained.

"My parents didn't believe me so I have to go through everything by myself with the help of my aunt and my brother." I smiled weakly. "It's all over now though..."

"You didn't have to tell me that." 

"I did. I needed to get it off my chest."

"And what a fine one it is too!" 

"I was wondering how long it would be before the player returned."

"I'm a boy. Can you blame me for noticing a gorgeous girl?"

"I suppose not but where is she?" I laughed.

"Trust me and thousands of other guys, you are beautiful."

"Yeah that's why they won't come near me and I've never so much been kissed." 

"I knew you'd never done... anything more but I thought that's just because you didn't want to..."

"You say that like people talk about me..."

"They do, you're quite popular with the popular crowd: the boys all want to do you and the girls all want to be you."

"Then why don't I have any friends?"

"Because they're all idiots."

After a few seconds (but what seemed like hours) of staring at each other, I coughed and said "I hardly know you and we're telling each other all our deepest, darkest secrets."

"Like The Breakfast Club."

"Oh my God, you know that film? Not many people our age have watched good films..."

"Chicks cannot hold their smoke. Dat's what it is." He replies with a smirk, quoting the movie perfectly.

"You know something?" I smiled whilst looking at the ceiling. "I swear I was born in the wrong decade. I know there was unemployment but I love the music, the films and most of the fashion."

"Yeah and there was no worry of cyberbullying or someone posting a stupid picture of you on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone talked to each other instead of hiding behind a screen." He joined in.

"Don't get me wrong, I love music by Avicii and Calvin Harris, and 5 seconds of Summer and Brad Simpson weren't even born then but life seemed so much simpler."

"That's what I long for, living life how I want to live it."

"I do too. Me and my cousin set up a group with rules to make sure we'd live life like there was tomorrow. Then she moved away and now it's just me." I smiled slightly whist thinking of the memories.

"So what are these rules?"

"You really want to know?" He nodded. "Ok. Rule 1: Do whatever makes you happy as long as you don't risk your health, you're future or break the law."

"Seems reasonable."

"Rule 2: Everyone in the group mustn't do drugs or have sex with someone that they're not dating but drinking is allowed."

"Sex is banned?" He said, looking disappointed.

"Sex isn't everything. We don't need it to make us happy. This isn't the sixties and seventies with 'free love'."

"You're right."

"I am? I mean I believe I am but didn't think you would too."

Just as I say this, the teacher walks in to say that time's up and we can go home.

"I guess I'll see you at sixth form." Charlie smiles at me.

"Yeah I guess." I reply before leaving to get a taste of freedom.

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