Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?



Alex's P.O.V

I woke up and Sam and Dean were leaving. "Hey guys." I said. They got startled. "Where you going?" I asked. "We have to go. Bobby called us." Said Sam. I nodded "Dont cry. We will see each other soon." Said Dean. They both pulled me into a hug. "Bye." I said and they left. Now it was just me and Louis. I went back to their rooms too see if they made a mess. They didnt. Though Sam and Dean left one of their shirts and a note that read. 'Dont miss us too much.' I laughed.

I went back to my room and layed down in bed facing Louis. He opened his eyes. "Happy one year-aversary." He said. Shit. I forgot about it. "Dont tell me you forgot?" He frowened. Then he smirked. "Sorry its just that last night was so intense and like i dont know." I said. "Well we are gonna get the tattos. But you have to make up for what you did." He said. I tried to kiss him but he dodged me. "Nope. Not until you make up for it." He went in and shower. I called Liam.

"Hey Liam. What do I do if I forgot my anniversary?"

"Well dress up in something sexy." He said

"Okay. How do you know that?" I asked

"Danielle used to do that when she forgot our anniversary."

"Sorry. Well gotta go make it up to Louis."

I hung up. Louis was already clothed. I was just getting ready to shower. "HURRY UP WE ARE GONNA BE LATE!" Yelled Louis. I showered fast and changed fast. "Lets go." I said. I got in the car and Louis drove to the tatto shop. "Hey man can you get Alex here these tattos." Said Louis pointing to his tattos

The guy led me to a room. He took out his tools and the Louis came in. "Hey dude do you mind of I do it." He said. The guy nodded and then left us alone. It kind if hurt but then I got used to it. We were done and Louis paid.

"Me and the boys are gonna hang out for a while then i am going back home" he smirked and he drove me home.

He went to Harry's house while Me , Brooklyn, and Perrie were shopping for something 'Sexy'. We went to Victoria's Secret. After so many arguments not to go there. We did. "Come on lets go to some other store. I know this one store that sells stuff that is i dont know. Sexy." I said. They groaned. They bought some stuff for themselves. We went to the shop and bout a tight dress. When I mean tight I mean. Like you cant breathe tight. "I'll get used to it." I said. We bought cat ears and some high heels.

We went back home and I fitted into it. "Nice. Louis is gonna love you." Said Perrie. "I invited Liam is that okay?" Said Brooklyn. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?" I yelled. "I just wanted to see what effect does it have on Liam. So well see if it has the same effect on Louis." She said. I nodded and the doorbell rang.

I opened it and Liam just looked at me in shock. "Alex." He said. I laughed. "This is not for you." I slapped him across the chest. He tried to cover his boner. I looked down and it was huge.

"Girls can you take Liam away and Get Louis." I said. They escorted Liam but he was still staring at me.

Louis finally came and I turned off the lights and sat on the couch. "Alex?" He said opening the door. I turned on the lights and walked over to him. He looked at me like Liam did. "Wow.... Alex......Wow." Was the only thing he said. "Shh now shall we sit on the couch." I said leading him to the couch. Befor i knew it he was kissing me. "Lets take this to the room." He said. He carried me bridal style and kissed me. We went upstairs not breaking the kiss. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me harder. He took off my dress and kissed my collar bone. I let out the loudest moan. He pinned me down on the bed and I took off his shirt and his pants. Now we were just left in our undergarments. I could feel his large boner against my crotch. He took off his under wear then mine. He put his lenght in me. I moaned even louder. He thrusted into me. He went faster and harder. When we were done we layed there in pure darkness with just a lamp on. Breathing heavily in our undergarments." Happy Anniversary babe." I kissed him. I didnt bother putting on anything. Just my bra and underwear.

We fell asleep fast.

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