brothers best friend

this is the story on how myself summer- rose found my one and only true love


2. finding my real family

" where are my real family" i asked

" sydney, australia" she said

you see that was a problem i lived in new york and that was half way round the world.

" right thats it" i got up and ran to my room im going to find my real family i grabbed my suitcase from my cupboard and started throwing clothes in there. i grabbed my school bag and stuffed my laptop and charger and some headphones. i booked the next flight to sydney which left in an hour. i left my so called mum in the kitchen crying i grabbed my phone off the table.

*skip drive to aeroport*

i checked in and i sat down waiting for my flight to be called i got a text from that lady i used to call mum.

" you family lives at ** ***** street" i got that adress and and deleted her from my contacts.

*flight 727 to sydney now bording*

thats me" i thought

i got on the plane and found my seat i was sitting by myself i plugged in my headphones and fell asleep

i woke up to someone gently shaking my shoulder

" we are here" she said

i hailed a taxi and gave him the address i was ment to go to when we pulled up i paid the driver and went to knock on the door when the door opened i saw a boy looking around 19 had opened the door......

to be continued......

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