Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


9. Suprise! 2

Louis P.O.V

When I woke up I saw Alex still sleeping. I didn't want to wake her so I just stayed looking at the screen. she woke up showered and got dressed in front of the camera. I decided to say something before the boys come. "hey babe." I said. She jumped. "how long have you been there.?" she asked. "long enough to see the good stuff." I lifted up my eyebrow. "LOUIS WILIAM TOMLINSON! I CANNOT BELIVE YOU.!" she yelled. I laughed. when I looked back at the camera I saw her packing a bag. "what are you doing there love?" I was worried." Look Louis. I don't want you to be sad or anything but me and the girls are moving out. Violet and Brooklynn will still be with Harry and Zayn. but me and you. Its not working out." she was crying. "Oh. I love you." she nodded and ended the call. I closed the computer. "hey Louis we......whoa what happened?" Asked Harry. "Alex just broke up with me." I cried into a pillow." Awe im sorry mate. Hey well find you someone." Smiled Harry. "BUT I WANT ALEX!" I whined. "Okay we will convice her to come bacl with you. And let me tell you why would she break up with you she loves you more than she love Brooklynn." He explained. "She was probably getting back together with Dylan." I said. "No she wont she hates him." Said Harry. "So are we going to El Paso or not?" I asked to get my mid of things.

Alex's P.O.V

I didnt want to tell Louis that I wanted to break up with him. "Hey Alex we have to go!" Yelled Brooklynn. "Yeah!" We went and drove to the airport. "Its a 2 hour flight. We will make it!" Said Violet.

*two hours later*

Violet's P.O.V

We arrived at the airport then someone drove us to the stadium. "Thanks." I said. "We have our tickets and our backstage passes" said Alex. Okay so this is how the plan goes. We go to the front row. Once each boy spots us we disappeat behind a guard and stay for a while. Then once they say theor goodbyes then we will disappear backstage and wait in their dressing rooms. Then we go on tour with them for about 6 weeks and the leave.

* concert time*

Alex's P.O.V

"Hey. Zayn and Harry saw us!" texted violet. "Go hide behind some fans.!" I texted back. Louis turned my way. My poor baby looked sad. He rubbed his eyes and I hid behind some security guard. the concert ended and me and the girls hurried to their dressing rooms.

Louis P.O.V

"I swear guys. I saw Alex!" I tried to explain. "You are just imagining things,Lou." said Niall before he went into his dressing room. My dressing room was all the way to the end. I heard some girls in Harry and Zayn's room. " hey Brooklynn and Violet." I hugged them. "Its okay." said Brooklynn. I went back to my dressing room and I saw some designer shuffling my clothes. "Oh geez I didn't know you were here." I said. "oh no vorries.Vaht shirt vould you like to vear?" she asked in a German accent. "Right middle or left?" she asked. "What middle one?" maybe she was being dumb. "Me!" yelled Alex. My eyes widened and my heart was racing. I couldn't think straight just to see her right in front of me. I went up to her. I kissed her and I hugged her. "Hey babe." she said. "I thought we broke up?" I asked. "No it was all a joke." she said getting closer to me. I hugged her and she started crying. We went outside the dressing room and everybody saw us. they were watching Niall's phone."Hey guys what are you watching. "Just your reaction when you saw Alex." said Liam. I snatched the phone from their hands started watching the video. "O my god you guys." said Ally.  we got on the bus. "Guys we should really go to sleep." said Brooklynn. she lifted her bag and went inside her bunk.

Harry's P.O.V

We were all to our bunks and we could all hear Louis and Alex laughing. "Keep it down!" yelled Zayn. They laughed it off. Brooklynn was fast asleep. "Wait let me change." whispered Alex. We all stuck our heads out and saw Alex bending down with her spandex. She went in the bunker and said. "Go to sleep boys!". I kissed Brooklynn's forehead and went to sleep.

Louis P.O.V

Me and Alex couldn't go to sleep so we just played truth or dare. "Dare." she squealed. "I dare you to go kiss one of the boys." I said. she leaned in and kissed me. 'Okay last one. Truth or dare?" she said. "truth." I said. "Boo. Is it true you and Harry were gay?" she asked. "for the fans babe. for the fans." I said. she laughed. "You have to go to sleep Tommy boy." she layed down. "Nah make me." I crossed my arms. she got on top of me and kissed Stop I need to breathe. " I said. she laughed. "now will you go to sleep?" she asked. "Nah" I crossed my arms again. She lifted up her shirt and took it of leaving her in her bra. "How about now?" she smirked. "Oh well." I said lifting up an eyebrow. she kissed my neck. I let out a loud moan. "Whoa everyone is sleeping." she said. "well im sorry but this cow has to go to bed." she said. "NO." I said. she nodded. I got her by her arms and held her tight on my chest. "Louis stop." she said. "you are hurting my hips." she cried. I let her go but she still layed on my chest. "im sorry." I said. she kissed my neck again. I fought her and I was on top now. "Louis not today not right now there are people here." she said. "don't worry." she smirked. I kissed her and she went to sleep. I layed her on top of me and covered us with a blanket.




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