Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


14. No Liam.

Louis P.O.V

I woke up and me and Alex's hands were interwined. I smiled she wasnt mad at me anymore. Everyone woke up. Alex wouldnt wake up so I stayed with her. "Hey babe." She said. "Hey." I kissed her neck. "Louis. What are you doing?" She said. "Finishing what we begun." I said. "Louis everyone is here. Besides this cow has to go to the gym." She said. She fought me and she won. "Jesus." I said. She went upstairs without eating anything. She came back with leggings and a sports bra. "Any of you guys want to come?" She asked. "I'll go." volunteered Liam. "Got change and ill meet you down here." Smiled Alex. Liam finished his breakfast and ran upstairs. He came back really fast. "Lets go!" She said. "Wait arent you going to eat anything?" I asked. "Im not hungry." She said. She ran up to me and kissed me." See you guys in a few hours." Said Liam and they shut the door.

Alex's P.O.V

I did not want to eat anything. I knew i was getting too fat. Me and Liam were working out on the treadmills. He looked at my arm." Are you going to tell Louis?" He asked. "Well...he kind of found out." I shrugged. "HOW!?" He said. "Well i carelessly left the blade where everybody could notice it." I said. "We got in this huge fight." I said raising up my hands. "Well its okay." He said carresing my arm. We finished and we decided to go to the pool. I took off my leggings and was left in my bra and underwear. Liam took off his shorts. We raced back and forth. I won. "YESS!" I yelled. Liam pouted. "Awe does wittle baby wiam need his mommy?" I said. "Nope." He raced up to me and pinned me up to the pools edge. "Liam." I said he kissed me. He kissed me hard. I broke the kiss. "No Liam." I said. He kissed my neck. He found my sweet spot and sucked it. "Li." I moaned. "Oh Alex." He said. He got inside me. "Liam stop." I said. He wouldnt stop. He moaned. I moaned. It was a concert if moans. He was done and we put on our clothes. I sat down. "Liam what did we just do?" I asked. "I dont know." He said. I honestly did not know. I gotta stop doing these things. "Everybody was right. I am a little hoe." I said slapping my face. "No you are not." He said. "Yeah. First, Louis then Dylan now you?" I said."dont worry we will just be like friends with benifits you know?" He said. I shaked my head. "No. I want you to treat me like your sister." I said. He threw me over his shoulder and I yelled. "LIAM!" I said. "Awee who need their mommy now?" He said. "Hahahah very funny." I said I punched him in the back. I gathered our stuff and he took us home. "LOUIS HERE IS YOUR LITTLE ALEX!" He yelled. Louis came downstairs and picked me up. "Thanks." He said. He took me to our room. Everybody was checking out houses. He closed the door and plopped me down on my bed. He kissed me. "I missed your kisses." He smirked. He looked at my neck." What is that?" He said. "You gave me a hickey and it stayed there." I lied. He sucked on the hickey "he gave me". It made it woder and bigger. He took off my leggings and bra. We were naked. He got inside me. Just like Liam did. I had to tell him sometime. "Louis." I moaned. Since no one was here we could be loud. I yelled his name. We finally were done. When we freshend up i got light headed. This was a pregnancy symptom. " nah" i said to myself. I doesnt take one try to get pregnant. I walked to my bed. "Hey..... Whoa are you okay?" Asked Louis i was falling back. "Lou, " was the last thing I said before I passed out.

Louis P.O.V

Alex passed out. I had to take her to the hospital. I layed her down on the seat. I drove as fast as i could. I finally arrived tere. "I dont know she just passed out on me." I said holding her. They took her in to take some tests. "Louis where are you?!" Called Harry. "Hospital." I hung up. I saw everybody come. I was at the front desk pacing back and forth. "Lou?" Said Harry. "How is she?" He asked. "I dont know she just passed out on me." I said. Liams eyes widened. "Lou can i talk to you?" Said Liam. He explained everything at the gym. I wasnt mad. I was still nervous about Alex. We stayed there for a long time. "For alex?" Asked the doctor. We all stood up. "This way." He motioned us to her room. There she was . Peacefully on her bed. "She is breathing right?" I asked. "Fourtanetly, yes but i have to ask a question." "Go ahead." "Has she been eating. We didnt find alot of nutrients in her body?" Said the doctor. I knew was she was doing. "She cant starve herself. You were lucky enough you brough her. She could have died." Said the doctor. We went in the room.

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