My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


14. time flys

Luke's pov

Kaitlyn is now 12 weeks pregnant, today we get to find out if it's a boy or girl, well I'm excited,

"Kaitlyn you ready" the doctor asks


"This is going to be cold" doctor says


"So do you want to know the sex" doctor asks

"Yes" me and kaitlyn say at the same time

"It's a boy" the doctor says

"Baby it's a boy" kaitlyn says and I give her a kiss

"Ok here's a picture, I'll see you next time" doctor says and we leave,

"I have to call into the studio, is that ok" I ask kissing her hand

" yeah that's fine" she says looking at the ultrasound picture

We arrive at the studio and head inside,

"Hey guys" I say walking in

"Hey" ash says

"How's our baby" calum says hugging kaitlyn

"He's good" kaitlyn replies

"Wait he" mikey says walking over

" it's a boy" kaitlyn says hugging mikey

"Wow congrats" ash says high giving me

"Oh no two Luke's" calum says joking

"Yeah what am I going to do" Katie jokes back

"Yeah two handsome guys running around" I joke

"Yeah you wish" mikey says

"Okay okay" I say giving in

"Hey babe if you want to stay here with the boys I can walk back from here" kaitlyn says hugging me

"No I'm all yours today" I say kissing her head

"You sure" she replies

"We don't want him" calum says joking

"You guys comming over later, I'm cooking" kaitlyns asks

"I'll be there" mikey says

"Yeah sure" ash says

" he'll yes I love your cooking" he says all excited

"Well that's settled, let's go" I say grabbing my things

"See you guys later then" kaitlyn says walking out the door I front of me,

Kaitlyns pov

We get home and I start cooking for the guys, I start to feel funny,

"Luke" I yell before I know it I hit the floor

Everything is black.......

Luke's pov

Kaitlyn has collapsed, I'm waiting in hospital at her bed side,

"When will she wake up" I ask the doctor

"Soon" she replays

"What about the baby"

"I'm so sorry" she says and I break down

No it can't be, my baby, no no no, I sit with my head in my hands crying, there's a knock on the door and it opens,

"Luke" it's mikey

"Mikey" I say staring blankly

"Luke what's going on" he says walking over to me

"The baby" I can't talk anymore, I need some air I run out, I can hear mikey calling after me...

Kaitlyns pov

"Ll luke" I say opening my eyes

"Hey Katie" mikey says grabbing my hand

"Where's luke, where am I" I ask dazed

"Your in hospital, luke needed some air" he says sitting down

"What happend" I ask

"You fell knocked yourself out" he says squeezing my hand

"Is the baby ok" I'm starting to worry, why isn't luke here,

"Katie, I'm sorry" he says

"No, no" I start crying "I want luke" I say trying to get up but I'm weak

"Katie calm down, shh shh"he says hugging me stroking my head

"I want luke" I say sobbing into his chest

"I call ash and cal to see if they can find him" he replies and I can't take it I curl up into a ball and cry

Luke's pov

I stare numbly at the sky, I've got missed calls from mikey, ash and cal I just can't answer right now, I'm sitting at the park where kaitlyn told me she was pregnant it's the first place I thought of, I just sit there and sit there, I hear a voice sounds like calum



"Yeah" I finally answer

"Luke Katie needs you she's awake and she knows, in sorry about what's happen but she needs you now more than ever" calum says

"How is she" I ask

"She's hurting luke, all she wants is you, mikeys with her still trying to calm her, but she needs you" he says patting me on the back

"Let's go" I say getting up

Cal drives me back to the hospital......

Kaitlyns pov

I just lay there numb, mikey hasn't left my side, I hear the door open

"Katie" luke says walking in he looks terrible

"Luke" I say sitting up

"I'll leave you two" mikey says leaving the room

"Luke I'm sorry" I say wiping my eyes

"It's not your fault babe" he says grabbing my hand

"But" I can't finish I break down crying again

"Shhh baby it'll be alright" luke says holding me, I can tell he's trying to be strong

"It hurts so much" I cry out

"Baby shhh calm down, I'm here, I know" he says rubbing my back

I manage to cry myself to sleep.......

I wake and luke is asleep holding my hand, there's a knock on the door and the guys enter,

"Shhhh" I say pointing to luke

"Hey how are we going" mikey says hugging me and the guys follow

"I'm ok, well I will be, it's luke I'm worried about" I say adjusting, Luke's eyes spring open

"Hey" he says squeezing my hand

"Hey, you should go home clean up you need a shower" I say squeezing his hand back

"No I'm staying here till you can come home, no buts,ok" he says sitting up

"Guys there is food at our place if you want it, I cooked it before you know" I say and they just smile

"We just came to see how you are, we should go now" mikey says

"Thanks guys" luke say standing up to say goodbye to them

They leave and luke comes and sits back down,

"I love you don't forget that" he says kissing my hand

"I love you too" I say playing with his hand

"Rest baby" he says rubbing my hand

"Come cuddle me" I say moving over

Luke crawls in and holds me tight we just lay there numb, so much pain, loss, sadness, I drift off........

It's morning and the doctor comes in, luke is asleep wrapped around me,

"Kaitlyn" she says walking in

"Yes, please let him sleep" I say quietly

"Yeah sure but you can go home today, your all good to leave" she says checking my chart

"Thank you" I say as she walks out the door

I lay there for a minute,

"Luke, hey sleepy head" I say rubbing his head

"Hmmm morning" he says stretching

"I can go home now, the doctor just left" I say as he grabs my hand

"Good" he says letting out a slight smile

"Yeah I need a shower" I say sitting up

"Yeah me too" luke says standing up

I get up and get dressed and we head home,

"I'm going to have a shower, you comming" luke says walking to the bathroom

"I'll be there in a minute" I reply

I get a drink, I hear luke yell "fuck" I run in and find him sitting in the shower crying, his knuckles are red on one hand, I jump in and sit with him and hold him tight,

"Oh luke" I say looking at his hand

"I just need to punch something" he says sobbing

"Luke it's going to be ok" I say kissing his hand

" I know, I just" he says

"I know it hurts and it's gonna be hard but well get through it" I say cuddling into his chest

"I'm sorry" he says kissing my head

" you have nothing to be sorry for" I reply

"It should be me taking care of you not you taking care of me" he says as I kiss kiss knuckles

"We'll take care if each other" I say planting a soft kiss on his cheek

"How are you so brave" he asks wiping hair out of my face

"I'm not brave I just know how to keep it together but yesterday I just broke down" I say taking my top and jeans off they are drenched

"I will never stop loving you, your my rock" he says giving me a quick kiss

"C'mon, let's get you dry" I say standing up turning the water off

"Movies and bed" he says standing up

"Sounds great, is your hand alright" I say rubbing my fingers over his scrapes

"Yeah just a little sore" he replies

We dry off and head to bed, I'm still feeling numb, I lay snuggled into Luke's chest watching tmnt, I love this movie but I am tired still from all my crying, so I close my eyes and drift off......

Luke's pov

She is so strong, even after yesterday she's the only one who can keep me from breaking down now, I love her so much, and loosing a child she is keeping her brave face on staying strong I know a part is broken inside her because I feel the same pain, I'll be there for her no matter what.......

More soon:)..........xx

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