Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


8. Suprise 1!

Violet's P.O.V

 So we all woke up. I noticed Alex was the first one to wake up. She was in pain but she kept strong. "hey Violet. Can you wake up Brooklynn please. We need to get out of this house more often." she laughed. "sure." I laughed too. "BROOKLYNN WAKE UP!!"  I yelled. "Alright im up." she laughed. "get dressed we are going around town." I told her. she got dressed fast. so did I. Alex was already dressed. Hailey broke up with Niall cause they got I this HUGE fight and Hailey couldn't handle it. " Guys we should really surprise the boys. you know just go to one of their concerts." said Brooklynn." yeah lets go to the mall and think about it." said Alex. we went to the mall bought some Starbucks and went home. It was really early. " Okay guys but if we are going to surprise them what about Niall and Liam." asked Alex. "We will let them in our plan and they just record everything or stand by."Yeah lets tell them right now." said Brooklynn. Alex kept smiling at her phone. "What are you doing." I yelled. "Nothing!" she yelled back. "Whoa who are you texting?" I asked. "Louis" she said in a stern voice."Jesus. pregnant problems." singed Brooklynn. "I AM NOT PREGNANT!" she yelled. that is the first time she has ever yelled at us like that "Promise?" said a deep voice. "Your phone?!" I said. "Oh hey babe. I didn't know you called me." she said and she went upstairs. "Anyways so Niall and Liam  agreed to do this plan." said Brooklynn"Great but which one should we go to." I asked.

Alex's P.O.V

"No Louis." I said. Me and Louis have been on the phone for hours. I hung up to make a Skype call. "Hello." he said. "What's up." I laughed. "nothing much." "Are we really doing this?" I asked ."Yup" he said popping the 'p'. "Hey Alex! What concert should we go to.?" asked Brooklynn. "The one in El Paso!" I yelled back. his eyes widened. "You are coming?" he asked happily. "No sorry babe we are going to see Ariana Grande." I lied. "Oh." he had sadness in his eyes. "Don't worry we will see each other very soon." I winked at him. "Sooner than you think." I said. "Well its been a really long day. I have a big day tomorrow." I said. I was about to turn off the compute but Louis stopped me. "what?" I said. "leave the laptop on, I want to see your beautiful face tomorrow when I wake up." he said. "Whatever." I laughed. "Night babes." he said I kissed the laptop and went to sleep.

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