The Young Ones

Rose. Lonely. Confused. Beautiful.
Charlie. Player. Angry. Always expected too much of.
When Rose and Charlie find themselves in detention for the same crime - mistaken rebellion - Rose hatches a plan. A plan to show the most popular boy in school and people like them what life is really about and what true friends are made of.

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2. Charlie


I hadn't talked to Charlie in four weeks. I'd noticed from the Facebook statuses that we'd both gained high marks in our GCSE results. We were also more alike than I thought as we were both taking Law, Geography and German for our A levels. Thank God I had a break from him in Biology. We were both attending Cecelia Macintosh Sixth Form but I was hoping he'd just forget about the detention. 

I'd changed a lot over the holidays but I'd not become any closer to my older brother Emmett. Emmett was two years older than me and had a job as a model. Emmett was vain and liked to let everyone know that he was good looking but his arrogance often got him into trouble.

He'd walked into the sixth form without so much as a grunt of goodbye. Right. Another year friendless. Another year of being the 'pretty' girl that no one talks to. Another year of being the model sister of the popular Emmett Johnson. The boy who is so fantastic that he went to boarding school for several years on a athletic and academic scholarship - that is until he got kicked out for underage drinking. And now he was attending good old Cecelia's like all us common folk. 

It was just another year. Like High School.

"Rose!" I thought I heard someone calling me but we were all new and I had no High School friends.

All of a sudden, a hand grabbed me and pulled me into a storage cupboard nearby. I freaked out slightly and kicked out.

"God, Rose. Were you a star striker for a top football team in a former life?"

Charlie. "Yes." I regained my breath. "Were you a kidnapper in a former life?"

"Touché." He smiled.

"Is there something other than sex you wanted? 'Cause usually when a guy takes a girl into a cupboard..."

"Oh. Sorry. No. I want to join you."

"Join me? In doing what?"

"Your group."

"You, Mr. Player, want to join my group where being a player and having one-night-stands isn't an option?!"

He took a couple of steps closer so there was only a few centimetres between our faces. His breath fanned across my face and it took all my effort not to kiss him then and there.

"Yes." He whispered. "Plus, spending time with you is a massive bonus." My breathing faltered. Why the heck was he having this effect on me?!

I wrapped my arms around his neck. This time it was his breathing that hitched as I whispered. "Fine. Meet me at the sixth form entrance at the end of the day."

I was sure I heard him sigh as I walked away.


"C'mon, Rose. I'm not trying to seduce you. I just think we should go to your house." Charlie laughed.

"That's not why I don't want you coming round. I just don't want you and my brother getting into a conversation about football."

"I promise I won't mention football once. But rugby..."

"Fine." I climbed into his car. "You know the only reason that I'm coming with you is because I need all the friends I can get."

"We're friends now?" He sniggered.

"Acquaintances, then?"

"I'm just kidding. We can be friends if you want to be."


"I can't talk to my parents about this. Nor my brother. I suppose not even to you. I feel content with who I am but I don't know what to do. People only want me for one of three things: help with homework, to laugh at, or for their sexual desires. I don't feel like I can be myself. My parents love me but don't have a clue, my brother is just an idiot as usual and no one else can bear to come near me, except you..." I look at the floor "Another thing is that people think I can't look at anything male, human, remotely hot and between the ages of 15 and 30 and not think about them kissing me, and think about how no one has ever wanted me."

"Do you think about me kissing you?" He said whilst biting his lip.

"Did you not hear the remotely hot bit? I don't think you fall into that category." I laugh.

"Really?" He says before pulling his shirt above his head.

"What are you doing idiot?" I chucked a cushion at him. "What if my parents come home early and see you?"

"They'll go 'oh maybe our daughter has got good taste in guys' and will be glad that I'm not in your brother's room - oh, and that we're not having sex."

"They probably wouldn't mind if you were in my brother's room. They're pretty open to anything when it comes to Emmett." I throw his shirt back at him. "Put your shirt back on. What about your parents?"

"They're away a lot. They just leave me and my idiot of a brother on our own for around ten months of the year." He said while redressing. 

"I know I sounded like a total freak before but all I'm saying is we're at that age where we're on the bridge between childhood and adulthood. I want to cling to those last slithers of childhood and just be a kid whilst grasping those first opportunities of adulthood with both hands. I want to experience first love and first times and parties while I still can but life seems to want me to stay alone all my lifetime." 

"Yeah I understand. Hey, I have an idea... Your parents let you stay at friend's houses, right?"

"They would if I had any."

"Right. Grab a change of clothes, your bag with college work, your essentials and some swimwear."


"You'll see."

"You know I'm not going to sleep with you, right?"

"Who said anything about sex? Plus, it's banned, right?"

I threw everything into a Ted Baker bag and walked over to the door. Charlie grabbed my hand and began dragging me towards the stairs. "Emmett, I'm going to stay at a friend's overnight. Tell Mum and Dad I'll call them later!" I shouted.

"Right, Rose."

And me and Charlie ran to his car. I looked towards the drive and my 1989 BMW 635csi looked like a pile of rubbish compared with his Audi A8.

"Why do I need swimwear?" I said as he began driving.

"The Pool."

"Err, well it's in the other direction."

"The one at my house."

"Oh, erm well you don't want to waste your pool on me."

"Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Insult yourself. You don't come across to me as being one of those 'woe is me' girls."

"You don't know me. Anyway it saves other people the trouble."

"Jealousy can turn people into monsters."

"So how did you get your licence so quickly? You only turned seventeen last week. And no one learns that quickly."

"Got my provisional licence at sixteen. Spent the summer learning on our land - it's legal as long as the land's private and then I took the test on my birthday."

"How the other half live."

"Yeah but on the other hand I haven't seen my parents since a week before Christmas."


"Right. When we get to mine, don't let my brother come near you as despite being twenty one, he still hasn't gotten over the fact that girls exist. Oh and lock away any tanning products or he'll probably steal them. He still isn't quite highlighter orange."

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