Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


16. New Twittcam?

Louis P.O.V

I woke up and Alex was still asleep. She fell on the floor. I picked her up and set her down on the couch. "Dylan no." She was whispering. Dylan. That name dreaded me. "Okay, go away now." She was twisting and turning. "I love you Louis." She whispered at last. Everybody was slowly waking up. I decided to order food. "GET WINGS!" Yelled Niall. I ordered everything. "I ordered a salad for Alex and pizza and wings." I said trying to look for my credit card.

I looked in the lounge. Liam and Alex were laughing. They were looking at fanfictions. "Hey this is true you guys should a twittcam." She suggested. "Yeah lets go tell them." He stood up and I ran to Niall. "The food called us they said that they are ready." He said. "Yeah lets go." Liam and Alex were explaing the twittcam to the boys. They all thought it was a good idea. "Alex. We have to go check up on the food, wanna come?" I asked kissing her. "Yeah let me change." She ran upstairs. "Liam can I talk to you outside?" I asked. He shrugged. "Look i want you to stay as far away from Alex!" I pushed him on the wall. "What are you saying?" He asked. "I know you like her and dont think I am not pissed about that thing in the gym." I yelled at his face. I slammed the door and went upstairs to Alex. She was ready and changed. "Hey ready?" She asked. I grabbed her waist and kissed her."Louis, Niall is hungry. We should go." She said. "You are more overprotective of the boys than you are of me." I let go. "Well, if a bitch ever get close to you, you better get ready to pull me out of a fucking catfight." She smiled. I kissed her again and took her to the car. "SHOTGUN!" She yelled. Niall started pouting. "Dont be such a baby." She stuck her tounge out. We arrived at the restaurant and we got mobbed. "LOUIS WHAT HAPPENED TO ELANOUR." Yelled a pap. "Elanour?" Asked Alex. We got in the cat. "Who is Elanour?" She crossed her arms. I tried to kiss her but she dodged me. "Hey babe." I said. " No dont 'babe' me I want to know who this Elanour is?" She crossed ger arms. "Okay, I went to a club and I met a girl there, she came up to me and kissed me. I told her to stop but she wouldnt." I explained. "Oh yeah was it the crazy girl? Yeah I remember her. Alex belive him he is telling the truth." Said Niall. "Ok." She said. I kissed her and went back home.

Alex's P.O.V

I knew I was jealous. But Louis was really jealous of Me and Liam. I needed to talk to him. "Niall, can you take this inside." He grabbed the food and went inside. "Louis I need to talk to you." I grabbed his arm. "Look if you are jealous of me and Liam nothing is going on between us. We only did that in the gym cause he was desperate...." He stopped and kissed me. "L.O. U. I . S" I said bettween kisses. We kissed for a good 30 minutes until Zayn called. "Hey man, yeah ill be there." He hung up. We got out of the car and interlocked hands. They left a bunch of food. They didnt eat any salad at all. "Hey guys why didnt you eat any salad?" I asked. "Cause thats for you." Said Louis grabbing my waist." Louis I can eat junk food too." I kissed him. I ate the salad and ate like 3 pizzas. We left some and i washed the dishes. I was done and Louis came up to me. "Hey you done?" He asked. I kissed him. We kissed for a good while till Nial came. He got a pizza from the fridge and ate it. He grabbed a plate. "Yoh are cleaning up." I said. Everybody was on the couch looking at the Telly. I went upstairs. "Hey we should go to the mall. You know spend a little 'us' time" he said plopping me down on the bed. I hit him and he got off me. We changed and we wnent to the mall. We passed by the Victorias Secret store. "Lets go." He dragged me. I hated this store because they only promote skinny and pretty girls and im no where near there. We bougt at least 20 items from there. When we got home the boys were doing a twittcam. Me and Louis passed by and questions started popping up. Liam answered them All. We went upstairs and I put all the stuff away. I was lying down in bed but Louis stopped me. "Lets play." He took out twister. I rolled my eyes and decided to play.

Harry's P.O.V

"THAT IS NOT TRUE!" Yelled Zayn. We heard a scream and it said. "Ow Louis you pinched me!" It was Alex. I went to check on them. They were playing twister."Guys could you calm the fuck down. People are starting to suspect something." I said. They turned to me and Louis fell on top of Alex. They looked at each other and laughed. "Thanks Harry now we have to stop the game." Said Louis. I rolled my eyes. I went downstairs and the boys were ending the twittcam. "Bye , lovelies!" I yelled before running into a wall. Everyone helped me up and we ate all of the leftover food.

Alex's P.O.V

Louis went downstairs and I followed him. I looked in the fridge and everybody ate the leftovers. "Thanks alot guys!" I yelled and sat at the table rubbing my temples."I will fix you some cereal." Said Louis. "No, its okay im not hungry." I saidz suddenly everybody turned quiet. "What?" I asked. "Alex we dont want another accident to happen please eat." Said Louis putting the plate in front of me. "But I am not hungry." I pouted. "Please!" Said Everybody. I held up my hands and I took a big spoonful of cereal. I havent eaten and it felt kind of good. I finished and went upstairs. I layed in bed and my eyed closed little by little until Louis startled me. He got ontop of me and kissed me. "We have to go to sleep." I said. Nope he kissed me and kissed me. I clutched onto his shirt. He got to my neck and kissed me there. "Louis." I moaned. "No." I said. He looked at me and fell besides me." Why?" He pouted. "Cause I dont want a little rascal at the age of 19." I said. He kissed me and went to sleep.

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