Breakfast With a Rabbit

Written for a short story competition ran by a local library. The entry had to amount to two sides of a4, and had to be inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and the theme of 'falling down a well'.
This piece won first prize.
Cover inspired by 'The Trouble with Wenlocks' by Joel Stewart.


3. Part 3

There was his mother- Rutherford was in the strong, powerful arms of a fireman. The well was beneath him and the garden was full of TV cameras, firemen and reporters. His step father stared at him in an odd way- caring, yet unsure. Rutherford was whisked into an ambulance, feeling as useless as a slinky in a bungalow. His mother stared at him in despair. “What happened Henlé? Why didn’t you shout for help? You were down there for four hours.” “I think-“ “Yes?” “I think I had breakfast with a rabbit.”
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