My Game

There is a man hiding in the shadows, watching people. Certain people. He showed himself to them and they reacted. The events fell like dominos. Now they think he's dead.

But he lives on. There is no escape.


1. Back in the Shadows

They were all so foolish, letting this happen. He knew that this was going to happen. So I came back at him with my game.

I hired two people who looked like them kidnap children. To make it more "Grimm", I gave them poisoned candy and they ate it like it was the last food source on Earth. Kids these days. Soon, the boy was poisoned and the two had found them. Luckily, the girl thought they were here to kidnap her again so she screamed. In a hospital. With authority nearby.

Hours later, they escaped because they were going to be arrested. They came to my "girlfriend" because of some of the articles she wrote about them. I was there, unfortunately, but I made up a lie. I was paid to be a villain and that I was an actor. The looks on their faces.

Now, one is dead and the other is depressed. Pity. They deserved it. But I had gunman on his friends and it would be either him or them. I couldn't have one for the brother. I want to make his friends suffer, not start a war too quickly. Yes, that is my plan, a war, but not yet.

I also didn't have another for the last friend, the girl. That is my regret. Because she is the reason why he is still alive, just in the shadows. Just like me. He must've thought I died by blowing out my brains but he is wrong.

I guess Sherlock doesn't know everything.

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