Tree [poem]

A short story about a tree.


1. ...

I was growing near a house.

                I do not remember for how long.

I saw people move in,

                I saw people move out.

I saw children grow,

                I saw old people die.

However, I was still young.


One day a storm came:

                I was split into two.

One half fell,

                the other stayed lifeful.


I was dangerous they said,

                therefore, I was stumped,

Making earth shake

                by falling on the ground.


People passed by,

                avoiding me with their eyes.

People passed by,

                without remembering

who was I.


A child stopped near me,

                shedding tears too,

Feeling my pain,

                feeling my throe.


Please, do not cry,

                I don’t have a grudge against you.

Yeah, I was still young,

                But I had a happy time too.

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