Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


7. Morning after and Leaving early?

Alex's P.O.V

I woke up and a sharp pain hit my stomach. I suddenly rembered last night. I turned around and Louis wasnt there. I called Liam. "Hello?" He answered. "Hey Liam babe can you come and get me." I told him. "Yeah be right there." He said. He hung up. I layed in bed waiting for Liam to come upstairs. He finally came. "Can you like carry me downstairs because I can rarely feel anything." I explained. "Yeah let me just take off the covers." He said. He carried me and set me on the chair next to Louis. "Thanks Liam." I said. "You feeling alright?" Asked Louis. "Well.." I said. "Its alright im here." Louis kissed me. "Hey love, I made you some breakfeast." Said Harry. "I used to be a baker." he said all proudly. I laughed. I finished my breakfast and told Zayn if he could bring me my presents. "No, you should really lay down." he said. "she is going to throw a fit if she doesn't get what she wants." chuckled Brooklynn. "Fine." Louis hesitated. he brought a load of presents. I opened them one by one. When I was done I tried to get up but everyone yelled at me. "STOP!!!" "guys I am going to have to get up some time." I told them. I bent down to reach a piece of trash that is when Louis came up to me. "Hey babe can you probably go change or something." he said "why?" I asked. "cause everyone staring at your ass and that ass is mine." he whispered in my neck. "Sure but you have to carry me." I said putting my hands up. He carried me and Niall came in with a brown bag. "here mate. hey Alex feel better." he clicked his tounge. I  laughed. " Love that fool."  I mumbled. Louis took out some box out of the bag. "Louis what is that?" I asked nervously. "Just in case." he said. " No Louis I am NOT PREGANANT!! I WONT ACCEPT IT!" I yelled. "Just try it." I honestly didn't want to try it but I did it for Louis. I waited and waited until I saw a negative sign. "yes." I said. I tried to run but instead fell on the bed. I showed the stick to Louis. "Oh." he frowned. "don't worry I don't want one yet. and besides if I was preggo then it wouldn't be yours it would be.." he knew exactly who I was talking about. "You are right. What was I thinking?" he said. I crawled into the shower and turned on the water. I stayed in the tub for a while. I kept thinking about Dylan. Will he come back or what will happen? I was interrupted by Louis tapping on the door. "hey babe. You okay?" he asked. "yeah I am almost done." I lied. I grabbed a sharpener and smashed it on the floor. I picked up the blade and looked at my arm. I did a few cuts. just some basically half my arm. "Alex!" he yelled again. this time he pounded on the door. "yeah babe ill be out just let me get dressed." I said. "Okay." I sat down and started changing. I had to change into a long sleeved shirt even though it was like 1000 degrees outside. I realized I didn't have one.So I put on a light sweater. I crawled outside the restroom. "Hey,hey don't hurt yourself." said Louis as he grabbed my arm."Ow." I said. He layed me down on the bed. " I need to tell you something." he sounded serious. "Apparently im leaving today. Management got the date wrong. "its okay." I sad I kissed him and he said "let me take you to the fair." Yeah go shower and get changed." I told him. He kissed me and went to shower. I looked at my arm. I got startled because Liam came in. "Hey....what are you doing?" he said. "um erm. nothing." I lied again. "No Alex you were doing something. Show me."  he said Crap, I cant hide stuff from Liam. "Nothing Liam." I said. he lifted my arm. "stop what are you doing?" I said, careful not to startle Louis. he lifted my sleeve and saw everything. all of them they all meant something and I couldn't stop. "Alex." he sighed. "Just. please don't do this ever again." he said. "just please promise not to say anything to anyway." I cried. he hugged me and wiped my tears away. "Hey babe....Liam what are you doing here." asked Louis. "Oh she just asked me for more painkillers I am going to get some more." he said. Liam winked at me and left. I covered my arm before Louis could see them. "you ready babe." he said. "yeah lets go." we left and met Liam at the door. "hey love. here you go." he gave me a little bottle and a water bottle. "Thanks Liam. " I swallowed like 3. "whoa calm down babes." said Louis. Everyone was here. "Ready to walk?" asked Brooklynn. I nodded. I got up and walked a few steps. It hurt a little, but I managed to walk normally. "yes I can walk!" I yelled. I jumped into Louis arms. "lets got o the fair." I whispered into his ear. "okay." he kissed me. We went to the car. it was really silent.

Louis P.O.V

"Louis I think you should meet my mom first." she said. "Yeah sure. where is she." she wanted to drive. We ended up in a cemetery. "Hey mom. how are you? why did I just ask that. so, I wanted you to meet Louis. Louis my mom. Mom Louis." she cried. "Hello Elizabeth. um I Love your daughter very much and you probably know what happened but I swear I wont let anyone do anything to her ever again." I said Alex laughed. I wiped her tears away and led her to the car. "yeah we should go before I break down completely." she laughed. we arrived at the fair and got one of those bracelets that are hard to take off. We went to the Ferris wheel first and our luck it got stuck. "This day is going great!" she yelled. " Don't worry Ally im here." I kissed her forehead. she blushed. "Stop blushing." I said. "Nope." she said popping the 'p'. I kissed her. we kissed for a while until the Ferris wheel started up and running. "op. well I guess we have to leave. Its getting late. You should start packing." she said. "let me win you a teddy bear first." I said .I knew I wasn't going to leave before I win Alex a teddy bear. She groaned. "Fine." I laughed. I did it! I won Alex a teddy bear "Oh my god Louis are you serious. You care about me too much." she kissed me. it wasn't a big bear just like one big enough to fit her arms."Ow wait." she said. "Whoa are you okay." I got scared because she just like fell onto my arms. "Yeah I guess the pain came back." she said. I carried her to the car. "Thanks boo-boo." she kissed me. "Welcome. Now lets get you home." I said. we got home and I packed a bag. "Do  you really have to go." She pouted. "Yes babe." I answered. "well you know I will be doing los of drugs and like..." she said. I kissed her and got on top of her." No you wont." I said. she kissed me and then Niall barged in. "Hey.... whoa." we looked at the door nd separated. "Well mate we have to go." he said covering his eyes. "yeah just give us a second." he left. I got on top of her once again and kissed her. she broke the kiss and said. "you have to go millions of fans are waiting for you." she smirked. "But I am waiting for you." I pouted. "Just go." she pushed me out the door. "okay see you in like 2 months." I said. "Bye." she closed the door. "Well. Lets take Harry's car." said Liam. I got in Harry's car and drove off. "hey mate you okay?" asked harry. "Yeah." I lied. we got to the airport and off we went to the united states. All I could think about Alex. I was really worried and she acted all weird especially in the morning when she covered her arm. I wasn't sure if she self-harmed or??. I fell asleep


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