1. Only If

I woke up at 11 pm on October 10th and it was really cold because I left my window open and the breeze was blowing through my room. My cat is sleeping on the bottom of my bed and my husband Justin is laying beside me. He wakes up and says "how you doing buttercup?" And I kiss him on the nose replying, "not bad, just have to go to the bathroom." Justin laughed and went back to sleep. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was nothing but a stock of celery, a jar of jam, and a bowl of leftover soup from yesterday's dinner. I picked a piece of celery from the stock and sat down and started to eat it. I started thinking about when Justin and I just moved into this house 4 days ago and all the days in between. When I finished my celery, I walked back to my bedroom to go back to bed. I checked my phone to find that it was already 12:30 pm! Tomorrow Justin and I have to re-organize our apartement! I felt really stupid after that because I ended up talking to myself until 1:00 at night.

****when they wake up****

"Well good morning sunshine" Justin whispers into my ear. "Good morning" i whisper back. "What are you thinking of doing today?" I could tell he already regrets saying that, "the mall! Mall trip! Mall trip" I sing as I jump out of bed. Justin groans and gets out of bed and fallows me into the kitchen. I get a bowl of cereal for both of us and sit down at the table. Justin and I talked about what we need to buy at the mall, well it was pretty much just me cause he didn't need any more stuff. Bath and body works, forever21, Justin yells jersey town! But I just ignore him, crocs, H&M, "think that's it!" I say with a grin "oh thank god you didn't say Lush and lulu lemon" Justin said with a smile. " oh and those places too!" I say. Justin got up and started to walk away mumbling angrily. I laugh and skip to the sink to put away both of our dishes. I run into out room and hug Justin kissing him on the head.

****they get ready for the mall****

When I was almost out the door, my phone started beeping, it was a text from Lucy! My best friend that lives here. I am do happy that I moved here cause now we can be even closer friends!

Lucy - do u wanna hang out today?

Nikki - sorry I'm going to the mall

Lucy - awe

Nikki - hey wanna come?

Lucy - yay sure!

Nikki ok I'll pick u up do u know if maybe ur boyfriend wants to come? He can keep Justin company

Lucy - he said he will come along

Nikki - ok be there in about 10 minutes get ready!!

I turned off my phone and Justin and I ran out the door. When we got in the car we drove to Lucy's house.

****drive to Lucy's house****

I knock on the door and Lucy opens up the door. "You look like a mess!" I yell " I know" she adds. "I was getting my makeup on when my cat jumped up and scared the crap out of me and I got makeup all over me" she said with a sad frown. " let me help you get that off" I offered, she nodded her head and I led her into her bathroom. The guys did some weird handshake thing while we where leaving "guys are lucky they don't need to put makeup on" I said "I know it's so unfair! They can put on any thing and they still look good! Like yoga pants that are a size too big and some socks and sandles" we look at each other in disgust. After I finally took Lucy's makeup off, we where off to the mall.

****when they get to the mall****

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