Stay with Me...

Ross and Peyton have known each other since they were five years old. They were everything to each other. That is until life catches up with them and things take them for a rollercoaster ride. They wind up going through trials of loss. Love. Heart Break. Broken Promises.....

Read more to find out about their lives....

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By the way.... if you read the first version I began to post of this, I am sorry for deleting it. I really liked this one much better...


6. age 17 (Part 1)

~~Age 17
“Come on you idiots. We should have left thirty minutes ago.” Ryland was hollering at us from the car. Rolling my eyes, I wandered behind Alice to the van that was parked in front of the house. It was three in the morning, and our flight to head out on their European tour was leaving in two hours. Ryland was determined for us all to get there at least two hours early. The airport was only twenty minutes away from the house.

Climbing into the van, I sat in the back and waited on Ross and Luke. Dad was driving, while mom decided to stay home and take care of the house. The guys had done their American tour the year before, for six months straight. I went with them the last time, and Ross begged me to go with him this time. Last time we were all stuck on a tour bus for six months though. This time however, we were staying in hotels for the first month, until we meet up with the tour bus in Germany. We were going to be gone for almost five months this time.

It was the middle of February, so it was still slightly chilly outside. We were all pretty much running on no sleep as well. Considering, I was still helping Ross pack his bag at midnight. Leaning back in my seat, I laid my head against the window and tugged on Ross’s black hoodie that I had kidnapped earlier.

Ever since Christmas two years ago, this between us seemed stronger and more active than ever. I loved him more than I could ever explain. We hadn’t gone farther than making out, but we both knew that if we truly had time alone, it would have already happened. Alice and Luke know about us. We also knew about them as well. They had been secretly together since a month before we had seen them kiss. Alice spilled everything and of course I told her all about Ross and me. We both promised to keep us all a secret because of the bands success going on at the time. It never felt right to out ourselves.

Looking out the window again, I finally saw Ross and Luke coming out of the house. Ross’s hair was tucked neatly underneath his black beanie and he was wearing his typical jean jacket over a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Luke was dressed still in his PJ pants and a black hoodie that I noticed was Ryland’s. Giggling at the two polar opposites, I slide over on the seat so Ross could sit next to me.  Climbing into the van, Ross sat next to me and grinned, as Luke and Alice sat in front of us.

“Hey.” Ross reached over to my hand and squeezed it tightly. “You ready for this?”

“I guess so.” I shrugged. “I’m nervous though.” Ross nodded knowingly and pulled me over to him.

“It’ll be okay.” Ross whispered, kissing the top of my head lightly.

“Alright guys. This is it. You ready?” Dad looked into the rearview mirror as we all hollered yeah unmotivated. “Come on guys. This is what you have always wanted. You’re famous. Around the world, might I add? We’re travelling around the world.” Dad turned to look at us all as we all grunted.

“Sorry dad. It’s sort of hard to get motivated at three in the morning.” I apologized as everyone else nodded.

“Yeah. I know.” Dad sighed as he put the van in reverse and began to pull out of the driveway.

“Do you think mom will be okay?” Looking up at Ross, he smirked.

“She’s a big girl Peyton. She will be okay. I promise.” Ross lifted my chin and kissed me lightly on the lips. “I’m so stoked that you are coming with us. I couldn’t imagine leaving you.” Ross whispered. “I love you Pey.”

“I love you too Ross.” Kissing him on the cheek, I laid my head on his shoulder and cuddled into his side as he slipped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him. It was pitch black in the van and dad was playing the music so loud, no one could ever hear us or see us.


Pulling up to the airport, it looked oddly crowded, and yet deserted at the same time. “No one said when we were leaving, right?” Ryland looked back at us all as we shook our heads no. Ever since they got the deal and their first album released and then the tour, we have fans follow our every move. They seem to be everywhere we are. Which is why Ross and I don’t get very much alone time anymore. Between the fans and family, we have had barely any alone time in the past three months. Which sucks majorly.

“Let’s go.” Dad parked the van and began to climb out. Following everyone out of the van, we headed into the airport and were immediately met by one of the airport security guys.

“Beyond the Lights?” The man asked, as we all nodded at the name of their band. “Right this way. We have a few fans here. We will go through the employee’s entrance. Follow me.” The man was probably in his mid-thirties and was not particularly good looking.

Reaching out for Ross’s hand, he grabbed mine and walked next to me as we followed the security dude. Walking behind the counter of where you would buy your tickets, the man led us through a door and down a long hallway. Once we got to the end, the man opened a door that led out into an open lobby.

“You’ve currently skipped security and you are going to be on your own plane tonight.” The man smiled at us as we nodded. Like it happened all the time to have our very own plane, when in reality we were all freaking out. Leading us down another hallway, he opened a door that led outside and walked us down a flight of stairs and over to a huge jet looking thing. “Here we are. Have a safe flight.” He motioned for us to climb aboard.

“Hell yeah.” Ryland shouted, as he and Tyler took off up the stairs and onto the plane. All of our luggage and instruments were picked up earlier before we left the house, and I noticed them loading it onto the plane at the moment.
“Alright then.” Dad chuckled to himself as he wrapped an arm around Alice’s shoulder and led her up the stairs with Luke and Andy following behind.

“Shall we?” Ross smirked, glancing over at me. Nodding, I pulled him up the steps and into the plane. “Holy shit.” Entering the plane, you walked into an area where there was a seating area with about five reclining leather chairs and then a rather large couch in it. A large flat screen TV was placed on the wall up front and then a small fridge and counter were placed underneath it. Past the sitting area, were five door’s.

“There are four small bedrooms and then a bathroom with a shower.” Alice grinned, making me choke on my own saliva. “Incredible. Right?” Alice fell back onto the couch next to Luke and grinned.

Ryland and Tyler were nowhere to be seen, while Dad and Andy had begun to argue over what movie they wanted to watch. 

Walking down towards the bedrooms. Opening one of the doors, I walked inside and smiled. There were two small twin beds in the room and that was basically it. Simple but effective. Jumping onto one of them, I sighed. Closing my eyes, I heard someone walk into the room and lay down next to me. “Hey.” I whispered. Knowing automatically it was Ross

“Is someone sleepy?” He chuckled as I looked up at him and nodded. “Let’s take a nap.” Kissing me lightly on the lips, he pulled me close to him and whispered a quick goodnight. Smiling to myself, I let my eyes close and drifted off to sleep.


“Ross. Peyton. Wake up.” Alice poked my cheek lightly.

“Go away.” I grunted, cuddling more into Ross’s chest.

“Good lord. Wake up you idiots.” Smacking my butt, I yelped and sat up quickly. Waking up Ross and making Alice grin happily. “Thank you.” She wandered out of the room and down the hallway to the sitting area on the plane.

“Come back to bed.” Ross grunted, grabbing my hand and pulling me to him.

“Baby, we need to get up.” Kissing him on the cheek, he opened his eyes and sighed. “I love you.” Grinning at him, he stuck his tongue out at me and sat up.

“Love you too.” Ross groaned, standing up and fixing his clothes. “So. What do you think London is going to be like?” Ross asked quietly, walking over to where I was sitting on the bed. Spreading my legs apart, he stood in between them and looked down at me. He was nervous. I could always read him like a book.

“I’m sure it will be amazing. You will be amazing. Just be you and you’ll own the crowd. No doubt.” I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him to me. “Come on. Let’s go.” Standing up, he nodded sadly and kissing me on the lips. Smiling shyly at him, we walked out of the room and into the sitting area where everyone else was.

“Good morning.” Dad chuckled, looking at us as we both grunted. Taking a seat next to Ryland on the couch. “Alright. We’re going to be landing in just a few minutes. Room arrangements at the hotel are going to be Luke and Ross, Ryland and me, Tyler and Andy and then Alice and Peyton. Alright?” We all nodded, as Luke, Ross, Alice and I smiled slightly. We knew it was perfect. We would be able to switch rooms no problem. “Now, when we get to the hotel we will all go to our rooms and change quickly to get to the concert hall. All of the equipment is already there, which means they’re going to set it up while we get ready. Sound good?” Dad asked as we all nodded and glanced at each other.

“Yeah.” We all nodded.  Feeling the plane getting closer to the ground, we all buckled our seatbelts and waited for it to land.


Grabbing all of our things after we landed, we climbed down the stairs of the plane and noticed a van waiting to take us to the hotel. “Beyond the Lights?” The man who was driving asked. He was a tall, older gentleman with gray hair and a black suit.

Dad looked back at us as he nodded. “That would be us.” The man nodded and opened the door for us to climb in, while we put our bags into the back of it. “Everyone aboard.” Dad chuckled as we all grinned and climbed into the van. We all sat the same way as always, meaning Ross and I were in the back while Alice and Luke were in front of us. Ryland, Tyler and Andy were in front of them, while dad sat next to the driver.

It was around 5 o’clock here. The sun beginning to go down. Their concert was to start at 8, so we had three hours to get to the hotel, change and then get there and do their sound check.

Looking over at Ross, he was fidgeting with his coat nervously. He was staring out the window up at the tall buildings. He looked as if he were a million miles away. Hidden away in his thoughts. Reaching over to him, I took his hand a squeezed tightly. Glancing over at me, he grinned and leaned over to kiss me lightly on the cheek, before looking back out the window and placing my hand in his lap.

Pulling up to the hotel, I felt my mouth drop slightly. “Holy crap.” Alice muttered quietly, looking back at me wide eyed. Nodding at her, we both grinned and pushed our way out of the van. “This place looks incredible.” She squealed as Luke shook his head.

“I have a special night planned for us.” Ross whispered in my ear as he walked up behind me. Squeezing my waist slightly, I glanced up at him and grinned.

“Like what?” Raising an eyebrow at him, he shook his head and winked at me. Dad, Ryland, Tyler and Andy were already heading up the steps. “You sir are evil. I hate surprises.” I rolled my eyes, laughing as his grin grew even more.


“I love you.” He kissed me quickly on the lips, before taking off the catch up with Luke.

“They’re dorks.” Alice wrapped her arm around my shoulders, as I nodded. “Let’s go my love.” She grinned as I laughed at her.

“After you.” Wrapping my arm around her waist, she chuckled. Heading up the stairs. The building was a tall and ancient looking place. Revolving doors at the entrance. Stone everywhere and little creepy gargoyles on either side of the entrance. “Holy shit.” I whispered, looking up at the ceiling as we walked into the hotel. There were dozens of shiny chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, while people bustled around quickly. It was incredibly. Way fancier than anywhere we had ever been. “Way to go record company.” I looked over at Alice as she released me and nodded ferociously. Catching up to the guys and dad, a few bellhops followed behind us with our bags.

“Alright. Here are your keys.” Dad handed each of us our room keys as we walked over to us from the front desk. “Shall we?” Walking over to the elevator he pushed the button and we climbed on. Leaning against the back wall, I looked over at Ross and noticed him already watching me. He smirked to himself and winked at me when his eyes caught mine.

Smiling to myself, I looked down at the ground and then glanced back up at him to see him still smiling at me. “I love you.” I mouthed to him as his smile grew wider. The elevator suddenly dinged and we all climbed off.

“Alright. This one is ours.” Ryland looked over at dad. Unlocking their door, dad looked back at us.

“One hour.” Dad nodded as we all agreed and headed towards our rooms. Andy and Tyler were the next room on the right. Instantly arguing over which bed was theirs as they unlocked the door and headed inside.

“They should have fun.” Alice roller her eyes as Luke giggled softly, pulling her to him and kissing her on top of the head.

“You girls go get ready in your room. Then when you finished, Alice you come to our room and place your things in there and Ross will bring his things to yours.” Luke looked between Alice and me as we nodded.

“Just thought you would be sharing a room with me, huh?” Alice eyed Luke curiously as he nodded, pulling her in closer. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She quickly pecked his lips and went to unlock our room’s door.

“See you soon.” Ross grinned as I nodded, kissing him lightly.  “I love you.” He grinned as he let go of my hand and followed Luke down the hall to their room.

Walking into ours, I felt my mouth drop slightly. “Good lord.” The room had two large queen sized beds with a pretty blue comforter on them. There was a small couch against the wall next to the one near the window that faced the large flat screen TV hanging on the wall. There was a small kitchen like area with a mini fridge and a small stove thing. Then walking into the bathroom, there was a huge walk-in closet that had mirror doors on it. The bathroom was huge as well. A large bathtub and shower in one corner, with fluffy carpet floors and even a door in front of the toilet.

“No way.” Alice screamed, causing me to bolt out of the bathroom and back into the room to see her staring out of the window. “Come here.” She grinned, opening the curtain slightly as she looked back at me.

“What?” Walking over to her, I felt my mouth drop slightly. We had the perfect view of the London Eye. “It’s incredible.” Hugging her tightly, she squealed and then quickly calmed herself.

“We need to get ready.” She immediately walked over to her bag and flung it open. “What were you planning on wearing?” Glancing up at me I shrugged and glanced down at my clothes. “No. You my dear are wearing a dress tonight. This is London. Not L.A. or Colorado.” She started scrambling through her clothes as I groaned.

“I don’t want to.” Falling back onto the bed, she looked up at me. Alice’s hair was now a lavender purple color and she rocked it definitely. Alice was girly. Punk rock girly. She always wore tight clothes, short skirts and dresses and tops that tended to show off a little bit of cleavage. She had a killer body for it though. I on the other hand, was more of a tomboy anymore. I hadn’t worn a dress since my dad’s funeral. I didn’t like them. I wore my skinny jeans or shorts and baggy t-shirts and sweaters. I liked being comfy. I never wore make-up. I was too lazy for it to be honest.

“Do you want Ross to have sex with you tonight?” Alice stated, looking up at me as I jerked up from where I was lying and stared at her.

“Who said anything about sex?” I managed to choke out as she grinned smugly.

“You know you want to. Ross obviously wants to. I mean the way you two are together all the time. This might be the only true chance you guys get.” Alice shrugged as she looked down at her suitcase smiling.

“No way. You and Luke are planning on doing it tonight, aren’t you?” I practically screamed shocked as she turned a bright shade of pink. “Oh my god. You slut.” I giggled, causing her to throw a pillow at me.

“Shut it. You might be doing the same thing tonight.” She giggled, grabbing a black dress and throwing it at me. “Go put that on.” Next she tossed a black lace thong and a black laced bra. “Those to.”

“What? No.” I looked at the evil clothing as she pointed at the door. “Grr…” Sticking my tongue out at her, she promptly flipped me off. Rolling my eyes, I stepped into the bathroom and stripped out of my clothes. Huffing out a breath as I slipped on the underwear, I looked in the mirror and frowned. “This is sexy?” Raising an eyebrow, I shook my head and pulled on the dress. It came down to just barely cover my butt. The cleavage came down to where you could actually tell I had boobs, pushing them up slightly. The dress was a spaghetti strap and the back came down to where my bra came, just covering it. It was the skimpiest thing I had ever worn. I felt like vulgar in it. Stepping out of the bathroom, I looked at Alice and grunted. “There is now way in hell I am wearing this thing.” I practically shouted at her as she looked back at me wide eyed.

“You look hot.” Alice grinned as I moved back a forth on my feet. Alice was at least 6 feet tall, while I was only 5’4”, so I knew she must have bought this specifically for me. “I knew it would fit you.” Standing up, I looked over her outfit and smiled. She was dressed in a black laced dress that came down a little further than mine, since she was going to be dancing on the stage. It didn’t have a back to it, so I knew she had no bra on. Lucky for her, her boobs were smaller than mine. She had placed black laced ankle boots that had a rather tall heel on them. She had pulled half of her hair back, leaving it straight and gorgeous. She had down her make-up to make her eyes pop and her lips were a bright shade of light purple like her hair. She was stunning. “You like?” She grinned, spinning in a circle. Nodding at her, she chuckled and pulled me towards the bathroom. “Let’s do your hair and make-up.”

“Do I have too?” Groaning as I hoped onto the counter. Alice glared at me, causing me to huff out a breath. “Do as you please.” Sighing, I gave in and Alice began her work. By the time she was done, my hair was curled down my back. She had placed gold eye shadow around my eyes with black eye linear and mascara. She put a light foundation on and a bright red lipstick. She still hadn’t let me look at myself. Pulling me into the bedroom, she grabbed a light blue leather coat Ross had gotten me and tossed it to me. Slipping it on, she handed me my black converse and I grinned at the fact that I wouldn’t have to wear heels. She pushed me in front of the closet doors and I froze. I looked absolutely nothing like myself. I looked sexy. I felt awkward, but I didn’t look it.

“My work here is done.” Alice smiled, hugging my tightly before going and getting her bag as someone knocked on the door. “I’m off. See you in a minute.” She winked at me before opening the door and leaving. Letting whoever it was inside.

“Babe?” Ross walked into the room and placed his bag on the floor next to the far sided bed. He was wearing his black leather coat over a gray long sleeved shirt with his black skinny jeans and converse. His hair was a mess and he looked gorgeous as always. I loved his untamed look. Walking to where he could see me, Ross caught my eye and froze. His eyes widened and his mouth drop slightly. “Peyton?” He whispered, his face turning slightly pink as I noticed him swallowing.

“You not like it?” Looking down at the ground, I entwined my fingers and felt my face flush nervously.

Ross walked over to me, lifting my chin slightly and pecking my lips. “You look stunning.” Ross smirked looking into my eyes. “God, I only I could keep you out of site. I want you so bad.” Ross kissed me passionately, before pulling back and fixing my lipstick. “I love you.” Ross placed his forehead to mine.

“I love you too.” Grinning, I poked his nose. “Do you like me better this way? You know better than normal me?” I whispered. I couldn’t help but ask. I loved Ross, but I always never felt good enough in a way. Girly enough.

“Seriously Peyton?” Ross rolled his eyes slightly. “I’ve loved you since we were 8 years old. I have always loved you. I will always love you. I fell in love with the girl I grew up with. That’s who I want. Forever.” Feeling tears come to my eyes, I hugged onto him tightly and kissed his cheek. “We need to go.” Ross pecked my lips one last time, as we walked out of the room and down the hall to the boys.

“Holy….” Ryland noticed us first. Looking me up and down wide eyed. “You look incredible Peyton.”

All the guys and Alice turned around, doing a double take as they looked me over. Then they looked at Alice who was grinning. “I did a good job huh?”

“Gorgeous.” Tyler mutter softly, shaking his head and grinning. “Truly.” Tyler reached out and hugged me tightly. “We need to head on though. Right dad?”

“Yeah. Right. Let’s go.” Dad motioned for us to follow him as we all nodded and walked onto the elevator. Ross reached over to me and held onto my hand the entire ride. When we got to the van, he reached over and wouldn’t let go as always, but it felt different. There was an odd energy seeming to flow through us. I couldn’t wait until later that night.

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