Under the fragments of lights

This is a kingdom hearts fan fiction, probably mixed with the world ends with you, it's going to have one of my made up or oc, Rita, with other characters as well. (right-a is how I pronounce it, the I says itself.) this is my first fan fiction, so enjoy.


1. What Darkness is

Xemnas sat proudly in his chair, he looked around and once he confirmed that all of the members were there he started to talk; "Members I summoned you all due to the crisis with out low dusk, so since the dusk did most of our recon and spying we are going to need someone else to fill there job until we figure out why the dusk are suddenly disappearing, the members who will be doing recon is listed on the door or on Saix's list, Thank you for your cooperation." Xemnas left as soon as he finished with that statement, so did the others. At the same time A raven haired boy walked aside a old man with a little beard, not saying a word just walking at an okay paste. They arrived at jail, the guard at the door was soundly asleep so they just walked right in, the walked up to a jail cell holding a man with pink hair and dark black eyes, he didn't look up he looked down at the ground with a grin on his face. "So, have you thought about it?" The raven haired boy said to the man while holding out a single card. "I would love to join you." The man said while watching the raven haired boy slide the card down the slot and open his jail cell. "Seems like you have a plan, Candi." A teen next door said looking at the odd little group. "Whatever it is, count me out." He added while laying on his limp, that they called a bed. Ignore his remark Candi left with the two other odd people.

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