Opposite Attracts

Liam Payne is a quiet and shy bad boy, now what happens when he meets the sassy and bitchy Nikita Smith? Well I guess it's opposite attracts we are talking about...

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2. Chapter 2


  Nikita's P.O.V

   "Dad whyyyyyy?" I whine and look up at the ugly car ceiling. My phone vibrated in my lap a couple of times indicating i received a text from Angie. 

   "Kiets please, this is really important, he will never improve his grades without your help." my dad tries to convince me. I groan and take my phone into my hands. Nothing important just Angie being well Angie. 

   "Dad I seriously don't understand why it has to be me. I mean Angelica is also good at history, don't you trust her?" I ask my dad y voice hopeful, I mean Angie will kill me if she ever gets to know what I'm doing with her "precious" free time right now. 

    "No Nikita, I already decided it has to be you." my dad stated finally looking at me with the corner of his eye. "Drop me off at Starbucks, I'll walk home." I say annoyed. My dad knew me better than this and decided not to say anything. I was angry at him, I didn't understand why I have to see the Payne guy every single day of my school year and talk to him about the same shit we spoke in class. 

    My dad dropped me off at Starbucks, where I by the way work after school. I entered the small coffee shop and as I did I heard the small bell above the door tingle. Jordan, the boy who works with me every sometime looked up and smiled. I smiled a small smile back without hesitating. 

   "Hey, everything all right?" He asked me curiously. I nod and sit down at the counter. "I think you need your uniform." Jordan remarks looking behind him were a small door was hiding from the eyes of the visitors. "I should shouldn't I?" I jock standing up and picking my apron. Yep all I did was wear an apron and a name tag. 

    "You'll get in trouble for that, once." Jordan points at the apron. I shrug. I never really cared what our boss would say about our uniform. Two customers left the shop leaving their table in total chaos. I huff in annoyance and go up to the table to clean it up. 

    When I come back from cleaning the table since some of our customers are total pigs and decide to put chocolate cream all over the table and dump tissue paper into their not finished coffee which is totally gross since we are forced to remove it out of the coffee and when you think the coffee has spit in it. Just yuck. 

     "I swear there is something wrong with you." Jordan says looking at me suspiciously. "What makes you think so?" I challenge him. Jordan smirks, "if you were in the right mood right now, you would have started screaming after the customers and made them clean up their table by themselves, you would have commented on my mismatched cloths and my "crappy hair"." He said doing air quotes around the word hair. "Ok I get your point." I say in surrender. 
    "My dad is making me tutor a weirdo from our grade." I say playing with my nails. "How is that bad?" Jordan furrows his eyebrows at me. "You wouldn't know since all you do is play dumb football and make out with Cassie." I tell him sarcastically.

    "How many times do I have to say that her name is Clarisse-" "And that she is a complete idiot, yeah yeah we know" I finish his sentence for him and smirk. "Seriously?" Jordan asks me and I smile like a two year old. 

    The bell of the coffee shop made a high pitched sound which indicated that there was someone coming. I turned around and saw the 5 guys from my school. God talk about the devil. 

    Ok I got it. Ear buds in and music up to the highest I can get it on. "Jordan, your customers are coming."  I tell him and pat him on the back. 

    Jordan laughs but nods his head in response as I slip on my headphones and turn on the full volume. Oh look this is Selena Gomez with Tell me Something I don't Know. I shake my head up and down to the beat of the catchy song as I see curly come up to Jordan and order something. I watch as Payne sits down next to Quiffy and in front of him sit Blondie and Stripey. I love my nicks for them.

   I mean who doesn't?

   Ok back to the point. I worked the rest of the day with my headphones on and music up up to the point when I had to leave. Of course I ow Jordan. "Thank you Jo Jo, I ow you!" I give him a very quick hug in a friendly way and leave the coffee shop quickly.

   At home I met my dad who was sitting at the sofa watching his History channel. I swear I hate that my dad is a History teacher. It sucks.

   "Dad I'm heading upstairs to do my homework and sleep." Yep pretty much that. I sat at my desk and looked through my history notes and did a math book of equations, read the rest of Shakespeare so I will be able to write my assessment tomorrow in class. Now call me a nerd I won't say anything bad to you. I am a nerd but I don't show my nerdy side at school. 

   At night I ate dinner with dad and watched PPL on Netflix from my Ipad and ended up lying dead on my bed and falling asleep right then and there.


Hellooooo! Ok so to make it clear. This will be a short chapters story which means it wont be long. Short chapters and not very regular updates. Sorry but I am currently working on my PJO fanfiction. PJO fans please check it out and maybe like? I know this chapter is crap but I will try to make it golden (The Vamps reference ;) ) next time. Anyway's love you guys;** 


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