My Brothers Band Member

16 year old Kaylee Hood, Lives in Sydney Austria with her mom, and brother Calum. She never comes out of her room, she new her brother was in a band, but she never bothered meeting them. Will she hate them, or end up falling in love with one of them?


2. Chapter 2

Kaylee's POV

I woke up still with the towel wrapped around my wrist. Luke must of changed my sheets. I'm pretty embarrassed that I had to meet the guys like that. I went on my phone, yesterday I posted a picture of me, and everyone was being mean calling me whore,ugly,so many more names. But one comment caught my eye  Guys leave her alone she's beautiful. It was from Luke. I couldn't help but smile. It was 8 which mean't my mom will be leaving soon.

My mom doesn't know what happen, because Calum didn't tell her. I heard a knock on my door. "Come in" it was my mom. "Hey honey, my flight leaves in a hour, I'm gonna leave." "Okay mom, be safe" "I will be." I couldn't stop reading his comment. I was smiling, my smile was big. "What are you smiling about" Calum asked while walking into my room. "Nothing" "Let me see your phone" "No Cal." Calum took me phone, and was reading the comments

"Ummm, Kaylee, these are all mean comments" "I know" I said with a frown. "But look at the last comment" I said with a smile. "Luke, Luke said this" "Yeah why?" "Well  last night Luke said he met this girl, and he said he met her at a awkward time but he's glad he finally met her, I think he was talking about you." Me, as in Kaylee Hood, the depressed loser. "Are you sure he's talking about me" "I think he likes you"

When Calum left, I decided to get dressed. I put on my black jeans, a black Nirvana shirt, with a flannel. I put my beanie on, and black vans. "Calum!" I yelled from my room. "What" "I'm gonna go to the park" "okay be careful" "Okay." As I was walking I got a text from Luke

Luke: Hello

Kaylee: Hi Luke

Luke: Did you see what I  commented on your picture?

Kaylee: Yes I did. Thank you so much, that mean't a lot to me

Luke: Your welcome, but its true, you are very  beautiful;)


Luke: So what are you doing

Kaylee: Nothing much, just walking to the park.

Luke: Sweet, i'll be there in 10:)

I was so happy Luke was coming to the park. I sat on the swings and listened to music until Luke came.   

Luke's POV

I saw Kaylee siting on the swing. She looked so pretty "Hey gorgeous" she chuckled, and laughed. "Hey Lukey" "Lukey?" "yup" "Lets go for a walk" "okay." We were walking and I saw the girl who was bullying her on  Instagram. "Oh hey Luke I haven't seen you in a while" She kissed me. I could see that Kaylee looked hurt. "Luke why are you hanging out with this ugly bitch"

Kaylee's POV

She kissed him, my heart was broken. "Luke why are you hanging out with this ugly bitch" I ran away crying. I ran into the house  to see Calum, Ashton, and Micheal. Calum ran to me and hugged me. "Kaylee whats wrong" Ashton asked. I could only nod my head. I saw Luke run inside. I ran to my room, and locked the door.

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