My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


13. running

Kaitlyns pov

I step out of the studio to take the call from the doctor,


"Hi kaitlyn I have your results"


"Kaitlyn your pregnant"

"Okay thank you" I say quickly hanging up, tears comming to my eyes, im freaking out I have to get out of here I need to think, i hop in a cab and tell him to take me to the park, so I could be alone, I quickly ring luke,

"Babe where you go" he says worrying

Letting out sobs "I love you and I am so so sorry" i say and hang up

Luke's pov

I go out to see kaitlyn but she's not there, I rang her and all she said was "I love you and I'm so so sorry" then she hung up, she was crying, I need to find her, she's ignoring my calls and texts.

Kaitlyns pov

Luke keeps calling and texting, I just need to think, what am I going to do....

Michaels pov

Luke is worrying he's gone out looking for kaitlyn, she is ignoring his calls, so I thought I would try ringing,

"Mikey" she answers

"Katie where are you"

"I'm at the park" she says letting out sobs

"Stay there I'm coming"

" please only you"

"Ok, I'll be there soon" I say hanging up

I quickly get in my car and drive to the park,

Kaitlyns pov

"Katie" I hear mikeys voice

"Hey mikey" I say looking up

"Are you ok" he says sitting down hugging me

"No not really" I say putting my head in my hands

"What's wrong"

"I'm pregnant" I say letting out sobs

"Wow, I'm ok, a baby's suppose to be a happy thing" he says hugging me tight

"I don't know if I'm ready to be a mum, and how am I suppose to tell luke I don't want him to leave me" I say getting up pacing

"Katie stop" he says grabbing me

"I think your just in shock, luke would never leave you he loves you, just tell him he might suprise you" he says and I sit back down just staring at him

He fishes out his phone and calls luke and tell him where we are, he said he's comming, I just sit there with my head in my lap michael ribs my back trying to calm me down,

"Katie" luke yells rubbing over to me and mikey

"I'll leave you two to talk" mikey says standing up

"Thank you mikey" I say looking up he just smiles, luke sits down next to me

"Babe what's going on" he says brushing my hair out of my face

I sit there for a minute and then I answer

"Im pregnant" I say and he pulls away

"Pregnant" he says rubbing his face

"Yes pregnant" I snap

"Wow I'm going to be a dad" he says suprising me

"Your not running" I say as he hugs me

"No never, is that why you ran" he says holding me tight

"I needed time to think, I thought you would leave, I'm in shock" I say and he kisses me

"I'd never leave, your stuck with me, c'mon let's get you home" he says picking me up

We arrive home and I go straight to bed and luke follows and lays down next to me,

"I'm sorry, for worrying you" I say playing with his hand

"Don't be, I understand, get some rest baby" he says kissing my hand

" I love you, thank you for not running I don't know what I would do without you" I say and he leans on his side so he can look in to my eyes,

"I love you too now listen, I would never run, I am completely in love with you and nothing will change that, your stuck with me, your my fiancé and I love you" he says and I press my lips to his and he deepens the kiss

I break away and he cuddles into me and I drift off to sleep...

Luke's pov

It's morning and there is a knock on the door so I go and answer it,

"Hey mikey, come in" I say opening it

"Hey, how is she today" he says sitting down

"I don't know she's still asleep" I say sitting

" I take it she's told you" he says

"That in going to be a dad, yeah she told me thanks to you" I reply

"I just told her how it is" he says

"And I love you for that mikey" kaitlyns says walking out

"So how are you" mikey asks her

" I'm good thanks to you and lukey" she says walking over and sitting in my lap

"I came to see if you guys want to go get some breakfast and then maybe shopping" mikey asks

"Yes, can we luke please" kaitlyn say jumping up

"Yeah sure, jest let me put some clothes on" I say standing up

My girls kind if back to normal today...

Kaitlyns pov

I'm feeling alright today, we are going out for breakfast with mikey and then shopping it would be good to forget about yesterday well not totally just my break down,

"Ready" luke comes barreling down the stairs

"Good I'm starving" I say grabbing my bag

We get in mikeys car and head,

Mmm breakfast was yummy, now we are going shopping, luke by my side holding my hand,

"Hey fancy seeing you guys here" ash says hugging me, cal follows

"So how our girl today" cal says letting go

"I'm good" I reply

"You had our little lukey worried" ash says

"I know, I just needed to think" I say looking at luke

"Think, about what" cal asks

"She's pregnant" luke says and kisses me

" now I get it" cal says hugging me again

"Wow congrats" ash say

"Thank you" I say as luke grabs me and hugs me

"Your all going to be uncles" luke says and we all just laugh

We continue shopping,

"Luke I'm hungry" I say pulling him

" really already"

"Yes, aren't you" I ask

"Yeah but you normally aren't, your usually going off at me for eating a lot" he replies

"I know but, I'm really hungry all of a sudden" I say hugging him

"Your pregnant that what that is, let's get my babies fed" he says giving me a quick kiss

Mmm food, I have a chicken wrap and chips, It's delicious but now I'm full,

"Thanks baby that was great" I say to luke

"My pleasure, have you had enough"

"Yes I'm full now" I say taking a sip of water

"Are you ready to head home now" he says and I nod in approval.

We arrive home, luke sits on the couch

"Hey luke" I say twirling my top in the air walking up the stairs, he jumps up from the couch, next I take my short off and throw them at him, I can hear him running after me as I walk in my bedroom, I lay down on the bed and wait for him, he comes in pulling his top of and crawls over the top of me, I kiss him hard and he kisses back ,we get lost in each other......

More soon :)......xx

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