My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


17. the final chapter

2 years later.....

Luke's pov

I can't believe me and my wife are having a baby any day now, im so excited but terrified,

" ash what are you doing" I ask looking at him playing with my wives belly

"Feeling her fat belly" he replies

"Ah" kaitlyn moans

"Ash be carefull" I say

"I didn't do anything" he moans

"Ah fuck" kaitlyn screams

"Babe you ok" I run to her side

"Hospital now" she screams grabbing mine and ashes arms squeezing them

" ouch, luke get the bag" ash says hanging on to kaitlyn

I run and get the bag and my keys..

Kaitlyns pov

Omfg the pain, ash is helping me to the car, luke is rubbing around like a headless chook,

"Okay Katie sit" ash says opening the back door to the car

"Get luke to hurry up" I yell

"Luke hurry up, give me the keys I'll drive" ash yells

"Okay I'm here" he says jumping in the back next to me

"Ash drive" I scream and he does so,

We get to the hospital

"Help my wife's in labour" luke yells as we walk in

"Luke calm down" I say grabbing his shirt

A nurse comes running over to u with a wheel chair

"Mam it's going to be ok" she says pushing me to a delivery room,

It's time

" okay mrs hemmings I need you to push" the doctor says and I do, grunting screaming

"Push baby push" luke whispers in my ear

"You did this to me luke" I say squeezing his hand

I hear crying

"It's a baby boy" the doctor announces

"It's a baby boy" I sob and luke quickly kisses me

"You did it baby" he says taking our baby and holding him for the first time....

Luke's pov

I have a son, im so happy,

"Names baby" I ask Katie

"I was thinking cam, named after the guys" she replies

"I like it, baby cam" I say

"Cam andrew hemmings" she says

"Cam andrew hemmings it is" I say kissing her on the head

I go and get ash, mikey and cal are there too now

"Hey guys, come meet your nephew" I say leading them to Katie's room

They rush over to her and baby cam,

"What's his name" ash asks

"Cam" I reply

"Would you like to hold him" Katie asks ash

He nods and takes cam

"Why cam" cal asks

"Well, calum ashton Michael of course" Katie says

"You named him after us" mikey says taking cam off ash

"Yeah of course we did" kaitlyn says grabbing my hand

"He's so tiny, cal here hold him" mikey says handing him to cal

"Cal are you crying" I ask

"No, yeah maybe, this stays between us" he says

"Awe cal come here" Katie says holding her arms out

Cal hands cam to me and hugs Katie

"I love you guys" Katie says squeezing calum

"Okay we're gonna head off to let you get some sleep, we'll see you tomorrow" ash says hugging Katie

"Thanks for comming" Katie says hugging mikey and cal

"Bye guys" I say as they walkout

"Your a good daddy already" kaitlyn says as I sit down with cam snuggled into my chest

"Your a good mummy" I reply

She smiles

"I love you" she says yawning

" I love you and our little boy, in the end I will always love you, I'll never stop loving you baby, get some sleep" I say kissing her hand a big smile forms on her face before she drifts off to sleep.....

2 weeks later....

Katie's pov

I am getting cam dressed ready for his first concert tonight, he's wearing a red flanny with grey hood with black jeans, of course daddy picked the outfit,

"Daddy we're ready" I yell out

They have sound check so we have to go now,

"Okay let's go" he says walking out

We arrive at the arena luke runs off to find the guys, someone starts screaming my name, I turn round and it's niall

"Katie" he says running to me

"Niall what are you doing here" I ask

"I wanted to meet the new member of 5sos" he says hugging me

"Well uncle niall this is cam, do you want to hold him" I ask

"Yes please" he says taking cam

He carries him to the guys change room where they hang out,

"Hey buddy, your a cutie aren't you" niall says to cam as he sits down

"Is it just you here niall" I ask

"No" a voice says I turn round and it's Liam

"Liam" I say hugging him

"Don't forget us" harry says as him and Louis walk in

" omg, you guys" I say hugging them

"Everyone meet cam" niall says standing up

"Can I hold him" Liam asks

"Of course" I say an niall hands Liam cam

"Hey little guy" Liam says rocking cam

"A little luke" harry says

"Yeah he looks so much like him" I say sitting down

Liam hands can to Louis, and then harry holds him

"Let's hope you have mummy's brains" harry jokes

"He already has daddy's good looks" I reply

Harry hands cam back to niall and then the guys come barging through the doors, ash rushes to niall and cam and so does cal, luke and mikey sit on the couch with me,

"You didn't tell me they were coming" I whisper nudging luke

"They wanted to suprise you" he whispers back

"Well thank you, how long till the show" I ask

"2 hours" he replies

"Do you think I'll have time to get some food" I ask

"I'll get someone to get you food, I'm hungry too" he says getting up he pushes me on mikey, mikey wraps his arm around me, so I cuddle into him

"Oi mikey no stealing my wife" luke jokes

"My wife now" mikey jokes

I just giggle luke walks out, cam starts crying

"Here mummy" ash says handing me cam

"He's hungry, can you pass me his bottle please ash" i ask

"Yeah her you go" he says passing me his bottle

"Can I feed him" mikey asks

" yeah, here" I say handing him cam and his bottle

"Let's get you fed little guy" he says taking him

Luke comes back in and sits down,

"Awe mikey, that's so cute" he says teasing mikey

"I know" he replies

"Leave him alone luke" I say nudging him

(Show time)

I put little earmuffs over cams ears so it's not too loud, he's sleeping anyway,

"Go kick ass baby" I say to luke as he kisses me and cam

"Always do" he says as he runs on stage

They start playing the 1d guys join me on the side of the stage,

The guys stop playing and start taking

"How's everybody doing tonight" ash yells

" we have someone we want you to meet" mikey yells

"Now he's the newsy member of 5sos and we need you to be as quiet as you can" cal yells

I walk on stage with cam, the crowd awes

"Now this is my son cam" luke announces

As he throws his arm around me

"Isn't he the cutest" mikey yells

The crowd cheers

"Now my baby has to go now, everybody say goodbye" luke yells

He kisses me and I walk off a the stage with cam,

Everything is perfect, my life is perfect I couldn't be happier,

I love my little 5sos family.....

Thank you for reading, there might be another not to sure yet,

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