Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


17. Your problem, Is my problem too

Louis P.O.V

When I woke up Alex was still next to me sleeping. She woke up and faced me. She kissed me and said."I love you." I laughed and kissed her again. "LOUIS WE HAVE TO GO IN AND HOUR!" Yelled Liam. He came in. I looked at him. "Sorry but get ready." He slammed the door. "Do you have to go?" She pouted. I nodded. "Ill swing by if I have a chance." She kissed me and sat up. She got in the shower and I followed her.

Alex's P.O.V

I got in the shower and Louis came in. He grabbed my waist and kissed my neck. I was going to tell him about having a child but not when we are naked in the shower. Tomorrow is our one year anniversary and I wanted to save all the erotic stuff for tomorrow. "We should get you a tatto." He said. "Where?" I asked. "Arm, back or anywhere else. What do you prefer?" He said. I pointed to three of his tattos. The teacup one . Airplane one And the one that looks like a bracelet. "We will get them tomorrow." He said. We got out of the shower and we changed. I heard yelling from Zayns and Violets room. "WHAT WE HAVE IS OVER!" Yelled Violet. She got a bag and packed most of her things. "Ill be back for the rest. Be lucky you get to keep the bed." She said and left. "Hey Zayn its okay. Sje was a total bitch anyways. Hey I have a friend. Her name is Perrie I think you would like her." I hugged him and told him to change. He nodded and went to go shower. I called Perrie and texted her a picture of Zayn. Good thing she was in London. "Yeah meet us up at the movies." I told her. She hung up. I went to my room to put on some makeup. "You look beautiful without makeup." Said Louis. "No I dont." I told him. He picked up my arm. Everything was healing. He kissed everthing. "I dont want you to hurt yourself anymore." He said. I nodded. "LOUIS WHAT THE HELL MATE! YOU ATE MY SNACK!" Yelled Niall. "Come one Ill but you something on the way." He said. "FINE LEAVE ME WITHOUT MY KISS." I laughed. He ran back and spun me around before he kissed me. "See you in a few." I said and he ran back to my car. "Well I guess it just me and you." laughed Brooklyn. "Yeah and Perrie. She likes Zayn." I said. "I HAVENT SEEN PERRIE IN AGES!" She yelled. We got in the car and went to the movies.

Brooklyn's P.O.V

Alex was driving. "Hey you really love Louis." I told her. She laughed. "Yeah. I havent had a realtionship like that after." I knew who she was talking about. "You havent looked at someone like that in years." Its true. The last person she has looked at like that is Dylan. But he was a total jerk. He tried to hook up with someone else and he was very abusive of Alex. " like what?" She asked as we parked in front of the movie theater. "You know. In love. Your eyes shine when you look at Louis." I said. She shook her head and looked down. "Im just afraid of losing him." She said. Perrie pulled up next to us. She wiped her tears and looked herself in the mirror. "Yeah lets go." She hopped out of the car and ran up to Perrie. "Im so glad to see you." She said. Me and Perrie were cousins. "Hey." She said. She ran up to me and hugged me and said. "Shall we go?" We went to go see Fast and Furious 6. Well more like a premiere for Furious 7. When the movie was over we went to the studio. Mark came up to us. "They are currently recording Midnight Memories. If you want to stay and listen through these then that would be great!" He said handing us headphones. The door opened and we hid behind a large bookcase. "They should be here Alex's car is here." Said Liam. "Well probably another person is here." Said Harry. "Who said we wouldnt come?" Said Alex as she jumped out of the book case and hugged Louis. He looked at Perrie. Alex left Louid and went to Zayn and introduced him to Perrie his eyes lit up. They left. Niall and Liam left in Liam's car. Harry came up to me and kissed me." Hey babe." I said. "We should go." Said Harry as we left the studio leaving Alex and Louis in the studio. We went home and packed everything and left for our new house. So did everyone else.

Alex's P.O.V

We were listening to Midnight Memories. "Your voice sounds very good babe." I said as I took off the headphones. He nodded and went outside to mu car. "The boys took my car. Nice." He said. "We should go in MY car." I said. He wanted to drive. We went to the park and I ran to the swings. We stayed for a while. But then paps started mobbing us. We ran as fast to the car and drove away. Everything was already posted on twitter. We went home and saw everybody still at home. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked. "Well we wanted to say goodbye and hang out for a while before we left."said Brooklyn. I saw Zayn and Perrie laughing and holding hands. "I see you guys got along." I laughed. "Yeah thanks Alex." Said Zayn. I went upstairs and my twitter blew up. Then it happend. The hate comments started filling up in my head. I couldnt take it. I looked at one. I replied to it.

"@tommosgirl91: @alexx.16 you fat skank. You dont deserve Louis. He is probably better off without you. Just go kill your self now."

"@alexx.16: @tommosgirl91 maybe I will."

I ran to the restroom and locked it. I looked at myself in the mirror and said. "You are a fat slut. No one deserved me!" My mascara dripped and i threw everything onto the floor which startled everyone.

Zayn's P.O.V

We were already to leave until we heard a crash from Alex's room. We ran upstairs. "ALEX!" Yelled Niall. We ran into her room and heard the shower running. "STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!" yelled Harry. We all screamed her name. I got mad and so worried that I threw the door open. She was laying in the bathtub. She wanted to drown herself. I turned off the shower. "NO TURN IT BACK ON!" She yelled trying to reach the showerhead. Louis held her back. Liam, Harry, Niall and the girls were checking her phone. It was twitter. They all hated her. They were all hate. Only very little positive comments. Louis wrapped her in a towel and she yelled negative stuff. "I DONT DESERVE ANYONE!" I yelled back."YES YOU DO!" Louis set her down. She stood up and punched him in the chest. "WHY COULDNT YOU JUST LET ME DROWN! I DONT DESERVE ANY OF THIS ANYWAYS!" She yelled. She stopped yelling and punching and she hugged Louis. She hyperventilated. She cried and fell to the floor and sat on the wall. Harry gave me her phone back. "I think she need a while to calm down." Said Liam. "We wont leave this house until shes fine." Said Brooklyn. We left the room.

Alex's P.O.V

I decided to call my big brother. He would help me sort this out. "Hello. Dean?" I asked. "Hey." He said. "Dean can you come please I need to talk to you?" I told him. I gave him the directions and he hung up. I waited at the stairs . Everybody was outside. The doorbell finally rung. I looked through the peephole and it was Dean. I opened the door and hugged him. "Hey babysis." He laughed. "Why are you crying?" He frowned. I showed him my phone. The doorbell rang again. I looked at Dean and he smirked. I looked from the couch and I opened the door. It was my other big brother. "SAM!" I yelled and hugged him. "Well glad to see you." He said. He smiled and I could see his dimples. He asked me the same thing as Dean and Dean explained. We sat on the couch and he asked me."did you do anything about it?" "Yeah Harry, Liam , and Niall replied to them." He shook his head. "No I mean...." Sam pointed to my arm. "Oh no." I said. The both checked my arm and saw some scars. "These were from some other time." I said covering then up. We laughed and talked and then Louis came inside and looked at me. "Hey babe. Who are they?" He asked me grabbing my waist. "These are my brothers Sam and Dean." I pointed to each one. He tried to act all tall and then they stood up. "Oh Jesus okay well I will leave you guys to have some family time." He said all scared. The laughed and sat back down. "So, how is dad?" I asked. "Well Alex. Um. He died." Said Sam. "What!?" I said. I cried in Dean's shoulder. We talked for a while. I told everyone I was fine now that Sam adm Dean were here. They made sure and left. "Hey babe." Said Louis kissing me. "I am gonna go to sleep." He said as he ran upstairs. We all went upstairs. "HEY GUYS YOU NEED ANYTHING!" I yelled. "A CHEESEBURGER!" Yelled Dean. I asked Sam to come with me. I gave him a clean shirt. I ran to the impala and drove. "This is amazing." I said. Sam Laughed. "Why?" . "Considering you never let my drive MY car." I said. "Well sorry." He laughed. "What kind of music does Dean have?" I asked. "Why. Dean isnt the only one in this car." He said. "Okay so Dean actually lets you pick music and drive this car?" I laughed. He was about to say something but then he shrugge. We talked all the way home."DEAN YOUR CHEESEBRUGER IS HERE!" I yelled. He ran downstairs and ate it. I looked at him. "I missed these." He smiled. "What happend to Castiel?" I asked. Castiel is Dean's best friend and mine too. "He is currently on a mission." Said Dean. I knew what he meant. His code word for mission is that he is working with Bobby. Hes my Uncle. "Well guys I am going to sleep." I said slapping their backs . I ran all the way upstairs. I knew how much they hated that. They slammed their doors as a joke. They fell asleep. I changed and layed in bed. I felt Louis arms around me. "I knew you werent asleep." I smiled. I faced him. "I was waiting for you." He smiled. He closed the gap between us with a passionate kiss. I let go cause I nedded to breathe. "Go to sleep." I said. I turned around and he whispered into my neck. "I love you. Dont you forget it." Then he fell asleep. I fell asleep thinking about tonight. What a horror.

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