The Tales of the Emotions

You may think that emotions are purely words we made up thousands of years ago to describe how we're feeling, but they're a lot more than that. Smaller than the eyes can see and too high-pitch for the ears to hear, fly emotions - the close cousins of pixies and fairies.


2. Sweetness

Completely encased in towering hills expansing endlessly, lay the 'Fire Enclosure' - as named throughout old folklore - hidden on the floor of a deep chasm surrounded by the greenery, masked even. On the ground, abnormally jagged and pointed rocks stand tall in a circle formation around the base of an enchanted, heavy-blooming willow tree where various dots of colour remain scattered daily - the emotions. The tree swayed occasionally in the presence of the light breeze, that familiar sigh that filled the surrounded area each morning as the sun awoke from behind the hills.

Few sights could match the weeping willow tree in full bloom; nature's finest masterpiece and home to the emotions, a barely visible species that travel Earth, all the while shedding their given trait on the humans around them. When people feel anger, there's no genuine reason for them to have such feelings apart from the fact that they've been visited by Anger - a surprisingly cheery emotion with a tendency to get frustrated by his own imperfections. You see, emotions don't portray the feeling they've been assigned to, although that helps with appearances and occupations, they can feel all naturally and easily, however the only way they can reproduce is to meet an 'emotional match' (a pair with compatible emotions wherein another can be made, such as Destiny, the son of Honesty and Wisdom). That's the aim of the Emotions, to develop more by reproducing, so if there's a match - even if they were matched previously - a child is inevitable. This way, there's almost no such thing as affairs, that is unless two people who aren't an emotional match get involved. Although this scandal is mostly unheard of.

Sweetness, the daughter of a greying Purity and Love, sat perched on the highest and most wiry branch on the tree, staring thoughtfully at the pink cloud, almost resembling cotton candy, looming above her body. Completely full. It'd been thirty one days and counting since she'd heard what'd happened to Ease, quite a young emotion who was one generation older than her. The sorcerers had beaten him, bruised him, forced upon him everything but ease - draining it from him at a dangerous rate, leaving him dead. It was something becoming less of a rarity each day; as the number of magic bearers increased, the amount of emotions dwindled. Almost a losing battle. 

She was knocked out of her thoughts by an intrusion, literally. A hummingbird, one of many, had dropped a delicious and juicy berry in to her lap, a berry just smaller than her head. This happened each day as she sat at the top of the tree, birds would present her with whatever food they could scavenge after finding some for themselves and their children, and would receive a sweet-toned song in return. She began to sing in a gentle, silky croon to which the bird responded to in harmonious chirps of it's own.


The pure enigma of spring,

Overwhelming my senses.

Daffodils, buttercups and all they bring,

Pollen hungry bees and more.


The bird darted it's head towards an entryway between an abundance of leaves, averting it's attention elsewhere, before darting away from the tree, wings caught in a flurry of motion. A flash of blue began to approach, Dare. He was one of the emotions Sweetness had heard a lot about, too much about actually, in between proud chants and hushed voices, although she'd never had the 'pleasure' of meeting the illustrious emotion. She continued to watch him approach, his blue eyes - just a shade lighter than his hair - shone with determination, oblivious to her watchful gaze. His feet clung to the branch adjacent to the one she remained seated on, edging their way towards the sides of the branch.

Is he ridiculous, what in the world does he think he's doing? Is he trying to escape the sorcerers by escaping life? 

"I know that it's become extraordinarily difficult for us with what happened to Ease, but we're a community, we protect each other. Despite it seeming hard and terrifying, we must rely on those around us, not on the idea of death. So please, step away from the edge and walk back." The previous look of determination turned in to that of confusion.

"What? I was just going to skydive, test how fast my wings react." The confusion passed to Sweetness, what an act of idiocy.

"Oh I see," he spoke to himself in a hushed murmur before calling loudly, "Daze you can come out now, really you got a girl like this involved?

"A girl like what?" Sweetness wasn't sure what Dare was mumbling about, but confronted him in an incredulous tone.

"A pink haired, strait-laced pansy who looks like she's never seen danger in her life, never felt adrenaline pulsing through her veins."

One thing many people don't realise about Sweetness is her desperate urge to prove people wrong. She'd done it her whole life, avoiding the suggestions her name created, so instead of responding she catapulted her body off of the edge of the branch, face stubborn and confident, concealing the paralysing fear overcoming her body. Watching the branches merge together - wiry and breakable along with thick, indestructible structures - created a mass of disorientation; she'd never done anything like this, never even thought of it. Her body scrambled, limbs trying to cling on to the air pounding against her body as she fell closer to the ground. Eyes closed, she forced an image of the hummingbird in to her mind - pure, natural and harmless. Oomph.

Her body crashed in to the surface beneath her. After the pulsing waves of air attacking her frail body, a faint warmth spread through her, pleading for her to seal her eyes shut. A plea she followed wholeheartedly, giving in to the growing ache controlling her body.


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