Dette er mit bud til konkurrencen BØRN PÅ FLUGT.


1. 1.

The only thing I remember from the beginning, is the bombs raining down over our heads. How they ruined everything in their way; homes, memories, families...

The home as we knew it had been destroyed. Our safe community was no longer safe.


They called it the beginning of WW3. That was three years ago.

 We were forced to leave our homes. I haven't seen my family since that day. The soldiers separated all the families, and each person was left to his or hers own survival.

They started forcing people to work in small camps, where they would produce surplices for the soldiers and the invaders.

There was no way I was going to survive that. I was not ready to sacrifice my life.  

At the age of 16, I was yet to experience the beauty of life. So far I hadn't been impressed.


I had to find a way out. There had to be a way to get around the strong safety net and find a way out of here.


A year passed. I had started to lose my mind. I was going crazy in this small camp. It was obvious that no one really cared about us. We were lucky they even fed us.

Once every third month the soldiers allowed the camp workers to have a day off. On this day everyone would get the chance to check up on lost family members and friends in the military database the invaders had brought with them to the individual camps.

At the third day off I felt bored. I don't know if I did it out of curiosity, but somehow I ended up looking in the military files.

I decided to look into our camp, just in case. Here you never knew who lived where. We were all very isolated from the things surrounding us. I looked down the list of names, until I came across a familiar name. It couldn't be...? This woman had the exact same name as my aunt. Was she alive? And better yet, was she here?


This whole time, ever since the war had started, I had told myself that I officially was on my own. My family was gone, and I had been put into one of those freaky camps.

The day after I decided to start searching for my aunt. I asked around, trying not to seem suspicious to the guards. In the end I was told to go to the medical building, where people told me my aunt was working. There was just one problem. The medical building was one of the most protected buildings in the camp.

I decided to wait until nightfall and then enter the building and find my aunt.


Darkness surrounded the camp, and everyone had gone to bed. I snug into the medical building, only to find a single woman walking around alone in the building. The only thing I could see was the woman's back. But I had to make sure. I stayed as calm and quiet as I could, but by an accident I stumbled into a vase on the floor, and the woman instantly turned around. And there she was, my aunt!



A lot of things happened throughout the next couple of days. I found out my aunt wasn't here alone. She lived here with my uncle and my young cousin. The soldiers apparently needed someone local to help stitch their army together when returning from missions. In return of my aunts medical help, they would let her family survive. They had blackmailed her to work for them.


My aunt looked exhausted. I was most certain that she hadn't been allowed to get much sleep, ever since this whole thing started. She told me, that she was okay. But both me and my uncle knew this wasn't even close to the truth. We couldn't stay here. We had to find a way out. But how?


It turned out my family had been trying to work out an escape plan for months. The problem was all the security. No one had ever left any of the camps successfully. Everyone who tried, would be killed on the scene.


But my uncle had contacts. It turned out, that he was a part of a resistance group. And this resistance group was planning on leaving, soon. All we had to do now was wait. For the right moment, the right time.



And the right time came. The group had been in contact with another resistance group, who had been living in the woods ever since the war started. Now it was out turn to join them.


We waited until the full moon was on its highest. We knew this wouldn't be easy. We could die trying. But to be honest, I think anyone would die instead of staying in this hole.

The moment came, and I was told to do one thing. Run! Never look back, just run! So that's what I did. I ran. I wanted to look back, to make sure my family followed, but I fought the urge to do so.


When we came to tree lines we were received by the other resistance people. The guided us to their camp deep into the woods. We had to constantly keep an eye open. We could have been followed.


We made it to the camp, and we were met by a hopeful sight. People, at least a couple of hundreds, walked around in this isolated camp. And they looked....happy? Children were running around in the grass, playing with kites and toys. Even though it had only been a year, I had forgotten what it looked like. Happiness.


Me and my family settled down with the rest of the survivors. We lived in constant fear of being discovered and slept with one eye open. But we had never felt more free, and we were happy.


They had taken our home. But this was our home now.

It hasn't been three easy years. We've lost people, and supplies. But we'll survive.

The war is far from over, but we have to stay strong. This is our home, and we weren't just going to give it to those monsters.

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