My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


15. will it be different

Kaitlyns pov

It's been a month since we lost our little boy, it still hurts, the pain doesn't fade, me and luke are still going strong he's been writing a lot, he's been so strong, luke just told me that they are going on tour again,

"Hey babe will you please come with me" he asks

"I don't know" I reply

"Please all the guys want you to come" he moans

"Okay okay I'll come" I say sitting down next to him

"Good" he says kissing my cheek

"I love you luke,I don't know what I'd do without you" I say sitting on his lap

"I love you" he says and I kiss him

"Hey luke" I say breaking away

"Yeah" he says

"How bout we have some fun" I say taking my top off and jumping of his lap

"I like how you think" he says standing up grabbing my waist

"Well in going to make some cupcakes wanna help" I say kissing him

"Mmm cupcakes, really, ok" he says kissing my neck

I take my jeans off so I'm on just my bra and pants,

" come on then" I say walking to the kitchen, I here luke "mmmm"

"Stop staring at my ass luke" I say reaching for the cupcake mix

"But, I can't help it" he says leaning on the bench

"Here crack the eggs into the bowl" I reply

He does what he's told, I mix the cupcake batter and pour it into the cupcake tin,

"Put this in the oven" I say and he does it

"Now what" he says leaning his back against the bench, I stand between his legs and hold up the wooden spoon with chocolate batter on it,

"Well I'm going to lick this" I say waving the spoon in front of his face, I put some on his face and lick it off

"I thought you were licking the spoon not my face" he whispers in my ear

"We have time to kill, take your top off" he smiles and does what he's told

He snatches the spoon off me,

"Hey,that's mine" I say reaching for the spoon but he's arms are too long

"Mine now" he says putting cake batter on my neck

"Hey" I snap

"Shhh" he says pressing his lips to mine, moving down to my neck and licking the batter off,"mmm" I let out a moan

"So my girl likes that" he whisper in my ear

"Maybe" I say kissing him long hard, I break away breathless taking the spoon off him

"Hey i needed that" he says fake pouting

I smile and kiss his neck,

"And I need you" I whisper in his ear

He kisses me and we fall on the floor,

"Well floor it is" I say giggling

"Mmm" he groans kissing my belly

We get lost in each other...

Luke's pov

We lay on the kitchen floor, Katie's head on my chest cuddling her, we hear the front door open,

"Shit luke" she says grabbing her bra and pants am throwing on my track pants

"Fuck" I whisper

"Luke, Katie" we hear mikey yell

"Kitchen" I yell

"God luke put some clothes on" cal say walking in with mikey

"I did have clothes on but she stole them" I point to Katie who's still sitting on the floor

"Hey guys" she says getting up

"Caught out in the kitchen" mikey jokes

The oven buzzer goes off and Katie takes the cupcakes out,

"We were baking" she say placing the hot tin on the bench

"Oh good cupcakes" calum says reaching for one

Katie slaps his hand away

"Not ready" she says and calum fake pouts

"Well in going to put on some trackies and then I'll be back down" I say kissing Katie on the cheek

Kaitlyns pov

"So guys where's ashton" I ask taking the cupcakes out of the tin

"He's comming over later" calum replies

"Yeah he's bringing pizza" mikey says

"Pizza" luke says running down the stairs

"Ash is bringing pizza later" I say dipping the cupcakes in chocolate

"Good" he say wrapping his arms around my waist

"Here cal" I say handing him a cupcake, if I kept him wait any longer I think he would attack me

"So tour you comming" mikey asks

"Yes" I reply

"Good, you can cook for me" cal says

"Yes I'll cook for all of you" I say sitting in the couch

Luke comes and sits next to me and pulls me on his lap,

"Someone put a movie on" I say

"I will" cal say running to choose one

Mikey sits down in the chair while cal sits on the couch with me and luke, cal has put on never back down,

I kiss and suck Luke's neck, he smiles and giggles

There's a knock on the door, cal gets up and says

"You guys make me sick" joking going to open the door

We just laugh,

"Look who I found" cal say walking in with ash

"Hey guys" ash says placing pizza on the table in front if us and we dig in,

"Thanks ash" I say

"No problem, I'm guessing cal picked this movie" he replies

"Yeah" cal says shoving his face full of pizza

"So when's tour" I ask

"We leave next week" luke says kissing my neck

"Okay, fun" I reply giving him a kiss

The boys have left and it's time for bed, I lay on Luke's chest cuddling him,

"Hey luke" I say

"Yeah babe" he replies

"Do you think this tour will be different" I say nuzzling his chest

"Nah, just different places" he says

"You excited going back to L.A" I say leaning up so I can look into his eyes

"I'm excited that I get to take you with me this time" he says giving me a kiss

"I love you" I say closing my eyes laying back down

"I love you too baby, sleep baby girl" he says stroking my head

I drift off.....

Luke's pov

I am woken by kaitlyn screaming my name, "luke no, don't leave,luke don't die"

"Kaitlyn, wake up" I say shaking her, she wakes up crying

"Shh baby I'm here it's just a nightmare" I say calming her

"I'm sorry" she says

"Don't be sorry,you can't control nightmares" I say cuddling her into my chest

"It was awful luke, I was loosing you, you didn't want me any more" she says sobbing

"Hey, babe it's okay I'm never going to leave you, I love you, only you, I'm not going anywhere" I say cupping her face and kissing her

"I know, I love you too, I will never leave you either," she says kissing me back

"I got you" I reply and she lays back down and I rub her back until she drifts off again.......

Kaitlyns pov

Lasts nights nightmare was terrible,I didn't want to think about it...........

More soon :).....xx

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