My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


16. tour

Luke's pov

We have been on tour for about a week,today everything has gone to shit, Katie has locked herself in the bathroom crying, she won't open up,

"Please Katie, open up, I need to explain" I yell banging on the door

"Luke, just give her time" cal says grabbing my shoulder

"Luke go sleep this off, I'll see if I can get her out" mikey says am. I agree

Kaitlyns pov

I cry and cry on the bathroom floor, luke has stopped banging,

"Katie, it's mikey can you let me in" mikey says knocking on the door

I open the door slowly

"Hey" I whisper

"Hey" he says sitting down next to me

"Where is he"

"We made him go to bed, you know he didn't mean to hurt you" he says wiping my tears away

"I know, but mikey it hurt just seeing that, I know she kissed him but" I sob into his chest and he hugs me tight

"He's really sorry" he whispers in my ear

"I don't blame him, I just needed some time, to think, after everything that's happened I don't blame him if he wants to leave" I reply

"He loves you, he's never going to leave, he needs you and you need him, come on" he says jumping up and holding his hands out

"Where are we going" I say taking his hands

"Your going to see luke" he says leading me

"Ok, thank you mikey" I say hugging him

I open mine and Luke's bedroom door, I walk over to the bed,

"Cal just leave me alone" luke moans

I crawl on the bed and sit next to him

"Cal" he snaps

"It's not cal" I say and he jumps up

"K k kaitlyn, I'm so so sorry" he says

"Luke, I know it's not your fault" I say cupping his face

"She kissed me, I tried to push her off, kaitlyn your the only one I want and need, I love you, I'm sorry,I I understa....." I cut him off by kissing him

I break away

"Luke, I'm sorry I wouldn't open the door" I say cuddling him

"No babe you have nothing to be sorry for, I'm sorry" he says kissing my head

"You smell" I say kissing him

"I do don't I" he says kissing my neck

"Go have a shower, then come cuddle me" I say pushing him off

"Fine" he say getting up and walking out....

Luke's pov

Well she doesn't hate me, I quickly have a shower I'm on my way back to the room when I run in to mikey,

"Hey mikey, thank you" I say hugging him

"No worries, um next time you hug me make sure you have more than a towel on" he says walking off

I just laugh and walk into my room,

I lay face down on the bed towel still around my waist, my head on kaitlyns belly, she draws circles on my back,

"Hmmm I like that" I mumble

"Oh really" she says moving so she can sit on me

She starts rubbing my back,

"Babe I I I..." She cuts me off

"Shhhh babe" she whispers in my ear

Kaitlyns pov

In rubbing Luke's back, leaving a trail of kisses down his back, he groans, he flips us over so he's hovering over me,

"Hey" I yelp

"Hey" he says kissing my neck

"Someone has lost his towel" I joke

"Whoops" he jokes back

I crash his lips to mine, I tug on his hair and he moans,

We get lost in each other......

It's morning and I'm hungry so I stumble out to the kitchen,

"I'm glad you an luke are fine now " cal says teasing

"Um how do you know" I reply

"All I heard last night was Luke's name being yelled" he teases

"OMg, seriously" I hide my head in my hands and luke comes out

"Morning beautiful" he says kissing me on the head

Me and cal start laughing

"What's wrong" he asks

"Oh luke, oh luke, fuck luke" cal teases

Me and cal keep laughing

"Someone heard us last night" I say laughing

"Oh really" luke says sitting down

"Yeah we know Katie knows your name now" cal teases

" at least I can make her scream" luke jokes

"Yeah yeah" cal says shrugging it off

"I'm hungry" I say breaking the convo

"Pancakes" cal asks

"Yes please" I reply

Cal and luke cook me pancakes, and I eat them all,

"Thanks guys" I say cleaning my plate

"No worries" cal replies

"Wait where's mikey and ash" I ask

"They went out early" he replies

"Well what are we doing then" I ask them

"Niall is coming over" cal replies

"We could go out for lunch" I suggest

The boys nod in agreement when there was a knock on the door, cal goes and answers it, niall comes running in

"Katttiiiee" he says running to hug me

"Hey ni" I hug him back

He let's go and hugs luke,

"So what are we doing" niall asks

"Going out for lunch, I'm hungry" I reply

"Alright then" he agrees

Me and luke go get changed,

We head.......

Luke's pov

Lunch was amazing, I'm really full now,

There are heaps of paps around today and fans, maybe because we have niall with us,

"Now what" i ask

"Shopping" niall speaks up

Katie gives me the puppy dog eyes,

"Fine shopping it is, but your staying by myside" I say kissing her nose

"Ok" she agrees

We head to the mall,

"Luke, what about this" kaitlyn says holding up a black and pink dress

"It would look better on the floor" I joke

"Oh luke, talk dirty to me" she jokes and kisses me

"Buy it and this and this" I. Say holding up a black dress and a nirvana top

"You just want to undress me" she jokes

"Yes, yes I do, now go buy then so we can go" I say slapping her ass

She yelps and hurts off to buy them,

We get back to the appartment and I can't stand it any more, I push her against the wall and kiss her, she bites my lip making me moan, I rip my top off and throw it on the floor and then hers,

"Hmm luke bedroom" she mumbles as we stumble onto the couch

I kiss her up and down

"Fuck it, here it is" she mumbles

I rip our clothes off and we get lost in each other....

Kaitlyns pov

Luke's laying on top of me, we're trying to catch our breathe, I hear foot steps,

I scream

"Fuck c'mon really" cal says

"Omg look away" I say covering my self with a pillow

"Here" cal hands me Luke's top without looking

Luke's just laughing

"Luke it's not funny" I snap

"What happened to shopping cal" luke asks putting his jeans back on

" I got bored so I bailed, niall had to leave anyway" he says

"You can look now cal" I say hiding my face

"Um cal" luke says pointing to Cals pants, he has a boner

"Fuck, sorry Katie it's just been awhile since I've seen a girl naked" he says hinding his boner

"It's fine cal" I say giggling

"Well in going to go to my room, no more sex on the couch" cal says

"Ok, we'll try not to" luke jokes

I run to mine and Luke's room to get changed and luke follows,he sits on the bed smirking

"What" I snap

"Just you giving cal a Boner" he says laughing

"Who wouldn't get a boner seeing me naked" I joke

"True, but it's still funny" he's still laughing

I fake pout and cross my arms, he walks up to me and cups my face

"Awe baby" he says kissing me

"What should I wear" I ask

"The black and pink one" he says kissing my neck

"Hmmm luke get dressed" I say pushing him off but he comes right. Back

"But" he whines

"No buts, we'll lay later but not now, we just got caught by cal and I have him a boner, I'm not in the mood, well I am but I'm not" I snap

"Fine but we are playing later" he says backing away

"Now zip me up please" I say

"That looks great on you baby" he whispers in my ear

"Maybe it will look better on the floor later" I whisper back

"I bet it will" he says walking away

I go and do my hair and go out to the kitchen, the guys are back

"Hi guys" I mumble

"Hi" they mumbles back

"I'm sorry about, you know what cal" I say hoping that ash and mikey wouldn't hear bit they did

"What did you do" ash asks me

"Ummm well" I pause " me and luke had sex on the couch no one was home, then cal come home and found us laying there naked and I have cal a boner, sorry cal" I say really quick

Ash and mikey start laughing

"It's not funny" I snap

Luke comes out and sees mikey and ash pissing their selves laughing,

"What did I miss" he asks

"I told them what happened" I say

Luke walks over and taps cal on the shoulder,

"Michael, ashton I bet the same would happen to you two if you walked in instead of cal" I raise my voice

"Nah I have more control than that" mikey says laughing still

" sorry Katie but I think of you as a sister and that would be just weird" ash says laughing

"You never know til your in that sitch" I say

"Okay okay" mikey and ash say together

"Now go get ready for tea" I say and they do

We are out for tea with the 1D guy,

Luke rubs his hand up and down my thigh,

"Luke stop, your turning me on" I whisper

He smirks "good" he whispers

"No not good, we're not at home" I whisper

"We will be soon" he whispers

"No I don't feel like getting caught again" I whisper and snack his hand

He fake pouts and squeezes my thigh

"Fine" he says but not removing his hand

Tea was good, I have into luke and we got lost in each other, I hope the guys didn't hear us again,

I drift off to sleep......

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