Attack on Titan x You (Requests Open)

Where You and You alone are in the story. Currently taking requests! Free for both Male and Female fans of AoT! Please note: I created this concept of "x You". You're welcome to use it but please make sure that you give me a shout out saying it was my idea. Thanks you! -Rose


3. Levi x Sick!Reader - Valentine's Sickness

It was Valentine’s Day, a special yearly tradition where people showed their loved ones how much they mean to them.  It was cherished by many, and was meant as a reminder that love can even be found in the most deepest and darkest places, and you had to admit – the world you currently lived in was a very dark place. With the Titans roaming around the outside walls, you knew that you’d never be truly safe. There was still hope, though. There was always hope… No matter how many lives were lost, no matter how many titans survived, humanity would still win. Well, at least that’s what you had chosen to believe when you joined the Survey Corps as a Cadet a few years ago with your brother, Eren. Your sibling always wanted to join the Corps and explore the outside world, and Mum dying fuelled that desire for him even more, and not wanting to leave him side, you joined too. That was how you found yourself standing before Commander Erwin amongst many Training Corps graduates, ready to offer up your heart to humanity.

The Survey Corps cancelled training today so that the soldiers could either visit their loved ones or spend time with one another for the day. And what were you doing on this fine day?

You were sick.

In bed.

Surrounded by a mountain of tissues.

That was how you were spending your Valentine’s – it completely sucked. Eren had offered to stay and look after you, but he’d been looking forward to going into town with Mikasa. It wasn’t like you had anything to do, anyway. Your Mum was dead, your Dad was missing, and you had no special someone to share your day with. All your friends had made plans, too. Krista invited you to hang out, but you had to decline due to your illness.

Sneezing into the tissue, you plonked back down onto the sheets, dropping it into the full trash can beside you. Then you heard a knock on the door.

“Oi, brat, you there?” an emotionless monotone voice asked from outside the door. Levi.

“C-captain?” you croaked, followed by a fit of coughing. Ouch, sore throats hurt. You couldn’t even speak properly.

The short raven haired man opened you door, looking down at you with disgust, “tch, you’re sick.”

You were so tempted to say really? I had no idea. Thanks, Mr Obvious but decided against it, knowing that no matter how sick you were, he still could kill you right here and now. Ever since you joined the Survey Corps, you had a slight crush on the steel-eyed Corporal, but as the years went by, it turned from a slight crush to admiration and then, even love. Sure, there was A LOT wrong with him. For one, he had anger management issues – that was obvious, especially since Hanji was always getting under his skin. Two, he was a clean freak. Okay so, maybe to some people that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it can get REALLY annoying if you spend hours cleaning and are ordered to do it all over again because of one tiny speck of dirt. Number three, he used to be a thug. Levi had a hard life, though. It wasn’t his fault. His mother dying, leaving him on his own. Having to grow up in the harsh Underground. Farlan, Isabel and him being forced by Erwin to join the Survey Corps, and then his two friends dying on the first expedition. How did you know this? He once opened up to you. Due to your Insomnia, you found it extremely difficult to sleep, and found yourself wandering to the roof of the headquarters one night. To your surprise, Levi was there, staring up into the starry sky.

“I sat here once, you know. With Farlan and Isabel. It was the night before our first expedition.”

“Farlan and Isabel?” you asked, taking a seat best him.

Levi sighed, “I grew up in the Underground, as a thug,” he smirked at your shocked expression, “didn’t expect that, did you, brat? Second in command of the Survey Corps being a thug. Well, it’s true.”

You looked at him in wonder. He stared up into the sky before continuing to speak.

“Anyway, Erwin caught me and my two friends and threatened to turn us over to the Military Police unless we joined the Survey Corps, so we did. On the night before the expedition, I begged Isabel and Farlan to stay here incase something happened, but they disagreed and convinced me that we’d get through it together. They died on the expedition, though, and it’s all my fault.”


“Tch, what?” he glared at you, but his gaze seemed softer than usual.

“Why… Are you telling me all this?”

He thought for a minute, “you can’t sleep either, can you? I figured you must’ve suffered in the past, too. Am I right?”

You nodded, “y-yeah…” and got up, starting to walk back inside.

“Hey (Name),” Levi called after you. You were shocked, seeing as he never called you by your name before.

“Yes Captain?” you turned around, looking at him with a questioning gaze.

He smiled at you, and your heart skipped a beat. Levi never smiled. Why now?

“If you still can’t sleep, come to my office. I have a spare cup of tea if you need it.”

You blushed, before a small smile found its way onto your lips, “okay. Goodnight, Sir.”

“Night, Brat,” Levi muttered as he heard your feet softly pad down the stairs.

After that, Levi and you seemed to get closer. Whenever you couldn’t sleep, he’d be there with an extra tea cup ready, as if he was expecting you. You told him about your life with your family in Shiganshina, and in return, he’d tell you about his thug life. Levi’s stories always entranced you, and you didn’t know why. His life was much more dangerous and full of excitement than yours, and you slowly began to understand why he was the way he was – from the way he shouted at Hanji to the way he cautiously held his tea. Even through the cold front he put on, you could tell that really, he was just lonely…

The short Corporal took out a mask and two gloves out of his pocket, slapping them on before putting the mask around his nose and mouth. He rolled up his sleeves and sat down beside you. “What? I can’t afford to catch a cold from you,” he stated, rolling his eyes.

You shook your head before meeting his greyish-blue gaze, “n-no, but why are you here, Captain?”

“Tch, someone has to make sure that you don’t make a shitty mess – and right now, there’s no one to do that but me,” he brushed your (hair colour) bangs to the side, resting the back of his palm on your forehead. It took all you had to not blush at the contact. He furrowed his brows and recoiled it, “how’d you get this sick, brat?”

“I… don’t know. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I get it bad.”


Levi got up, straightening the white covers that you had covering your body and gently lifted your head up, a hand supporting your back as he moved you into a sitting position, propping your pillow against the headboard before letting go. He got up, walking out the door with your mini trash can in his hands. You heard shuffling before he came back, holding the now-empty bin in one hand and medicine and the spoon in the other. Levi dropped the trash can beside your bed and sat down, opening the medicine bottle and pouring the disgusting substance onto the spoon. He lifted it to your mouth and when you just stared at it, he said, “oi, open up, brat.”

“I-I can do it myself, Captain!”


“C-captain Levi.”

“Idiot. Just call me Levi when we’re alone.”

“O-okay…” you sighed and gave in, opening your mouth slightly so that he could move the spoon inside it. Once you had finished, he took it out again, putting the medicine to the side. You gathered up your courage and asked, “w-why are you taking care of me, Levi?”

“I take care of all my soldiers.”

You giggled, “so you’d spoon feed Eren his medicine if he was sick?”

Levi sighed, before gently taking your hand and looking you in the eye, “can’t you see, (Name)? I love you. Before you came into my life, I thought that the world was a shitty cruel place that was out to get me. I can’t live without you, and I’m sorry about how sappy I sound. Tch, tell me you feel the same way.”

“Levi, I do,” you smiled at him, a faint blush evident on your cheeks.

Levi pulled his mask off his face, and you could see a handsome and genuine smile planted on it, gaze filled with nothing but love.

He gently pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead, “Happy Valentine’s Day, brat. I love you.”

You giggled, “I love you too, Levi.”

Gently wrapping your arms around his waist, you smiled in contentment. Yes, you may have been sick, but really, it was the best Valentine’s Day ever. And that was because you felt safe with Levi’s arms wrapped safely around you.

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