Stay with Me...

Ross and Peyton have known each other since they were five years old. They were everything to each other. That is until life catches up with them and things take them for a rollercoaster ride. They wind up going through trials of loss. Love. Heart Break. Broken Promises.....

Read more to find out about their lives....

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By the way.... if you read the first version I began to post of this, I am sorry for deleting it. I really liked this one much better...


3. Age 12

~~Age 12

Everything after that, was settled and the Henry’s became my official guardians. I missed my dad terribly every day, but being with them made it that much easier to handle. Ross and I had begun to grow closer and closer and I knew I had feelings for him. Never once did I say anything of course, but Alice would constantly tease me about it when he wasn’t around. I told her in confidence and she loved picking with me about it.

They had begun to play their music more and more and Ross became their little bands lead singer and guitarist. Ryland played the bass, while Alice played piano and Tyler guitar as well. They wanted Andy to do the drums, but he loved working on filming their silly music videos they would post on you-tube and doing the back stage things. I loved playing and writing with them and dancing more than being in the band. Ryland and Ross were really good at writing the music and such so they worked on it the most.

Sitting on the couch, I had my knees pulled up underneath me, while Ross laid on the couch with his head in my lap playing the guitar. We were goofing around, while Ryland and Tyler were playing Halo against Alice and Andy.

“Guys can we talk?” Looking behind us, we saw Katie and Thomas looking at us all nervously. Looking at one another, we nodded and they sat next to Alice and Andy on the floor. “Well, you know that promotion for work that I was hoping to get?”

“Yeah?” Ryland sat up, as did Ross. Ross scooted over to me and placed his arm around my legs, placing his chin on my knees.

“Well, I got it.” Thomas beamed happily as we all got excited for him, “But here’s the thing.” Instantly, we all got quiet and looked at him nervously. “The job would transfer us to L.A. Which is in California. I wasn’t going to say yes, but I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to move into a bigger home. Have a new adventure and maybe start to get you guys noticed as true musicians.” Thomas looked nervously at us all, as we contemplated it. “So?”

“When would we leave?” Alice asked softly, looking at the guys.

“Next week.”

“Let’s do it.” Ryland, stood up and placed his hand out. “Who’s in?” We all looked at each other, as Alice slowly got up and put her hand on Ryland’s. Tyler followed suit as Andy did the same. Ross looked over at me, as I shrugged and stood up, placing my hand on theirs. Ross grinned and did the same, making Thomas start to tear up. Katie came over and hugged us all tightly. “Let’s do this thing.” Ryland fist pumped the air, making us all laugh.


The night before we supposed to move, Ross and I were laying on the floor in our room. We were curled up in our separate sleeping bags, all our furniture already having been sent to the new house the day before. We were going to be taking the smaller things in a U-Haul with us as we drove to California.

“Hey Peyton?” Ross rolled over and placed his head in his hand that he had propped up by his elbow.

“Hmm…” Looking over at him, I couldn’t help but think how cute he looked when he was sleepy. His hair was a mess and he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt. The moon was coming into the room perfectly to illuminate the two of us.

“What do you think it will be like in California?” Nervousness and anxiety flashed across his face.

“I don’t know. I’m sure it will be fun. I just hate that this is our last night sharing a room.” Closing my eyes at the thought of not sharing a room with Ross, I felt lost. We had basically shared a room since we were 5, but his parents finally decided to get a house for everyone to have their own room. Ross and I made sure that we had a room right next to each other though.

Ross suddenly unzipped his sleeping bag and crawled over to mine, unzipping it and climbing into it with me. Reaching for my hand and entwining our fingers as he laid down facing me. “Just because we will have separate rooms doesn’t mean we have to sleep apart from each other, or spend less time with another.” Ross whispered as I nodded.

“I’m just scared things will change in California. I don’t want to lose my best friend.” I felt a tear slide down my nose as Ross wiped it away.

“That will never happen.” Ross shook his head. “You are stuck with me. Always.”

Smiling, I sat up slightly and kissed his cheek. “I better be.” Chuckling, Ross moved closer to me and wrapped his arm around my waist to where I was hugging him. “Goodnight Ross.”

“Goodnight Peyton.” Loosening his grip, he moved me to where we were spooning and pulled me tightly to him.


“Goodnight.” Closing my eyes, I smiled to myself and let myself drift into a peaceful sleep.


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