saved me

My name is Matthilda Joan but,I say my name is Mattie. You see, I have no friends and my mom doesn't care about me,my dad left before I was born and Ma says it's my fault. I believe her. I'm bullied in school and have been since I was 9. They say I'm fat and I believe them. I became bulimic. They always say I am worth nothing to anyone and to kill myself. I try.I self harm and I tried to drown myself. Somebody saved me. Who? Wish I Knew.
Now that was when I was ten but,now I'm 15.
The only one who keeps me from doing it again is Demi lovato,My inspiration to keep going.


6. Welcome to hell.

I have to walk to school. I do every morning.when I finally get there I sit next to Scarlett because it's the only seat left.

Scarlett:hey,emo slut!

I ignore her. I mean what am I supposed to do?

Scarlett: don't ignore me,bitch!

She gets up and slaps me as if I'm not already hurt. She sits straight down though because Mr.Antonio walked in

​Mr:goodmorning class

class :good morning Mr.A

Then he starts talking about the civil war. Why do we learn about the same things every year?

After class Scarlett and mini Scarlett corner me next to the back .

They beat the shirt out of me. Now I have so many bruises That I can't count that high and my other eye is blackened.

This is still a good day. I still run out of school though. I get my pajamas and my blade and head for a shower.

After my shower I'll just listen to Queen D. until bed.

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