brothers best friend

this is the story on how myself summer- rose found my one and only true love


1. who am i

Hi my names summer-rose and im 17 years old.

i have dirty blond hair and green eyes

i have no brothers or sisters, just a mum. my dad died a couple years ago from heart failure.

my favourite bands include 5sos, greenday, blink-182 and so on

i enjoy skatebording, bmx biking sports and art. i am very tan and fit aswell. im in the popular not so popular group at school.

anyways i was just about to go into the kitchen when i got home to get a snack when i heard my mother in there she was on the phone with my aunty.

" i dont know how to tell her about this"

" tell me what" i said slowly stepping into the kitchen

" ill call you back" she said and then hung up

"honey sit down i need to tell you something, when you were little you got put into an adoption center and i adopted you, you real mums name is anne and you have 2 brothers ashton and harry.

" WHAT" i screamed " you could of told me this earlier"




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