My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


1. let's go

Kaitlyns pov

"Kaitlyn it's time to go" my mum said to me

"I'm going to miss you guys" I say to my mum and dad as I hug them goodbye

I'm nervous it's the first time I'm flying alone but it's worth it I get to stay with my best friend I haven't seen her in ages....

I've been on the plane for about two hours or alittle longer and we have landed, I get off the plane and collect my bags and I hear "kaitlyn" I turn round it's Rosie,

"Rosie" I run and hug her we may scream alittle

"I can't beleive your here" she say excitedly

"So how are you Rosie"

"I'm good Katie"

We hop in Rosie's car and head to her place, she hasn't stop smiling all the way, she's starts giggling

"What" I ask

"Your going to hate me or thank me"

"Rosie what are you upto"

"I have a date with a guy named Michael and I didn't want to go alone so your comming with us" she says

"Rosie I don't want to be a third wheel"

"Don't worry Katie your not going to be a third wheel"

"What" I yell

"He's bringing a friend his names luke"

"Great" I say sarcastically

We Arrive at Rosie's place, I've only just arrive and I already have a date tonight, let's hope he's hot.........



"How does this look"

"Whoa you hottie, don't worry Katie he'll love it"

I smile, she knows I'm nervous I've never been on a date before and it's a blind date so that just makes me more nervous,

I am wearing a tight black dress it sits just above my knees, with a grey beanie and my wedge short boots.......

Michaels pov

"Luke are you ready, how do I look"

"You look fine now calm down and breathe, do I really have to go"

"Yes, and I am calm just nervous" I snap as I fix my hair

"Michael let's go or I won't come"luke yells back

Here we go time to pick Rosie and her friend up, we arrive out side Rosie's place, the girls walk out the door and luke has alittle smile on his face

"She's hot" i say as I nudge luke

"Umm yeah"

I get out and open the door for the girls

"Hey mikey this is kaitlyn"

"Nice to meet you kaitlyn"

"You too, but plaese call me Katie"

"Well Katie this lad here is luke"

"Hi luke"

"Umm ah hi nice to meet you"

Luke is now as nervous as me......

Kaitlyns pov

Rosie is off having fun with Michael playing games while I sit with luke eating pizza,

"So Katie where you from" I can tell he's nervous

"I'm from tasmania"

"Tasmania, I've never been there"

"You'll have to come visit, so luke Rosie tells me you and mikey are in a band"

"Yeah we're called 5 seconds of summer"

"I know, your my favourite band"


"Yeah, I didn't know that Rosie new you guys"I whisper

"Actually this is the only time I've met Rosie, Michael only asked her out the other day"

"Should we go play some games" I ask

"Yes" luke replies

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