Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


5. Suprise party planning.

Brooklynn's P.O.V

I woke up and heard everybody down stairs. So i went and joined them. They all snickered. Louis and Alex were still sound asleep. I ignored everybody and took Harry in the kitchen. "What happene last night?" I asked him. "Well you fell asleep in the Big Ben and like I took you home . And some Douche came named Dylan i believe." He said. I recognized that name. "Oh my god Harry. Why didnt you wake me up?!" I half yelled. "Cause you looked so peaceful" I rolled mu eyes and went back in with the boys. "Hey guys" they kept laughing. "What is so fucking funny!?" I yelled at them. "YOU GUYS ARE NEVER GOING TO THE BIG BEN EVER AGAIN!" Yelled Zayn. "Who fucking told you?!" I asked. "Well we kind of figured . You guys wanted to stay later and we knew what Harry is capable of." Said Niall. I went to Harry and ignored everyone. "So guys tomorrow is Alex's birthday. We should plan a surprise party.!" Said Violet."Okay but some one has to take her out. Like Liam." Said Niall. "When he gets back well ask him" said Harry. Liam came back. "Wheres Danni?" Said Niall. "She said her manager said that she couldnt come, also she broke up with me." He said with sorrow in his eyes. "Its okay Li we are just planning a Surprise party for Alex tomorrow" I said. "and we need YOU to take her to like a park or the mall." I said. "Sure but dont we need to ask Louis first" he asked. "Yeah . And there he is!!" Yelled Harry. "Shh Alex is still sleeping. What are you guys doing?!" Said Louis. "Well tomorrow is Alex's birthday and we wanted to see if you would like to be involved." I said. "Sure." He said jumping on the couch. "Hey Louis, do you mind me taking Alex out tomorrow?" Asked Liam. "Why?!" He looked mad. I stood up to calm him down. "Hey dont worry. He is just going to take Alex out so we can get everything ready and I can go help you get Alex a present." I said. He calmed down a little bit "Sure" he said. We noticed Zayn kissing Violet. "GUYS GET A ROOM!" Said Liam. Violet just smirked and took Zayn upstairs. We knew what they were doing.

Violet's P.O.V

After we , you know did it. Zayn told me something. " im leaving for TMH on sunday"

He said "WHAT?! THATS LIKE 3 DAYS AWAY!!" I yelled. "Look babe we found out like yesterday at night and I forgot to tell you because of the whole Dylan incident" he said. I kissed him. "Lets go downstairs." He said. We changed and I got really worried about Alex."Hey Brooklynn. Come with me to check up on Alex" i asked I thought she would be mad at me if i woke her up. We went upstairs and Alex was still sound asleep. "Awee" said Brooklynn. We checked her phone to see what she was doing. She had a doctors appointment at 7:00 and she had to meet up with Dylan. At 4:00. He is such a creep.

Alex's P.O.V

I woke up around 3:00. I showered changed. "Hey babe ready to meet up;)" said Dylan. "Yeah hold on" i rolled my eyes I didnt want to see him but I was scared that he will hurt me or someone else. I went downstairs grabbed an apple. I ignored everyone. I heard someone run after me. "Hey babe, where are you going?" Asked Louis. "Go inside I dont want people to see you like this" i told him pushing him. "Why?" He smirked. "Cause you are mine and not the whole neighboorhood" I scolded. He just leaned on the door. "I have to run some errands" I said. He gave me the keys to his car. I kissed him and he closed the door. I revied the engine and and went as fast as I could. I met up with Dylan in a meadow."What are we doing here?" I asked."Well I cant have a nice picnic with my friend." He smirked. I rolled my eyes. He poured me some beer. I have like never drinked one. "You are basically like an adult. How come you have never had one." He said. I just shrugged. "I cant drink today cause i have a doctors appointmet" i said. I layed down. He looked at me and then layed on top of me. "DYLAN GET OFF ME!" I yelled. "SCREAM ALL YOU WANT. NO ONE IS GOING TO HEAR YOU!!" He screamed at my face. I finally got out of his grip and ran to Louis car. I managed to go away. I was in tears. I got a text. From: Louis

Hey babe you coming home?

To : Louis

Yeah im on my way.

I texted back. I drove home and ran up to Louis. "Hey babe" I kissed him. "I better go get some things I have a doctors appointment." He begged to come. I let him cause I was scared about Dylan. We arrived and I sat on like a bed. "Hey babe dont worry I'm here" he grabbbed his hand. The doctot came in. He was asking me all these questions. "Are you sexually active?" My eyes widened. I looked at Louis. Then back at the doctor. "No not at this moment" answered Louis. He smirked and looked at me. "Well great you can come back whenever you want" said the doctor. The child I was i stupidly asked for a lollipop. REALLY ALEX A LOLLIPOP?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I yelled. He gave me a lollipop and a sticker. Louis laughed. I stuck out my tounge. We went back to the car. He didnt turn it on. I knew something was wrong. "Alex I need to tell you something. But you have to promise not to get mad." He said. Its over. I knew it. I was such a fat skank. "Yeah" my voice cracked. "Im leaving for TMH on Sunday" PHEW! "Oh. Why didnt you tell me before!" I yelled. "Well we found out yesterday at night but then the whole Dylan incident happend. And I never got the chance to tell you." He said. I calmed down a little bit and kissed him. "Okay" we went back home. I noticed Zayn outside. I went with him. "Hey Love" he said. He was smoking. I got his pack and took one out. "Babe I didnt know you smoked" he said. "Well thats something we have in common." I smiled. We finished our ciggaretes and went back inside I saw Louis on the stairs. "Hey babe go to Louis he needs you." I hugged Zayn. "Hey love, whats wrong." I asked him. "You never told me you smoked." He said."i didnt tell you because i didnt know how you would treat me." I said ." Oh baby, dont worry you will be my princess forever and always" we kissed. He took he up to my room not breaking the kiss. He pinned me to the wall and gave me various Hickeys. "Louis ,no please" I pleaded. "Okay, let me take you out to dinner" he said. I knew he was up to something. "Okay" I said. "You have two hours to get dressed or whatever" he said " Fun starts at 9:00" he smirked. I went downstairs and watched Fast and Furious 5 with Niall,Zayn,and Liam. I layed down on their laps. "Hey Alex" said Liam. I waved at his face. When it was like almost 8:00 I tried to get out of evryones grip. "No the queen is getting held hostage!" I yelled. "OKAY GUYS I HAVE TO GO!!" I said. I kissed everyones cheek. "Thanks guys love you!" I yelled before I ran upstairs. I changed into a black dress. It was toght.I went downstairs and tols Harry to help me zip up my dress. "Very well Harold." I said he gave me a high five. I couldnt run upstairs so i just tried to walk. "Wow babe you look wow" said Louis. We went outside. "Oh Jeez I forgot my phone." Said Louis. He ran inside. When he came outside he brought a jacket for me. "Awee you didnt have to do that" I blushed. We drove to this fancy restuarant. He intertwined our fingers. "Reservations under Tomlinsons" he said. We got a booth. We faced some other way so paps wont come and barge in our date. Our waiter kept flirting with Louis. I knew he wasnt paying attention cause he just kept staring at me. When we were done he helped me to the car. (Cause of my sprained ankle) " you wont have to help me Anymore. Ill get ot off tonight." I said. We strolled around town. I took out a cigarret. He frowned. When i was done I took out a piece of gum." Can you quit?" He asked. "I dont know, but i'll try. Just For You" he smiled. He parked in front a hotel.

we tried running to our room. He kissed me and opened the door. He slammed it shut and picked me up. "No , Louis" I said. He layed me on the bed I tried fighting him. But he was too strong. He won and we stared at eachother. I looked deeply in his eyes. " you have no idea how much I love you." I said. He smiled. He kissed me and reached underneath my dress and pulled off my underwear. He broke the kiss and we took off all our clothes. He kisses my neck. He rocked into me. I gasped. "You okay" he said. I nodded. This wasnt my first time. He rocked me harder and faster. I dug my nails in his back. When he was done we layed next to each other breathing heavy. We got dressed and went home not saying a word. When we went upstairs and I changed into one if his shirts and some volleyball shorts. I felt Louis hug me.we fell alseep. Just like that.


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