Attack on Titan x You (Requests Open)

Where You and You alone are in the story. Currently taking requests! Free for both Male and Female fans of AoT! Please note: I created this concept of "x You". You're welcome to use it but please make sure that you give me a shout out saying it was my idea. Thanks you! -Rose


1. How it works.

If you've pressed this Movella, I'm guessing that means you're an Attack on Titan fan; whether you're in the Military Police or the Recon Corps. Okay, have you heard of x Readers before? They're basically reader inserts where the reader is part of the story. I've made up a new type of Fanfiction called "_____ x You". Yep, it's basically where you and only you are part of the story.

So say for example your name is Yui...

x Reader:

"(Name)!!" How are you?!"

x You

"Yui!! How are you?!"


See the difference? Doesn't the second one feel more like you're in it? I have no problem with you guys doing x Yous yourself but please make sure to say it was my idea! Thanks! Please note: We do not do Yaoi fanfics. Both Males and Females are allowed to comment a request.


All you need to do is fill this out in the comments and Mandy-senpai and I will make a special One-shot just for you!! These details will be mentioned in the story:


Last Name:


Hair Colour and Length:

Eye colour:


Character that you will be paired with in your one-shot:

Idea for the story if you have a certain one you would like:

What person? First, second or third? E.g.

First Person:

He gave me a look that made me blush.

Second Person:

He gave you a look that made you blush.

Third Person:

He gave (this is where your name would be inserted) a look that made her/him blush.

The girl/guy's POV (please specify who if more than one. e.g. the brother/sister, one of the people fighting over you, the best friend):

I gave (this is where your name will be inserted) a look that made her blush)

My POV *cough* I mean Carmen's POV:

I watched with curiousness as (guy/girl) shot (this is where your name will be inserted) a look that made him/her blush. Then I whispered to Eren, "I ship them".

Past or Present Tense:

Would you like it in a song fic sort of mode (read Safe & Sound to see how I relate to the songs)? If so, what song?:


I don't mind it being two guys/girls either, fighting over you. For example, it could be:

Armin x You x BigBro!Jean   (basically meaning Jean would be your big brother in the story if you didn't get that)

Connie x You x Eren (The two guys fighting over you)

OlderSister!Mikasa x You (I don't mind doing some sibling love stories either! xD)

Erwin x You x OlderSister!Hanji (So yeah, over-protective sibling thingy when you're with the person)

Eren x You x BestFriend!Mikasa (One could be the lover, the other your best friend)


I don't mind doing "!" either! E.G:

Yandere!Levi x Captured!You (I have no idea why... But yeah...)

Overprotective!Eren x You

Overprotective!BigBro!Jean x Shy!You

Armin x Tsundere!You

Eren x TitanShifter!You

Eren x Sick!You

Sick!Eren x You

OlderBrother!Armin x Sick!Reader

Mikasa x Nonchalant!You



Also, our Attack on Titan OCs may come into the story!

Mine: Carmen Jaeger

Mandy-senpai's (Beautifully Saiyan Panda): Serena Ackerman


Have fun!!!!



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