Opposite Attracts

Liam Payne is a quiet and shy bad boy, now what happens when he meets the sassy and bitchy Nikita Smith? Well I guess it's opposite attracts we are talking about...

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1. Chapter 1


  Nikita's  P.O.V

  " They are coming, they are coming, they are coming!" my best friend Angie squealed into my ear and slammed my locker door as soon as it was opened. If my fingers were caught in that thing I would have killed her. 

    I roll my eyes and huff in annoyance. I don't know what is wrong with people fanning all over these 5 pricks. Ok let me rephrase that, 4 pricks and a weirdo. I mean the boys coming our way were cute but they were mean as well. 

   " Dibs on the curly one!" Angie whispers into my ear and points at the green eyed boy with unruly hair. That hair makes me wonder how he brushes it in the mornings.

   " Have it your way, I take weirdo." I say smirking. I mean it's not like I will ever get his attention. He is extremely quite and doesn't cause much trouble during school times and to say the truth he seems to care about his grades, although history isn't his favorite subject by the way my dad speaks about him. 

   " Who do you call weirdo?" she asks and furrows her eyebrows. I turn away from the boys and open my locker once again with the hope that my fingers will stay were they are. I look at my schedule for the day and start to look for the books I will have to use today. 

   " The one in the checkered shirt." I say poking my head out from my locker and looking at the boy who was walking right behind Curly. Angie rolls her eyes at me and gives me her special let me just give you a 10 000 word talk about the checkered "weirdo" and the curly haired freak, oh yeah let me just talk about the 5 boys all together. No I swear she starts to tell me 50 facts about weirdo which then becomes 50 facts about curly freak and this facts file ends with me knowing each one of the boys by their full names, birthdays, their cats names and who they fucked yesterday in the school's janitor closet. 

   " The boy you always call weirdo has a name." she states watching me with a smug look. " No shit Sherlock!" I retort back taking my math book and throwing it into my bag. " Shut up and listen," Angie tags at my hand and wines like a little child. "Ok ok I'm all ears." I say smiling and looking back into my locker. Listening to her mumble about the boys wasn't my favorite activity but I can stand through it from some time to time.

   " The boy who nearly always wears checkered shirts is Liam James Payne, he was born on the 29th of August 1993..." and so on it went from one boy to the other one. I can now tell all of their weird phobias and birth dates as well as how many sisters each one of them has (its not like I cared much about their family lives, but I couldn't say that to my friend). And since I learned so many facts about the 5 hottest guys in my grade I have no idea what the math teacher was talking about, wait was he even at school today?

   " What do you have next?" Angie asks me as we exit math class. It's been over a month and she still doesn't know her time table. Oh my god I sound like a nerd right now... 

   " History." I answer simply to her question and turn down the corridor which led to the humanities and business class department. I heard Angie hum in response and then stop in her tracks. " Whats up?" I asked and turned to look back at what was happening. Yeah nothing special just her checking her phone, that phone obsessed freak.

  " Coming just give me a sec." She screams and starts to type vigorously on her phone. " Catch up will you?" I ask her and continue to head to my class after I see her nod her response. 

  I was first to come to history, like I'm always first who comes to history. " Hello dad." I say and slump into my seat which was right next to the window. I throw my bag onto the desk next to me which was always taken by Angie. 

   " Hello Nikita, had a good day so far?" My dad asks me with his back turned to me writing something on the board. "I highly doubt that it could get any better after having Angelica rant about cute guys for an hour." i let out a breath and drop my head over the back of my chair and stare at the ceiling making weird noises. My dad who is also my history teacher chuckled at me and sat at his desk waiting for the class to fill in with students.

   " Ok guys, today I will have you choose a revolution and write an essay about it." My dad says excitedly. I swear he is such a nerd sometimes, I guess that's from where I get my awesome nerdy attitude sometimes.  The whole class groaned but before my dad had the time to stand up and make Curly or Quiffy give out the work sheet criteria the door opened and in walked wierdo? I swear I should pay more attention to Angie speaking about them next time...

    " Mr. Payne, why are you late?" my dad or else know as Mr. Smith asked weirdo, ok Payne guy. I wonder why his surname is Payne, is he like a Payne in the ass. Haha, no? Ok crap joke I know. 

   " Sorry Mr. Smith, I was caught up in the bathroom." He blushes and walks into the classroom to find a seat. " Yeah sure." I muter with a smirk under my breath. My dad's head snaps to me and he raises an eyebrow. " Do you have anything to say Nikita?" He asks me but I just shake my head and swing on my chair happily. I am not afraid of falling of my chair, I am...I am... Superwoman. Please don't tell me you didn't know that, everyone knows that.

   " Ok Mr. Payne last time, you should think about your history grades." my dad says and stands up to give out the papers. I didn't see Payne's facial expression but all I knew was that I will see his face every evening till he wouldn't do something good with his grades.



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