Stay with Me...

Ross and Peyton have known each other since they were five years old. They were everything to each other. That is until life catches up with them and things take them for a rollercoaster ride. They wind up going through trials of loss. Love. Heart Break. Broken Promises.....

Read more to find out about their lives....

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4. Age 14

~~Age 14
It was around midnight and Ross and Ryland and I were sitting in the basement working on a song for their upcoming audition for a record label. I was sitting on the couch, while Ross sat on the floor in front of me playing the guitar. Ryland was sitting at the piano tapping the pencil repeatedly that was in his hand.

While living in California the past two years, the guys had met a guy who was an awesome dancer, guitarist, singer and drummer as well. He and Ryland and Alice became instant best friends with him being the same age as Alice. They ended up asking Luke to become their fifth member and drummer of their group. He agreed and had recently moved in with us, staying with Ryland in his room. We all noticed him having a thing for Alice as well, which she seems to be completely oblivious to.

Ross played a few chords, singing a few lyrics of their song, making me smile. I loved listening to Ross sing. Having separate bedrooms had done nothing to us. Every night we usually end up falling asleep in either his room or mine, watching movies, playing music, or just talking. Most nights, I fell asleep to the sound of his voice and the guitar.

“What about for the next verse, we start with this?” Ross played a few chords, making Ryland nod. “We could start the lyrics with something like… “Living in the sun all day. Music playing every way. Nothing last forever but at least we have the summer?”

“I don’t know…” Ryland sighed and then let out a loud yawn. “You know what? I think I’m going to go to sleep and we can all regroup tomorrow.” Ryland stood up and fixed his gym shorts and pated Ross on the head. Leaning over he gave me a quick hug and headed up the stairs and disappeared from sight.

“We really need to finish this song.” Ross mumbled, making me laugh softly.

Leaning over, I placed my arms around Ross’s neck and put my head on his shoulder. “Come on. You can write more tomorrow. Your brain is fried and you know it. It’s been a long day.” We had filmed another little music video earlier in the day and then Ross and I had dance class, as well as practice for three straight hours. I was exhausted to say the least.

Letting out a small sigh, Ross nodded and looked up at me. Pecking my cheek, I sat up and he moved to put his guitar on the stand. “Come on.” Leading the way up the stairs, we headed through the dark house and up to the third floor where our rooms were.

Ross, Ryland, Alice and I had our rooms on the third floor, while Tyler and Andy were on the second floor. On the second floor there was also the game room, dance studio and their dad’s office. The first floor had the typical kitchen, living room, dining room and then the basement had the music room and a studio like area where they recorded and practiced, then also had a small hang out room with a few plush couches and a huge theatre screen TV. Outside had the deck and then the pool that had a water slide and waterfall as well as a hot tub. Then the rest of the back yard was all grass and trees to hang out on and play soccer or football. The house was also three houses down from the beach, which was our favorite part.

Once we got to our rooms, Ross gave me a quick hug and then headed into his room, while I went into mine. Closing the door, I stripped out of my shorts and t-shirt and pulled on a pair of black soffee shorts and a tank top, taking my hair out of its ponytail. Going into my bathroom, I quickly washed my face and did my business, before walking back into my room and climbing into my bed.

I loved my room. The walls were all a light blue color, except the one my bed was against, which was a pale yellow color that Ross picked out. All of my furniture was now white, since I had to get new ones. My walls were covered in pictures of the family and my dad and I. Most though were of Ross, or Ross and I together. I had two large windows that basically went from the floor to the ceiling on two walls and had yellow thin curtains covering them. It was grown up and mature looking, which I loved.

Lying down, I suddenly heard a soft knock on my door and looked over to see Ross poking his head in. “Hey.” Opening the door a little more too where the light shown in, he looked at me and smiled. “Mind if I join you?”

Shaking my head, he closed the door and wandered over to my bed and climbed under the covers next to me. He was only wearing a pair of gym shorts now, having changed out of his jeans and t-shirt. “Hi.” I smiled as he rolled over to face me.

“Hey.” Letting out a soft chuckle, Ross reached over for my hand and grabbed onto it. “Can I ask you something?” Ross looked at me hopeful like.

“Of course.” Squeezing his hand tightly, the look on his face went from excitement to complete nervousness. “What’s wrong?” Shaking his head, Ross sat up and leaned over, placing his head in his hands. “Ross?” Sitting up, I moved over and placed my arm through his and put my head on his shoulder.

“I… where? How?” Ross started muttering softly, before groaning and running his fingers through his hair.

“Ross, what is wrong? You’re acting weird. You’ve been acting odd all day. Talk to me, please?” Squeezing Ross’s arm, I placed my mouth against his arm and lightly kissed it.

“I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking.” Ross whispered, glancing over at me.

“What about?”

“Us.” Ross shook his head, glancing over at me. “Do you ever think we could be more than just best friends?”
“Ross.” Letting go of his arm slightly, I looked at him nervously. Excitedly.

“I’m sorry. It was a stupid question.” Shaking his head, Ross moved away slightly. “I’m going to go.” Standing up, Ross began to head towards the door. Grabbing onto his hand, I pulled him back to the bed and stood up on my knees.

“Ross. That was not a stupid question.” Placing my arms around his neck, Ross smirked slightly and put his hands on my waist.

“Why is it not? You’re my best friend. We have basically lived together since we were 5.” Ross sighed.

Lifting his chin slightly, I looked into Ross’s gorgeous blue eyes and smiled. “Those may be very valuable points, but I want to know something…” Ross nodded profusely. “How do you personally feel about me Ross? I mean if we weren’t best friends and didn’t live together?”

“Well, I could show you better than I could tell you.” Ross whispered seductively, heat creeping up both of our faces. Leaning in, Ross looked into my eyes, his lips inches from mine. “Can I kiss you Peyton?” Ross asked. Before I got a chance to answer him, he moved in closer and instantly, his lips met mine. Pulling me in closer to him, he pressed his lips even harder to mine and held me tightly. Our lips moving in sync.  Pulling back, Ross pressed his forehead to mine and smiled. “That was a heck of a first kiss.”

Giggling slightly, I nodded and pecked his nose softly. “What do we do now?” Pulling back, Ross’s face dropped. The knowledge of us being best friends and living in the same house coming back to the both of us.

“I don’t know.” Shaking his head. “Do you think we could pull off being a secret?” Ross let go of my waist and sat down on the bed beside me.

“I think we could. I mean we do technically act like a couple anyways. Except for the kissing part.” Looking at Ross, he was looking at his lap smiling.

“We have always had an odd relationship, haven’t we?” Looking up at me. I nodded and Ross’s smile grew bigger. “Not that I’m complaining. It’s just always been natural with you for some reason.”

“I know what you mean.” Sitting down, I placed my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arm through his. “I don’t ever want to lose you Ross.” I whispered softly as Ross kissed my head.

“You could never lose me. Especially not now.” Chuckling to himself. I grinned and reached up to peck his lips. “God, I have wanted to kiss you for years.” Ross looked down at me, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

“Why haven’t you?”

“I didn’t think you liked me the way I liked you. I was scared. I mean, you’re my best friend. I didn’t want to risk our friendship.” Shrugging, Ross smiled down at me. “I was going to tell you I liked you four years ago though. The night we found out about your dad.”

The memory of that night began to flood back to me. “I’m sorry.” Shaking my head, tears began to pool into my eyes.

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault.” Hugging me tightly, Ross fell back on the bed and pulled me to where my head was lying on his chest. “So, I guess we are a secret now.”

“I guess so. For now at least.” Placing my chin on his chest to where I was looking at him, Ross glanced down at me and smiled. “We should really go to bed.”

Nodding, Ross sat up and let me maneuver myself under the covers. Following my lead, he crawled underneath with me and laid down, pulling me to him. Leaning down, he kissed me lightly on the lips and hugged me tightly to him. “Goodnight Peyton.”

“Sweet dreams Ross.”

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