Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


1. The gym

Alex's P.O.V

Me and the girls are finally arriving to London. We are probably be living there. It was me , Brooklynn , Violet , and Hailey. "Guys there it is!" yelled Violet. "Wow , its huge!" Exclaimed Hailey. "Our new house" I whispered. " 'New Gym!' Wow we can go and excerzise there!" Said Brooklyn. "We should probably go like when we change and try to unpack some stuff" I told them. "SURE!" They all started to get to work.

Louis P.O.V

"Well lads we are back home. Except for Niall, sorry" said Harry. " Nah , its okay i get to spend this with my four best lads. " said Niall as he put an arm around Liam." Thanks Ni!" Said Zayn. "Well lads looks like we got lucky!" Smirked Harry. We saw a couple of girls unpacking stuff out of their car. One specific girl caught my attention. She had brown wavy hair up to her elbows. She smiled. "Well looks like we might get some." Said Zayn "I already have a girlfriend" said Liam proudly. "FOR THE LAST TIME LIAM, WE DONT CARE!" Yelled Niall. They were all arguing about Liams girlfriend, Danielle. I was still looking at that girl. I couldnt get her out of my mind. Her smile , Her eyes , Her hair. "LOUIS!" Yelled Harry getting me out of my thoughts. "What do you want Hazza?" I asked "We are here , look me and the guys wanna go to the gym. Do you want to come Boo Bear?" He pouted . "Sure lets change."I said. He jumped for joy and ran inside. I love that fool.

Brooklyn's P.O.V

Me and the girls finally unpacked downstairs. "Well girls we did a hell of a job." Said Alex. We nodded our heads. "Well our reward is going to the gym." Said Hailey as she ran upstairs. I went to my room. I looked for some legging, and a sports bra. I put them on and went to Alex's room. " hey do you have like an extra water bottle or something?" I asked her." BROOKLYNN GO PUT ON A SHIRT!" She yelled at me. "Why?" I asked. "Cause you dont know who creeps around that place" she pointed outside. "Fine!" I hesitated. I went to put on my moms old workput shirt. I went back to her room. "Better?" I said. She just nodded her head. I stormed out of the room. "Love you , Brooklynn!" She yelled. "Sure!" I yelled back. We met outside. "Okay so when we get there go to your assinged spots. And we will meet exactly at 12:00 okay?" Said Alex. "You are so overprotective." Said Violet. "Well im over protective cause i dont want anyone to get hurt okay?!" She yelled. She stormed off to the soccer field and started kicking goals. "Why are you making her mad!" I yelled. "Cause i want my freedom" she stormed off to the punching bags. I could hear her grunting really hard. So i went to go do some weights. Hailey just kind of roamed off. "20!" I said after a while. "Wow i can do better." Said a gruffy voice. I jumped and hit the person in the stomach. "Thanks babe." He said while laying on the ground."Im so sorry , here let me help you." I stuck out my hand and helped the stranger up. "Hi im Brookyln.!" I told him. "And im Harry Styles" he said proudly."Honey i know who you are and your lads are all over my friends wall." I laughed. "Well u better pay. You gotta tell me about yourself. EVERYTHING.!" He said so i grabbed some weights and told him everything about me.

Alex's P.O.V

I was so mad. I already told everyone why im so overprotective. I kept shooting goals till someone startled me. "Wow you are really good." They said. I missed the goal. I turned around and saw a tall guy. I noticed who it is. LOUIS TOMLINSON. I acted like i didnt know him. "Well Mr.whatever your name is, you made me miss my goal. I was on a streak and well you are gonna pay for it." I told him. I kept my cool. "Well okay , fist of all im Louis Tomlinson and Second, im gonna play you a one -on-one.If i lose i stop bothering you. If i win , im going to get a playful fight where you kind if become my girlfriend.. " he said. "Okay lets do it and I will never be your girlfriend. " Ichallenged him. What did i just do , I challenged a awesome player compared to me. Oh god this was going to end badly.

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