My Brothers Band Member

16 year old Kaylee Hood, Lives in Sydney Austria with her mom, and brother Calum. She never comes out of her room, she new her brother was in a band, but she never bothered meeting them. Will she hate them, or end up falling in love with one of them?


1. Chapter 1

Kaylee's POV 

"Come on please Kaylee, I want you to meet my friends" "No Calum I don't want to" "Why" "Because all of your friends end up being jackasses to me, and i'm sure they are fucking jackasses!" "Kaylee there downstairs, they can hear you!" "Good!" "Go Calum, i'm done arguing with you." "I'm sorry Kaylee, I just really want you to meet them" "I know, now please go" "Okay"

Hi my name is Kaylee Hood I live in Sydney Australia, with my brother Calum, and my mom. Last year my best friend Breanna died in a house fire. I'm bullied a lot. I'm just a normal depressed teen. I'm glad it's summer time, because that means no school, and no getting bullied 'in person' I'm bullied on the internet. My brother is in this band named 5 seconds of summer, I've never met them, and I plan on not ever meting them.

I was listening to 21 guns by Green Day, and staring at the ceiling, when my mom came in my room. "Hey" she said "hi mum" "So I have to go to Florida for a business trip" "How long will you be gone for" I said annoyed. "3 weeks" "Please tell me Calum's friend won't be here" "They will be" "Mom, i'm gonna be here with 4 guys!" "I know i'm sorry sweetheart, I asked if you could come, but my boss said no" "it's fine mom" "You should really go talk to him, they're a bunch of sweethearts."I'll pass, but thanks" I said while chuckling "I leave tomorrow so I gotta go get packed" "okay"

It was around 8 and I was getting really hungry. I heard the guys downstairs in the basement, so I went to the kitchen and got and apple, as I was going up stairs  I heard footsteps. Oh shit. "Kaylee" "What Calum" "Come meet the guys" "no thanks" He grabbed my arm and was about to force me to meet them until someone said "Calum let her go if she doesn't want to meet us" I didn't know who said it because I was facing the other way. "Really Luke" Calum said.

I went upstairs, went on YouTube and searched 5 Seconds Of Summer Luke. "That's Luke" I whispered yelled. He looks hot. After watching basically all of their covers. They sing really good. I decided to go lay down and watch Netflix. I watched the first 2 seasons of Pretty Little Liars, it was 3. I was gonna turn the T.V off, but I was getting a lot of Instagram DM'S.

They were all hate, saying I should kill myself, it wasn't going to stop, I was crying. I can't take it anymore.


Calum's POV

"What does Kaylee even look like" Luke asked. "I'll show you a picture" I showed them a picture of when we were at the beach, it was Kaylee and I in our bathing suits. Their eyes got big. "Hey that's my sister!" "She's uhh, hot" Ashton said "Smoking" Micheal said. Luke, Luke just smiled, and stared at the picture. "Let's go talk to her." Luke said "okay." As we were walking into her room we could hear her crying.

"Kaylee" We turned on the light there was blood all over her white sheets. She cut her self. "K-K-Kaylee, oh my god" "Calum i'm okay, i'll be fine" "Kaylee, your not fine, your bleeding!!" I pulled her into a tight hug. Luke cam back with a towel. "Micheal, and Ashton, come with me with me to go get some more towels,"I said "Luke you stay her" "okay" Luke said while holding the towel to her wrist.


Luke's POV

Calum left the room. I saw that Kaylee had tears streaming down her cheeks. I took my thumb and wiped her tears away. "I'm sorry we had to meet like this" she said. I chuckled "it's fine, i'm glad I finally got to meet you" She smiled. "I wish I was never born" She mumbled to herself. I lifted her chin up."Don't say that" I said with sorrow. I felt bad for her. "I'm ugly, fat, worth less, and nobody cares about me"

"Your beyond beautiful, your skinny like damn girl eat a burger, and you have your mom, brother, me and the guys" "You know you don't have to pretend ans call be 'beautiful' I know i'm not" "You are I pinky promise." "Thanks" "We should text, give me your phone" I said.She gave me her phone. I put my number in her phone. "I'll text ya later." I said. After what felt like hours of talking she finally fell asleep. Calum and the guys went to bed an hour ago. I kissed her head "Goodnight beautiful" I whispered, then went to bed in Calum's room.

A/N Thanks for reading my book, I'll probably post more later or not I don't know XD.~Sofia Hood

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