The Caress of Delphi

It's a repost. Hopefully, i'll add some more to it


3. Act I, Scene 1







Scene 1.




In retrospect. To be shown in black and white.


In the middle of a street in London. There are ambulances and police cars parked on the pavement. Their lights are still flashing.


By-standers are whispering in wonder. There are a selected few WITNESSES, who are all quite shaken, being questioned by an OFFICER, whilst bodies covered in white sheets are being carried away on stretchers into ambulances. There is a prominent building in the background, which appears to be sealed off at all entrances and exits.




OFFICER [holding a notebook and pen, writing as the witnesses speak]: So you are sure that you never saw the murderer? You just heard him or her?


WITNESS 1: Yes, sir.


WITNESS 2 [raises hand]: I think I saw her.


OFFICER: ‘Her’, you say? [jots down in notepad] Can you tell me what she looked like?




WITNESS 2: Well, um… [Hesitation] she had a dirty white dress on.


OFFICER: Dirty, how? With blood? Soil? Anything other than that?


WITNESS 2: With soil, sir. I didn’t see any blood on her dress. Her dress was plain. It had no sleeves. It fell around her knees… She had no shoes on, I think. And she couldn’t have been very old. Not past twenty, I don’t think.


OFFICER [having finished writing all this]: Well, that’s all well and good, but what did she look like? [Notices WITNESS 2 hesitates] Her face, her face!


WITNESS 2: She… she had no face, sir.




END OF Scene 1.

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