Fuzen's Game

A group of teens goes camping at a seemingly innocent forest. They soon find that their supplies have been stolen. All that they want to do right now is leave, but, it seems they can't. A wall looms over them. It hadn't been there before, had it? A woman called Fuzen puts them through tasks that get increasingly more difficult. Will they ever get out?


1. Welcome to the game

        I drive my old minivan to a new campsite, well, it isn't really a camp site, but I would never let Julia know that, though.  Julia is always so overprotective about these things.  All of us; Julia, Peter, Dahlia, Kameron, Cassie, Jacob, and I (Edmond) are startled by the youngest one of the group, Lilly, yelling, "Isn't the sunset beautiful?!"  I sigh and chuckle to myself, "indeed it is a beautiful sunset".  The rest of the car seems to have recovered from the comical ordeal.  Dahlia, still looking at her phone, says "So, when are we going to arrive?"  To be honest, I wasn't exactly sure, so I estimated about five minutes.  After aproximately five minutes, it turns out that I was right.

        This "campsite" is greeted with a car full of groaning teens.  I happily hand Peter and Jacob the tents for them to assemble.  As they walk away, Julia, arms crossed, asks me a seemingly simple question that I cannot seem to answer.  "So where are all of the other people at?"  I stutter, "I really don't know."  It's no use, she sees right through my flimsy disguise.  I try to evade the situation by trying to start a fire about 10 feet away from the place I was previously standing.

        She follows me to the pile of makeshift firewood.  Just as I start to form an apology, Kameron calls from the car, with a hint of fear in his voice, "Ummmm, where did all of our supplies go, Edmond?"  This is getting all too weird for my liking.  I jog towards him to see that he was right, all of our stuff is gone!  I can clearly see that Julia doesn't like this at all.  Confirming my assumtion, she starts up the car and gathers the rest of the group.

        As soon as we are all in the car, she insists that she should be the one to drive.  I agree, as I am fairly tired of driving.  almost immediately, our escape is halted.  We almost run into a giant wall.  I am absolutely sure that this wall was not here before.  Trembling, Julia whispers "no." under her breath.  She swiftly gets out of the car and instructs us to find a break in the wall.  We follow her orders.

        Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  We have been searching for what feels like an hour.  Deciding to meet up at the campsite, we each tell of what we have discovered, which results in Cassie coming to a shocking, yet obvious, conclusion whilst tears stream down her face, "We are surrounded by these walls."  As much as I do not wish to believe her, she is correct.  Lilly, also crying, asks me between sobs, "What now?"

        Out of nowhere, a woman's voice calmly speaks to us, "Why, what a perfect question, my dear child."  The voice is not coming from any one direction; in fact, it seems to be coming from all directions.  Silence falls, leaving the woman to continue the conversation, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Fuzen."  The laughter that follows that statement is enough to drive anyone mad.  This is laughter that paints the portrait of insanity onto the walls of your mind.

       *POV of Julia*






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