saved me

My name is Matthilda Joan but,I say my name is Mattie. You see, I have no friends and my mom doesn't care about me,my dad left before I was born and Ma says it's my fault. I believe her. I'm bullied in school and have been since I was 9. They say I'm fat and I believe them. I became bulimic. They always say I am worth nothing to anyone and to kill myself. I try.I self harm and I tried to drown myself. Somebody saved me. Who? Wish I Knew.
Now that was when I was ten but,now I'm 15.
The only one who keeps me from doing it again is Demi lovato,My inspiration to keep going.


10. Can't believe this happened to ME!

 Nobody is home today. Shocking! Should have known that this morning. I could have saved my breathe telling 'ma' I was going out.

of course she isn't here you worthless bitch!

Not now. Just now gave you what you want. Just finished cleaning . Surprisingly they shut up.

I go turn on my radio and turn it up almost all the way. Who the fucking cares if anybody complains?! 'Heart attack' by Demi Lovato is on!! But then it's over.

The radio person comes on. "Do you want to see Demi Lovato in concert and a meet in greet? Well you can! Just be one of the first ten people to text ' warrior' to the station with your name" 

I instantly grab my phone  and text; Warrior, Maddie Joan.

The person comes on again. "Congratulations to our last texture. Mattie Joan, if your still on, Your meeting Demi Lovato!"

And he goes on to congratulate the other nine people. I'm goingto see THE Demi Lovato AND meet her. Fuck yeah!

I go and jump on my bed as 'really don't care' comes on. I don't give a flying fuck if it IS childish!




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