My Brothers Band Member

16 year old Kaylee Hood, Lives in Sydney Austria with her mom, and brother Calum. She never comes out of her room, she new her brother was in a band, but she never bothered meeting them. Will she hate them, or end up falling in love with one of them?


3. Chapter 3

Luke's POV

I ran in the house to see Kaylee hugging Calum and crying. She saw me, and ran to her room, you could hear her door slam shut. "What the fuck did you do to Kaylee"Michael said. "Why did you hurt my little sister" Calum said. "We were walking, and Jenna the mean girl, came over to me and kissed me and said "Luke why are you hanging out with this ugly bitch, and  she ran off crying, guys I didn't meant to make her cry, I-I-I-I really like her" 

"Do I talk to her" I asked "Yeah" I was walking upstairs.  When I heard her crying, It broke my heart. I knocked on her door. "W-w-who is i-i-it" She couldn't even talk. "Luke" "Oh, do you have Jenna with you, so you guys can have a make out session in front of me, and call me names, if so just go" "Kaylee it's just me, let me in" She opened her door and her mascara was smudged all over her face. When she saw me,she fell to the ground, and started crying.

I sat on the ground with her. "Kaylee, Jenna is my ex girlfriend, We broke up last month, she can't get that through her head that we broke up" "Kaylee I don't like her, I like you" She sat up and looked up at me. She smiled and gave me a hug. "I'm sorry Lukey" "It's okay beautiful"  I flipped her over, so now she was on the bottom, we smiled, and I looked at her lips. I started to lean in until she said "Let's go get pizza" "Buy Kaylee I rather do this" "Come on Lukey" I smiled "Fine" I helped her up.

"Luke" Calum yelled from downstairs. "What" "Jenna's here" looked at Kaylee, and she just looked away. "Tell her to leave" We heard  them all laughing "We're just joking, she's not here" "Fuck you Calum" "Let's go order pizza and watch a movie with the guys" "Okay, just let me change" "Do I have to leave" "Yes Luke you do" "Ugh , I'll be in the hallway.

Kaylee's POV

I put on short shorts that were pajamas, I thought they were to short, but I was to lazy to change them. I then put on my green day hoodie. I I walked out of my room, and Luke's eyes got big "Like what ya see" "Maybe" "aww did I make Lukey blush" "haha come on loser" Luke said while holding my wrist. "Were gonna order pizza,  and watch a movie tonight" Luke said "Lets watch a scary movie" Calum said while smirking at me.

He knows I hate scary movies that's why he suggested it."Yeah" Luke said. 10 minutes later the pizza came."Pizza's here" Calum came back with the pizza. We were watching this really scary movie when I jumped at on part and I jumped on Luke. The guys didn't see. "Sorry" I whispered. "It's fine babe" When he called me babe it sent shivers up my spine. I decided to stay there. I felt safe, in Luke's arms.     

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