My Brothers Band Member

16 year old Kaylee Hood, Lives in Sydney Austria with her mom, and brother Calum. She never comes out of her room, she new her brother was in a band, but she never bothered meeting them. Will she hate them, or end up falling in love with one of them?


4. Chapter 4

Calum's POV

I saw that Luke, and Kaylee were asleep on the couch, cuddling. I don't mind if they date. I was looking at them when I saw fresh cuts on Kaylee's arm. Fuck. "Micheal, Ashton come with me" "Okay." We walked up to Kaylee's bath room. "What are we doing here" "We're looking for he blade" I said looking under her sink. "Why all the sudden" Ashton asked. "I saw fresh cuts"

"When do you think she did it" They both asked. "Today, probably over Jenna" "She's a bitch" "I know." 20 minutes later I still couldn't find them. "Where are they" "we've been looking for 20 minutes, maybe she threw them away" "Probably, lets go to bed, guys"


Luke's POV 

I looked at the clock, and it was 4 in the morning. I smiled when I saw Kaylee, but it turned into a frown. I saw new cuts. "Kaylee" I said shaking her. "Yes" she said sitting up. I had tears forming in my eyes,  because the girl I like, I made her cut. "Luke what's wrong" she said hugging me. "Y-y-you cute because of m-m-me." "Luke i-" I cut her off "I made the girl I like cut" "Stop Luke you didn't do it, it was Jenna"

"oh, sorry for waking you up" "It's fine, can you carry me up to my room lukey please" "Sure" I said while chuckling. I carried her up to her room, and covered her up. I began walking away. "Hey, where are you going" "I'm going to bed" "Yeah, with me" "You want me to sleep with you" "Of course Luke" I smiled, and took my shirt off, so I was only in my sweatpants, I always sleep only my sweatpants.

I got under the covers. She put her head on my chest. "Goodnight Luke" "Goodnight beautiful." 

Kaylee's POV 

I woke up and saw that Luke wasn't in his shirt. I couldn't help but stare, but I stopped myself. I'm starting to have feelings for Luke. My feelings got stronger for him since last night. I need to talk to Calum. I ran into Calum's room, and jumped on his bed "Calum I need your help" "go away" "Please Cal" "What do you need help with" "I like Luke" He sat up really fast.

"You like Luke" "Yes, I really like him, he's so caring, and nice, Calum I really wanna tell him, how do I tell him." "You already did" I looked behinde me, and there he was. Luke. "I'll leave you two alone" Calum said while walking away. "Luke, I really like you, like really like you, you the first boy iv'e ever liked this much and it's fine if y-" Luke cut me off by crashing his lips against mine.

We pulled away. "I really like you too Kaylee"

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