Its gotta be you!

Alex,Brooklyn,Violet,and Hailey went to move into London. The guys are satying there too. Louis looks at Alex and starts to think about her. Will he fall in love? Or will someone or something will come in between?


12. Going home.

*3 weeks later.

Brooklyn's P. O. V

Today we have to get on a plane and go back to London.Me and Harry we weresaying goodbye. Violet and Zayn were eating something with Niall and Liam. Louis and Alex were in the deepest conversation. The just looked at each other. "Alex we need to leave." I said. She held up a finger. "Okay I need to go." I heard her say. She kissed him and we left. We ran to the plane. This time it was a five hour ride cause we had to drop off people in different places. We finally arrived home! "Yes" yelled Violet. The house was a disaster. "Ill clean the kitchen." Said Alex. "No ill do it." I said. "No its okay." She said. She cleaned the kitchen in a flash. "Okay guys I ams going up to my room." she ran upstairs. I checked up on her. "No Louis im fine." She was talking with Louis on the phone.

Alex's P.O.V

"Hey are you okay? You dont feel wierd?" Asked Louis on the phone. "No Louis im fine." I said. "LOUIS!" Yelled Harry. "WHAT?!" He yelled back. " LETS GO PACK UP!" Harry yelled again. "What are you talking about?" I asked. Me and the boys are leaving early. Basically, we are going home but doing concerts along the way." He said. I could see his smirk. I jumped up. "Really??" I squealed. "I didnt want to tell you cause I knew you were gonna be like this." He said. I will forget it dont worry." I said. "Its getting late I am going to sleep." I said. "Bye babe." He said. "Bye." I kissed the phone and hung up. "Guys im going to sleep." I yelled. I went to sleep fast.

*2 weeks later*

Louis P.O.V

We are finally arriving home. We were thirty minutes away from home. "I think we should really move to our own places." Said Harry. He was right. We were doing private things in our room so we didnt want anyone else to hear."I already have a flat." Said Liam. "Niall you want to stay with me." Said Liam. "Sure I have like no where else to live." He laughed. "Okay." He winked. "Guys we are here!" Yelled Harry. The car stopped and we got off. I went in through the back. " HARRY!" I could hear Brooklyn yell. Then Violet. I was inside and hiding. " where is Louis?" Asked Alex. I ran up behind her and grabbed her waist. I kissed her neck. "What do you think you are doing?" She crossed her arms. "Scaring you." I said. "You gave me a hell of a scare." She said. She kissed me and went upstairs. I grabbed her and closed the door. "Louis what are you doing?" She smirked. "Finishing what we started." I said. I kissed her neck and took off her shirt and shorts. "Louis." She moaned. "GUYS WE ARE HAVING A MOVIE NIGHT!" Yelled Niall. He was pounding on our door. We seperated and Alex opened the door. She was still in her undergarments. "What?" She stood there. "We are having a movie night. W-w-want to come." He managed to get out. "Yeah we were actually changing for it." She said. "O-o-kay." He left. Alex slammed the door and changed into sweats and a shirt. "You are not gonna change?" She asked. I changed into sweats and grabbed her by the waist. I carried her and set her down on the couch. "Louis I can walk." She said she kissed me and she sat on my lap. When I was in her room I went to her restroom. I saw something. A shiny thing. It was really small. I was on her sink. A blade. I tried to look at her arm. But she kept covering it with her other arm. I held her left hand and lifted it up. "What are you doing?" She said.

Alex's P.O.V

Louis lifted up my left arm. I panicked. I couldnt let him see this. I tried to kiss him but he dodged me. He looked at them. Instead of yelling at me he kissed them. My whole arm. "Alex I know you are going through a hard time right now. But this is not the answer." He tried to explain. I got up off his lap and started pacing. "Louis you dont understand." I said. "No I dont. But I can help you. I dont want you hurting yourself." He said. "NO I DONT WANT ANY HELP!" I yelled. He got up. Since , I was so short. I was scared. I had to look up at him. "Yes you do." He grabbed my shoulders. "NO I DONT!" I yelled at his face. It was a good thing no one was there."YES YOU DO!" He yelled. That was the first time he yelled at me. I cried. "Im sorry." He said. The boys came back .

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