Stay with Me...

Ross and Peyton have known each other since they were five years old. They were everything to each other. That is until life catches up with them and things take them for a rollercoaster ride. They wind up going through trials of loss. Love. Heart Break. Broken Promises.....

Read more to find out about their lives....

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By the way.... if you read the first version I began to post of this, I am sorry for deleting it. I really liked this one much better...


1. Age 5

~~Age 5.
Looking around the classroom, I felt my insides begin to tighten in my tummy. “Daddy.” I whispered, squeezing my dad’s hand tightly. Looking up at him through my lashes, he was smiling down at me. He seemed to be too old to have a five year old. Being forty- five, he already had grey hair and wrinkles on his face. It might have been his job that had to do with the wrinkles. He was a composer and travelled all around the world, dragging me along since my mother died giving birth to me and the fact that we didn’t have any other family.

“You’ll be okay sweetie.” Dad crouched down in front of me and tugged on the straps of my book bag. He smelled of the lavender scented tide that he washed our clothes in. He was wearing his typical black dress pants and a white button-up shirt tucked into his pants. “I love you sweetheart.” Dad straightened out my light blue dress slightly and squeezed my hand. My blonde shoulder length hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with a big white bow clipped on top. “You look beautiful. Hopefully we get to stay here for a while, huh?” Dad kissed my forehead as I smiled up at him and nodded. We had currently moved to Colorado and I was just beginning kindergarten.

“Bye.” I whispered, trying desperately not to cry. I’ve never been away from my dad for long periods of time. I was nervous. I was always in theatres or rooms with dozens of musicians, or hotel rooms watching dad work on a new piece for hours at a time. I had never really met anyone my age, besides the little girl whose father began to teach me the cello and piano in London a year ago. She doesn’t really count though. She wouldn’t talk to me, and always hated when her dad worked with me. “Have a good day at work.” I told my dad sternly, making him laugh.

“I’ll do my best.” He grinned, pushing me slightly farther into the classroom. Quickly, he scurried off and left me on my own as my teacher walked over to greet me.

“Hello sweetie. What’s your name?” She was tall. She was wearing a black pencil skirt that hugged her tightly and a white button-up shirt, which needed to be buttoned up a little more if you asked me. Her make-up was natural, as was her long caramel hair. She was actually quite pretty.

Looking up at her nervously, I bite my bottom lip and entwined my fingers. “Peyton.”

“Well Peyton, it is very nice to meet you honey. We’re doing free time right now. Your cubby is right over there. Just go ahead and put your bag inside and then find a center to play in.” Smiling behind me, she patted my shoulder and then went to talk to one of the kids that came in behind me.

Wandering over to the cubby’s I found mine and placed my bag inside. Turning around I noticed that there were at least eight or nine kids in the class playing. Two little boys were fighting over the blocks, while four of little girls were playing in the house keeping area. There was a boy and a little girl playing in the book center as well, causing me to not know where to go. Suddenly, I noticed another boy sitting at a table quietly coloring picture. His shaggy blonde hair fell into his eyes as he colored and he seemed very into what he was doing. I loved to draw and I thought he seemed like he would be the one I would get along with the best. He was cute.

Walking quietly over to the table, I scooted out a chair and sat down across from the boy. Glancing up at me, his bright blue eyes locked on my bright green ones. Smiling shyly down at my lap, I noticed him push the crayons towards me. Looking up at him, he smiled slightly then pushed a piece of yellow paper towards me. “My favorite colors yellow.” He pointed at the paper and looked down at his.

“I like yellow.” I whispered softly, making him smile even bigger, which made me smile bigger.  “I’m Peyton.”

“Ross.” He giggled softly and then began to go back to his drawing. Smiling at my lap, I grabbed a blue crayon and began to draw on the paper he gave me.


The rest of the day went like any other kindergarten day, I would guess. Ross and I spent our whole time together. He was really smart and funny. I liked him.

I told him about my dad and us travelling and he thought it was the coolest thing. He told me about how he had four other siblings. Three were older and one was younger. They were all just a year apart. I wished I had siblings. He said they were really close too and that he had a mom and dad. I was jealous of him.





The next week dad and Ross’s parents finally met and decided that I would hang out with them Friday night, while dad went to one of his concerts. They had begun to become close friends, while Ross and I were by then best friends.

“You sure you are going to be alright?” Dad asked nervously, glancing at me in the rearview mirror. I was holding onto my teddy bear tightly, excited to see Ross outside of school. I met his brothers and sister in the car rider line and they all are really nice, as are his parents. Nodding at my dad, he smiled and looked out the window as he came to a stop in front of the Henry’s home. Dad and I lived in an apartment, so I was excited to hang out inside an actual house for the first time. It was quite big, with a large wrap around porch on the front and blue shutters against the white back drop of the house. Dad swiftly climbed out of the car, as I undid my car seat buckle and pushed the door to dad’s old Volkswagen open. “Come on.” Dad reached down to take my hand as I held onto my teddy with the other.

“Hey John. Peyton.” Ross’s mom was at the door waiting on us smiling happily. She was really pretty. Long blonde hair like Ross’s and quite short. She was skinny two. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans and no shoes, making me smile.

“Katie. It’s nice to see you again. Thank you so much for looking after Peyton.” Dad smiled at her as we headed into the house. 

The first thing you see when you enter is the stair case with dozens of pictures on the wall going them. To the left was a large dining area, with a table that held ten chairs. Then to the right was the living room, where I noticed all the guys were watching some movie. Ross’s dad got up and walked over to my dad. Shaking his hand. “John.”

“Thomas.” Dad smiled and shook his hand. Both Ross’s parents were younger than dad. Ross’s dad’s hair was a dark brown color and was cut short and spiked slightly. He was wearing jeans and a navy blue t-shirt with fuzzy slipper things on his feet.

“Peyton. How are you sweetie?” Thomas bent down to greet me, making me feel nervous and hide behind my dad slightly. “I won’t bite, too hard.” He winked making me giggle. “Ah, there she is.” He chuckled as he pointed towards the living room. “The boys are watching “The Fox and the Hound” if you want to join them.” Nodding slightly, I hugged my dad’s leg and nervously walked into the living room, while dad and The Henry’s talked.

Ryland, Tyler and Andrew were sprawled out on the couch, while Ross sat on the floor leaning against the side of it. Ryland was the oldest, and then it was Alice, Tyler, Ross and then Andrew. Ryland had shaggy blonde hair like Ross, while Tyler and Andrew shared the short brown hair like their dad. Alice’s was blonde as well, but came down to her waist in layers. Ross looked up at me and smiled, motioning me to join him on the floor. Nodding, I waved at the other guys and placed myself next to Ross, smiling at him and squeezing my teddy.

“What’s that?” Ross whispered softly, pointing at my bear. He was smiling as I squeezed it harder, my cheeks turning red.

“Teddy.” I whispered, making Teddy wave at Ross. Making him giggle.

“Hi, Teddy.” He grabbed ahold to the bears hand and shook it. “Glad to meet you.” Looking at my lap, my smile grew. “Want to go play?” Ross asked as I looked at him and nodded. Grinning, he stood up and held out his hand to help me up as well. “Come on. I’ll show you my room.” Ross, pulled me upstairs and led me into a small room that was covered in toys, with two dressers and a bunk bed in the corner.

“Wow.” I giggled, noticing how proud he seemed of his room. “What’s that?’ Looking over at the guitar sitting next to his bed, Ross smiled immediately.

“My guitar. I’m learning. Dad plays. He’s teaching Ryland, Alice, Tyler and I. We’re also working on the piano. Plus, we’re all in dance classes. I like the guitar the best though.” Ross took it off the stand and sat on the bed. It was a small one, but he still had some trouble holding it.

“I can play the piano. As well as the cello.” I whispered softly, as Ross looked up at me and smiled. Making me smile and wander over to him.

“Want to learn the guitar?”

Nodding, he handed it to me and took Teddy, placing him in between us. He showed me the strings, and how to place your hands and I realized it was sort of like the cello only without the bow and much smaller. The strings were different too, but when I strummed it, I loved the sound and smiled up at Ross.

We sat on his bed for about an hour, fumbling with the guitar, before wandering downstairs to the music room. It was next to kitchen, which Katie was cooking dinner in. When we passed her she smiled and motioned dinner wouldn’t be long. The music room contained a piano that sat in the corner and then a wide range of guitars and at least two bass guitars. There was a drum set as well and a small recording looking area with a computer and what not. Wandering over to the piano, I sat down and hit the keys lightly, smiling to myself. Looking on the stand there was a piece written by Chopin, which I had learned before. Looking at the notes, I began to play softly. Ross wandered over and sat next to me, watching me play as I concentrated on the notes. When I got to a difficult part I stopped and Ross smiled at me.

Suddenly, there came clapping from behind us, as we turned and noticed Ross’s mom and dad as well was Ryland and Alice standing in the doorway. “You’re very good.” Katie smiled at me, as I felt my cheeks turn red.

“I learned from a man in London last year and I try to work on it when I can.” I whispered as they smiled.

“She can play the cello too. I was teaching her the guitar earlier.” Ross beamed excitedly, making his parents laugh

“That’s cool.” Thomas smiled at us as he motioned towards the kitchen. “Dinner is ready if you’re hungry.” Ross immediately hopped off the bench and ran into the kitchen, towards the dining area with Alice and Ryland right behind him.  “Come on.” Thomas chuckled as I followed behind them.



After dinner, Ross and I sat on the couch watching “The Lion King” while Ryland and Alice did their music lessons with their dad. Tyler and Andy decided to play cops and robbers upstairs, with their mom fussing at them repeatedly for making too much noise.

“I like your family.” I whispered to Ross as he looked up at me and smiled. “I only have dad.” Ross moved over to where our knees were touching, and grabbed my hand.

“Well I like you.” He chuckled softly as I giggled.

“I like you too.” Grinning he nodded and turned both our attention back to the movie, still holding my hand.

By the end, Ross was asleep and I could feel myself dozing off. I heard the doorbell ring and rubbed my eyes as Katie ushered my dad inside. “Hey sweetie.” He whispered, as I stretched my arms out to him. “Ready to go home?” Lifting me up, I looked down at Ross and shook my head. I didn’t want to leave him. “You’ll see him later. I promise.” Dad whispered as I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Teddy.” I muttered sleepily as Katie walked in holding onto my bear. “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome honey. See you later guys.” She smiled as she walked us outside, waving as dad placed me in my car seat.




That was the first night of many that I began to hang out at the Henry’s house. Within a month I was having to stay all weekend, while dad began to travel again. Within the year, I was staying sometimes more than a month at a time. I began to think of the Henry’s as my second family. Ross and I were inseparable. Our parents were convinced one day we would wind up together when we got older. By second grade, Ross’s parents decided to start homeschooling their kids, as well as me. I joined their dance classes and caught on quickly, as well as the guitar and piano. Dad made me learn more of the cello and made me take classes when I was with him for the violin, flute, and the fiddle.

By the time I was ten, I was practically living with the Henry’s. Dad was gone months at a time. His health and age had started getting to him and eventually he sold the apartment and I basically moved in with the Henry’s. I stayed in Ross’s room with him and I stayed with dad at hotels when he was in town. I missed him desperately.

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