Book reviews

Hello everyone, i decided to do book reviews which i really inspire you to read because they are amazing and some are good for people with writers block as you can get so many ideas to help you in real life!!!


1. The manifesto on how to interesting

OMG!!!! my most favirote book honestly! It is about a young girl who0 is at school. At first she writed the most boring things.... but eventually she decides to make her life more interesting by becoming popular betraying her best friend. She has an affair (if you read it you can find out yourself who it was) and blogs what happens..

-didnt descibe that very well but oh well...-

Rating: 5 stars /5

Genre: Fiction- Romance, Humour, and Realism!

Enjoy reading (if you do)!!!!!!!!

it is epic

and i am tough rating stars.

bye xx

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