brothers best friend

this is the story on how myself summer- rose found my one and only true love


3. omgosh its 5sos

and then i figured it out it was freaking ashton irwin from 5sos.

"who are you and what are you doing here!?" he yelled

" ash honey who is it" the lady said i figured to be my biological mother

" oh baby you have finally found out, you were adopted and you have finally come home." she gushed

and with that ashton just ran off.

ashtons pov

i cant believe that my own mother wouldnt tell me that i had a sister.

" ash who was at the door" the one and only calum hood said

" believe it or not it was my sister" i choked out

" come on lets all go meet her" he said

summers pov

i heard footsteps coming up the stairs and i turned around and i saw 4 gorgous boys standing there

" hi you must be ashtons sister, im luke and this is calum and michel"

" oh my god you you boys are 5sos, im a huge fan"


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