Stay with Me...

Ross and Peyton have known each other since they were five years old. They were everything to each other. That is until life catches up with them and things take them for a rollercoaster ride. They wind up going through trials of loss. Love. Heart Break. Broken Promises.....

Read more to find out about their lives....

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5. Age 15

~~Age 15

Looking out the window of the van, I felt Ross reach over and take a hold of my hand. Squeezing his hand tightly, I looked over at him and smiled. It was two days before Christmas and we were currently on our way from the airport to a small cabin in Colorado. It had become a tradition to come here every year for Christmas, only this time we were going to a new cabin and the rest of their family wasn’t coming. Normally, Katie’s sister and her husband and kids would all meet us up here, but her husband got really sick and they decided to stay home this year.

We had rented a rather large van this time. Andy and Tyler were behind mom and dad, while Ryland, Luke and Alice were in the seat in front of Ross and me. Laying down, I placed my head in Ross’s lap and closed my eyes. Ross began to run his fingers through my hair, making me smile and hug his leg.

Our relationship hadn’t really changed all that much, besides doing small kisses here and there whenever we were alone, which wasn’t often. We both knew we wanted more. You could feel the intensity of the two of us every time we were together. Alice had mentioned that something seemed up with us a few times, but I always sort of shrugged it off and she left it alone.

Feeling myself doze off, I stuck my nose to Ross’s shirt and took a strong sniff of his cologne and let myself drift to sleep.

“Hey baby, time to wake up.” Groaning, I swatted Ross’s leg lightly. “Come on Peyton. Don’t you want to see the snow?” Sitting up slowly, I muttered a quick ‘I hate you’ and looked around the car, noticing that everyone was already out of the van. Looking up at the cabin, it was two stories and small, but so cute. There was snow everywhere and a little gazebo sitting in the middle of a frozen pond.

“It’s gorgeous.” Wonderment and excitement of spending the next four days here with Ross and the rest of the family settling in.

“You’re gorgeous.” Ross whispered. Turning to look at him, he was smirking slightly.

“You’re sweet.” Leaning over, I gave him a quick peck on the lips and smiled at him. He was wearing his navy blue sweater and black skinny jeans. He had his black beanie on his head and his pants were tucked into his boots. He looked adorable and I loved it. “We should go inside.” I breathed as Ross shook his head and pulled me onto his lap.

“I don’t want to.” Ross nudged my neck slightly and kissed it lightly, causing shivers to go down my spine.

“God, what you do to me.” I kissed him lightly, before placing my arms around his neck. “We need to go in. Before I attack you right here.” Ross grinned madly, making me laugh. “Come on.” Climbing off of him, I grabbed his hand and pulled him behind me and out of the van. “Shit, it’s cold.” I was wearing a large navy blue sweater and black skinny jeans tucked into my boats. My hair was straightened down my back with a black beanie placed on it. Ross and I didn’t mean to match like this.

“Let’s get inside.” Running into the cabin, the warmth of the fire that was burning in the fireplace instantly warmed us up. “Mom? Dad?” Ross walked off towards the kitchen as I walked into the living room and sat down next to Alice.

Everything in the cabin was what you would imagine a log cabin to look like. It was fully furnished with furniture made all out of hand carved logs.

“This place is so neat.” Alice beamed, looking over at me as I nodded.

“It’s amazing. I missed being out here and seeing the snow.” Sighing, Alice nodded knowingly and chuckled softly. “What?”

“Ross can truly never take his eyes off of you, can he?” Alice nodded towards the kitchen off to the side. Looking over, I noticed Ross leaning against the wall smiling at us. “Are you sure there isn’t anything going on with you two?”

“What? Of course not.” I muttered quickly. Standing up and rushing over to where Ross was. “Hey.” Grinning, I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the stairs. “So, what are the sleeping arrangements?” Glancing back at Ross, he frowned.

“Ryland, Tyler, Andy and I are upstairs in the room up there. You, Luke and Alice are downstairs on the couches.” Ross sighed, “I wanted to be with you.”

Stopping on the steps, I turned around and stopped. “We still have all day. You can always sneak downstairs.” Winking at him, he chuckled softly.

“It’s not the same. We sleep together every night. I hate being without you.” Ross whispered softly, looking at his feet. “Plus, Alice will say something is she catches us. Luke wouldn’t care, but I don’t know about Alice.” Luke had managed to figure out about us. He caught us kissing one day. He promised not to say anything. He actually thought we had always been together and thought we were perfect for one another.

“I hate being without you too.” I kissed Ross on the forehead, before looking around. “Where’s the guys?” The cabin was eerily quiet compared to the normal screaming and hollering back home.

“Playing hockey on the pond.” Ross shrugged, looking at me hopefully.

“Go play.” Shoving his shoulder, he giggled and nodded. Kissing me quickly on the lips, he took off downstairs and went to go outside with the guys.

Recently, the band had sent off their demo to a record company and the company loved it and made them come in the day before to play for them. We were all super excited to find out if they would get it or not, but they had to wait for a phone call to know. I was confident that they would get it. All they did lately was practice and write. Which is why Ross and I were hardly ever alone anymore.

 Wandering around the upstairs, there were two bedrooms and a bathroom in between them. In one bedroom there were two bunk beds and two dressers with a TV on top. In the other room was a large king size bed and a long dresser with a TV sitting on it as well. Walking into the room with the bunk beds, I found my bag and guitar and placed them into a far corner, getting Ross’s and putting his next to mine. Grabbing my guitar out of its case, I got my song book and headed downstairs. Mom and dad, or Katie and Thomas were nowhere to be found.

I had begun to get used to calling them mom and dad a long time ago. Sometimes I catch myself calling them by their names, but more often I call them mom and dad like the others.

Alice was sitting on the couch still. Her portable keyboard on her lap. Her headphones in her ears. I knew she was working on perfecting their latest song they had wrote and decided to leave her be. She had recently put pink highlights in her hair. She was wearing black leggings and a crazy black tutu over them, with a black Nirvana t-shirt on underneath her blue hoodie.

Walking past her, I made my way around downstairs and into a small sitting room with yet another fireplace, but no TV. Sitting on the floor in front of the blazing fire, I pulled my guitar up and strummed it softly. Opening my song book, I placed a few cords of the song I had been working on and wrote a few lyrics down.

Sitting there for a few hours, I suddenly heard a loud bang come from the living room and then the sound of someone fussing, while others were laughing hysterically. Closing my song book, I picked up my guitar and wandered into the living room. The fire in the sitting room had burned out and I had finally finished the song while I was sitting there.

Walking into the living room I noticed mom and Alice shaking their heads at the guys, who were holding onto a huge Christmas tree that was barely through the front door. Raising an eyebrow, Dad walked in and stopped in his tracks as Ross looked over at me and smiled. “What’s this?” Dad asked, looking at Mom who looked very upset with the boys

“Our Christmas tree.” Ryland grinned, making dad chuckle. “Can we put it up?”

“Let’s get to it.” Dad nodded, making mom grunt and walk into the kitchen. “She’ll get over it.” Dad shrugged, making us all giggle softly. Dad walked past me and motioned for me to follow him as the guys pulled the tree inside and began to figure out how to put it up. Placing my things on the couch quickly, I chased after him. Following dad down the hallway, we walked into a spare room that had tons of boxes and other things all over it. “There’s a ton of Christmas things in here.” Dad grabbed a box and handed it to me. Looking inside, it was full of Christmas lights. “Take it out there.” 


Nodding, I took the box and headed back down the hallway to the living room. The guys had managed to get the tree set up and seemed pretty proud of themselves.

Placing the box on the floor next to Tyler, he looked down at me and smiled.

All the guys and Alice were all much taller than me. Ryland was 6’3”, while Alice was 5’9”. Tyler was 6’, while Ross was 5’7” and Andy was 5’5”. Unfortunately, I was only 5’2”.

“Here’s box number one.” I smiled at Tyler as he nodded and started looking through it. Turning on my heel, I headed back down the hall to help dad with the rest of the boxes.

Within an hour, we had the entire tree and living room completely decorated for Christmas. We all stepped back and looked at our creation, high fiving and giving each other hugs. Ross made his way behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me tightly to him. Luke looked over at us and winked, while Alice and Ryland smiled. Letting out a soft chuckle, Ross kissed my cheek.

“What time is it?” Alice grumbled, as we all shrugged and looked over at Mom. While we were putting up the decorations we ate pizza and sang carols. I was pretty sure we were all tuckered out.

“It’s 11.” Mom glanced at her watch as Ryland let out a yawn. “I think we should all go to bed.” Mom began cleaning up the living room as we all ran upstairs to get our clothes. Ross had brought up my guitar and song book earlier, so it was lying next to our things. Grabbing my clothes, Alice and I headed into the bathroom to change quickly, while the guys used the bedroom.

“Are you positive you and Ross aren’t a thing?” Alice questioned as she closed the door.

Letting out a nervous laugh, I shook my head and smiled at her. “You need to stop being so nosy.” Rolling her eyes, she grinned. Taking off my shirt, I replaced it with one of Ross’s t-shirts and then changed into my soffee shorts.

“Okay.” Alice giggled, motioning to my shirt. “You just seem extra close lately.” She shrugged and changed into a large t-shirt and a pair of gray soffee shorts. “You know I wouldn’t care if you guys were together. Right? I just want you guys happy and it’s obvious you make each other happy.” Nodding, I hugged her tightly. “I love you girl.”

“I love you too Alice. I’ll talk to you later about everything, okay?” I whispered as she nodded happily. Letting out a soft chuckle, I opened the bathroom door and walked back into the guy’s room. Ryland and Tyler were sword fighting with their hockey sticks, while Andy lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. Luke was nowhere to be seen, but Ross was sitting on his bed messing with his phone. Ryland, Tyler and Andy all had gym shorts on, while Ross was only in his boxers, making me smile to myself. I’ve seen him in them a million times, but it always catches me off guard. Lately he had tried to make sure he wore his gym shorts around me, especially after we kissed. He was tan and very fit for a fifteen year old.

Walking over to my things, I threw my clothes on my bag and wandered over to Ross and sat down next to him. “Hey there.” Bumping his leg with mine, he looked up at me and grinned.

“Why hello.” Ross bumped my leg back and then looked over at Alice, who was waiting on me. Mom and dad walked into the room and gave us all a hug and kiss, before heading back out and into their rooms. “You better head downstairs.” Ross looked down at his lap. Nodding, I stood up and walked towards, the doors. Before walking out, I looked back at Ross and waved sadly. I didn’t want to go to sleep without him. He smirked and waved at me as I walked out and headed down the stairs.

Once I got down there, I noticed Luke red hair sticking out from underneath his blanket, dead asleep in the one couch. Alice was curled up on the other couch, and I was confused as to where I was supposed to sleep. Wandering down the hall to the sitting room, I found a blanket on the couch in there. The fire was re-lite, the room glowing from the light of the fire. Smiling to myself, I curled up on the couch and stared at the ceiling. I was so used to falling asleep to Ross’s voice, or having him curled up to me. It was weird to sleep alone.

Finally, I felt myself begin to drift to sleep, when I heard someone walk into the room. Opening my eyes, I noticed Ross standing next to the couch fully dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a green sweater. He had a big coat on and his boots were covered in snow. He was holding clothes in one hand as he sat down and leaned over me. “Hey baby.” He whispered softly, kissing me lightly on the lips.

“What are you doing down here?” I whispered as he grinned and handed me the clothes. Looking at them, I noticed they were actually mine. “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise. Get dressed.” Pulling me up, I looked at the doorway as Ross smiled. “It’s like 2 in the morning. Everyone else has been asleep for a while. It’s okay.” Nodding, I turned my back to Ross and pulled off his t-shirt, replacing it with a large white sweater. Glancing back at him, he was watching me intently, a smirk placing on his lips. Turning his back to me, I turned back around and changed into the black skinny jeans. Pulling on my boots he had in his other hand, I placed my beanie on my head and hugged him from behind tightly.

“I missed you.” I whispered in his ear, kissing his neck softly.

“I missed you too. I couldn’t stay away any longer. Plus, I kind of did something.” Turning around to grin at me, he took my hand and dragged me to the front door. Handing me my blue snow coat, he opened the door and led the way outside. It was pitch black outside, and eerily quiet. It was beyond freezing outside as well. “Come on.” Taking my hand, Ross intertwined our fingers and lifted my hand to his lips. Kissing it softly, sending shivers of promise and anticipation through my body.

“Where are we going?” I whispered softly, not wanting to get caught. Suddenly Ross came to a stop and motioned forward. Looking up I noticed the gazebo was lite up with Christmas lights and a boom box was sitting on the ground in the middle. “Ross.” Smiling down at me, he pulled me over to it and stood in the middle. “It’s beautiful.”

Ross raised a finger, letting my hand go and wandering over to the other side of the gazebo, pulling a rose out from behind the post. Pushing play on the boom box, the song ‘Be my Forever’ began playing. We were currently learning a piece for this song and I had told Ross how much I loved the song. “My lady.” Ross bowed down to me and held out the rose. Giggling softly, I curtsied and took it from his hand as he grabbed it and pulled me to him. We began to do the dance we were learning, laughing and swaying to the beat of the song.

Once the song was finished, Ross put his arms around my waist and grinned at me. “You are so sweet.” I smiled up at him as he shrugged and put my arms around his neck. “Be my forever?” I whispered as he grinned even more.

“Always.” He kissed me lightly on the lips, before letting me go and reaching into his back pocket. “This is for you.” Taking a small box out from behind him, he handed it to me. Looking up at him nervously, I took it and slowly pulled it open.

“Ross.” I breathed out, looking at him wide eyed. Pulling out a silver locket with my name on the front, I looked back up at Ross. Opening it, there were two pictures of Ross and I. One was of the first day I ever came over to their house at five years old, and the other was of us on the beach two weeks ago. We were standing with our foreheads pressed together and smiling at each other, both dressed in white. The picture was in black and white too, which made it look even better. Feeling a tear slide down my cheek, Ross took the locket and closed it, flipping it to the back. On the back in cursive, “You’ve always been my forever and always will be. I love you. Your Ross.”

“Merry Christmas Peyton.” Ross smiled sheepishly, trying not the act like he was scared. He said he loved me for the first time in our whole lives. He gave me a locket. This was the best gift anyone could ever give me.

Turning around, I handed the locket to Ross and pulled my hair up. Ross placed the locket around my neck and latched it quickly. Turning around to him, I pulled him towards me and smirked at his taken a back face. Crashing my lips onto his, I felt him relax against me and wrap his arms around my waist and pull me closer to him. Placing my hand in his hairs, I tugged lightly, making him gasp. Taking the opportunity, I moved my tongue into his mouth, making us both let out a soft moan as his tongue began to dance with mine. Ross’s hand moved down to my butt and grasped it tightly, making me smile against his lips. The kiss was the most intense and passion filled kissed we had ever had. It was also the first time we had ever made out as well.

Pulling back slightly, both of our breathing was ragged. Ross’s lips were now red and slightly swollen, his face red from the cold and the heat of the kiss. “I love you too.” I whispered softly, as Ross grinned and kissed me yet again. This time longer, more intense than the first. Finally he pulled away from me and took my hand.

“Let’s go in.” Nodding at him, I followed him back over to the house and inside. Wandering into the living room I looked at the clock and noticed it was already four in the morning and we had been out there for two hours. I couldn’t stop smiling from the kiss and the feeling of his lips on mine. Alice and Luke were awake and sitting on the couch together, cuddled up and listening to music on her IPod.

Looking up at us, Alice’s cheeks turned red, as she scooted away from Luke. I knew my face was red, thinking about what we had just been doing. Ross was trying to act all cool like Luke, but they were both utterly failing. “What are you two up to?” Ross raised an eyebrow at them, making Alice turn even redder.

“What are you guys up too?” Luke asked back, his voice cracking slightly.

“Nothing.” Ross muttered as he looked over at me. Grinning, he took my hand and led me down the hallway to the sitting room. “Continue with whatever you were doing.” Ross chuckled as Alice groaned and fell backwards onto Luke’s lap. He smiled down at her, as she grinned up at him. “They’re clearly up to no good.” Ross whispered as we walked into the sitting room.

“Cause you’re clearly not up to anything.” Stifling a laugh, Ross raised an eyebrow at me and pulled me to him.
“I’ll be up to no good all day. As long as I’m doing it with you.” Ross kissed me lightly, making my cheeks burn red. “Come on. You need sleep.” Ross handed me my shorts and began to head out of the room. Grabbing his hand, I pulled him back towards me.

“Stay with me. Please?” I whispered, making him smile and nod. Pulling off my coat, I tossed it to the side, as well as my beanie.  Ross removed his coat and boots, placing them on the chair in the corner. Taking off his sweater, he laid down on the couch, causing me to roll my eyes and sit down to take off my boots as well. Getting them off, I set them next to his and then turned my back towards Ross and changed into my shorts. When I turned around, Ross was grinning at me. Feeling my face turn even redder, I climbed onto the couch next to his and cuddled up to his chest. “I love you Ross.” I whispered, kissing his lips lightly.

“You have no idea how happy you make me to hear you say that.” Ross looked down at me and smirked. “I was nervous about giving that to you. I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“Ross. I’ve been in love with you since I met you when we were five. How could you possibly think I felt otherwise? You’ve always been my forever.” Looking at my hands, Ross placed his hand under my chin and lifted it to where I was looking into his blue eyes. “Never leave me.”

“I promise.” Ross kissed me lightly, before rolling me over onto my side and pulling me to him to where we were spooning. “I love you pey pey.” Kissing my cheek, I felt his heart beat begin to slow, along with mine as we both began to drift to sleep.


The next morning, I woke up to people talking in the living room. Lifting my head slightly, I looked around, noticing Ross was nowhere to be found. Our shoes and clothes were also gone, which meant he had hurriedly took them upstairs before anyone else woke up. Standing up, I threw the blanket back onto the couch and grabbed onto my locket. Smiling to myself, remembering last night, I headed into the hallway and into the living room. Ryland, Tyler and Andy were sitting on the couch watching Rudolf, while Ross and Luke were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Mom, dad and Alice were all in the kitchen cooking what smelled like bacon and eggs. Ross looked over at me and grinned.

Smiling back at him, I wandered over to the kitchen table, smacking Ryland and Tyler on the back of the head on the way. They turned and stuck out their tongues at me, as I scrunched my nose at them and sat next to Ross. Bumping my knee against his, I placed my head on his shoulder. Bending down, he kissed my hair, before going back to eating.
“Hey sweetie. Sleep well?” Mom smiled over at me. Yawning, I let out a soft grunt and nodded my head in response. “Charming.” Mom chuckled softly. Her and dad were dressed in matching white t-shirts and jeans, while Alice was still wearing her shorts and t-shirt that she slept in. Ryland, Tyler, Luke and Andy were dressed in their t-shirts and gym shorts, while Ross was wearing his clothes from last night. “Want any breakfast?” Mom looked over at me, as I shook my head and placed it on the table, trying to ignore the tired feeling.

“Okay, since it’s already 6.” Dad started, as I picked up my head and glared at him.

“It’s only 6?” Laying my head tiredly on the table, Ross rubbed my back slightly.

“Yes. Of course. We always get up this early.” Dad eyed me suspiciously, before his phone suddenly began to go off. Looking at the screen, his eyes got huge and he instantly hushed all of us. Looking at one another, the guys turned the TV off and watched dad. “Hello, this is Thomas Henry… Yes… Really? You’re sure? We will be back on the 27th… Of course… We will be there… Sure will… 7 am… You got it… thank you sir.” Hanging up the phone, dad stared at us and then back at the phone.

“What is it?” Ryland spoke up first, as mom moved over to dad and rubbed his arm.

“We got the deal.” Dad grinned, as we all stopped in our tracks. “You guys got a record deal. We begin recording next week on Monday.” Dad announced, laughing as mom hugged him tightly.

We all began screaming and jumping up and down. Hugging each other and laughing at the fact that their dreams were finally becoming real. Ross hugged me tightly, laughing and grinning like mad. I was so proud of them all. They were accomplishing everything they wanted. “This is incredible.” Luke beamed as he suddenly reached over and kissed Alice lightly on the lips.

No one noticed what happened, besides me and Ross. Alice grinned, before she noticed Ross looking the two of them wide eyed, a smirk playing on his lips. I wandered over to Alice and wrapped her in a hug. “We need to talk miss.” I whispered in her ear as she nodded, her face turning slightly red.

Walking over to the stairs, I began to head up them to go and change. Leaving them all downstairs to celebrate. Once in the bedroom, I took off my sweater and walked over to my clothes. The door to the room opened and closed behind me. Jumping up, I covered myself quickly and turned around the see Ross standing at the door. He was grinning wildly, he eyes full of excitement, amusement, wonder and promise of the future. “Hey.” He whispered. His face turning slightly red, when he noticed I had no shirt on. I was holding up my sweater to cover myself up, but I felt completely exposed.

“Hi.” It came out in a squeak, causing Ross to grin even more. Walking over to me, he placed his hands on both sides of my face and crashed his lips onto mine. Losing myself in the kiss, I dropped my sweater out of my hands and wrapped my arms around Ross’s neck, intensifying the kiss. Pulling away, Ross glanced down at me and smirked. I felt my cheeks get hot as I tried to bend down and grab my sweater to cover myself back up. I mean I had a bra on, which is like a bikini, but being in your underwear seemed more personal for some reason.

“You’re gorgeous.” Ross kissed me lightly, before reaching into my bag and handing me my favorite light blue sweater. Holding it over my head, he motioned for me to lift my arms. Doing as he said, he slowly slipped my sweater over me and tugged it down. “That better?” He whispered, as I nodded. Walking over to his bunk, Ross fell backwards onto to it and laid there staring at the bunk above his. Slipping out of my shorts, I pulled on a pair of white skinny jeans and crawled onto his bunk with him. Looking over at me, he smiled. “I can’t believe this is all happening now. Everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s all coming true.” Ross kissed my forehead and pulled me to him. “Our new adventure begins.”

“Promise me something.” Ross looked down at me and nodded, cocking his head to the side. A confused look spreading across his face. “Promise me, that no matter how famous you become, you won’t let it change you. That you’ll always be you.” I was beginning to think the worst of this situation, when I knew I shouldn’t be. Something inside me though, made me want him to promise me this. To reassure me I wouldn’t lose my best friend.

“I promise Peyton.” Ross chuckled softly. Nodding, I laid my head on his chest and cuddled up to him as he wrapped his arms around me.

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