My Brothers Band Member

16 year old Kaylee Hood, Lives in Sydney Austria with her mom, and brother Calum. She never comes out of her room, she new her brother was in a band, but she never bothered meeting them. Will she hate them, or end up falling in love with one of them?


7. Chapter 7

Kaylee's POV

I woke up in a hospital, I saw my mom next to me. "Mom?" I whispered. She looked at me "Oh my god Kaylee, never scare me like that ever again." "I'm sorry mom. I thought you weren't coming home for awhile" "I had to make sure my number one person was okay" I smiled, and chuckled. "Kaylee, I'm gonna go home, I'll be back in 2 hours. "Okay love you" "Love you too"

I was on my phone playing a game when the door opened. It was Luke. His eyes were puffy, and had tears in them, he ran to me and hugged me. "Kaylee I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I love you" "Y-you love me" he nodded. "I love you too Luke" He kissed me then laid down on the bed with me. "Where's the guys" "Getting food" "Oh" "Luke, I'm sorry" "Hey, don't be, I'm sorry" I smiled and nodded.

We were talking and laughing, and kissing here and there. When the guys  tackled me with hugs. "Kaylee you scared us" Calum said "I know I'm sorry" "It's fine" Ashton said. We were on my bed watching T.v when the doctor said they had to leave, Luke asked if he could stay, and they said sure. Luke tilted my head up, and started kissing me.

It started to get heated. "Luke were in a hospital" "So we'll be quiet" he said and smirked. "No Luke, you pig" I said jokingly. "I love you Kaylee" "I love you more Luke" We both fell asleep soon after. 



sorry this was a short chapter, I got really tired, and didn't know what else to write in this chapter.~Sofia Hood 


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