My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


8. last night In Melbourne

Kaitlyns pov

The guys have just finished playing their last show (well their last show in Melbourne), they run off stage and luke grabs me

"C'mon babe let's go get ready"

"Ready for what" I say as he's dragging me out the door

" we're going out" he say ripping his top off

I just go with it I strip down so I'm in my bra and panties, Luke's eye brighten up and I she search for the new dress I brought, luke hasn't seen it yet

"Aha maybe we should stay in" he says stearing me up and down

"I like the way you think babe but we're going out" I quickly kiss him on the cheek and lock myself in the bathroom so he can't barge in,

I can hear luke talking to michael, calum and ashton,

"Hey luke close your eyes" I yell

"His eyes are closed" ashton yells back

I walk out the bathroom and stand in front of him

"Open baby"

Luke's mouth drops open, he jumps up and picks me up giving me a kiss

"Guys stop staring at my girls butt" he say looking at them all

I just giggle

"You look hot baby,sure you don't want to stay in" he whispers in my ear

"Keep it in your pants luke, we're going out, well maybe not for long" I say smirking

There's a knock on the bus door and some yelling the 1D boys must be ready so we head out,

"Whoa" niall says looking at me

"He loved it ni"

"Told you he would " he says hugging me

I walk in front of all the guys, I get my phone out and pretend to look at my make up but instead I see all of them looking at my arse,

"Guys stop staring at my arse" I say as I keep walking

Luke runs up behind me and slaps it

"Ouch luke" I yelped

"Awe baby" he says as he leans in to kiss me

I give him a quick kiss and cut him off

"Is that it" he whispers in my ear

"For now yes" I whisper back and slap him on his arse giving him the that's what you get look,

Luke is now holding my hand, we stop at a bar and sit down

"Beer" he asks nicely

"Yes please" I answer quickly

"Shots" niall says loudly

"Last time I had shots, I got with luke" I say smiling as luke sits down next to me

"I love you babe" he says kissing me

"I love you too luke" I kiss him back

We drink and drink, I think I'm slurring my words alittle, me and luke decide to head back while the boys continue on,

"Luke lock the door" I say kissing him


"No buts luke, help me out of this dress"

He quickly locks the door, helps me out of my dress and kisses me, we fall on the couch

"Couch it is" he says ripping his top off

We get lost in each other............

Luke's pov

Kaitlyn has fallen asleep so I carry her to her bunk, I go and unlock the door for when the guys get home, I go to slip into my bunk but kaitlyn mumbles "come cuddle me luke", so I hop in and cuddle her tight, "I love you" she mumbles

"I love you" I whisper kissing her head

I drift off to sleep......

Michaels pov

I think I've had alittle too much to drink, we are stumbling to a taxi, I decide to call Rosie,

"Hi" she answers

"Heeya rosie"

"Michael are you drunk" she says in her worried voice

"Maybe,Rosie I want you"

"Michael, we'll talk when you get back" she says

"Fine, but I want you back, please Rosie" I beg

"Michael I have to go, I see you when you get back" she says and then hangs up....

"Argh" I put my head in my hands

Finally back to the bus, Oh no I can feel it comming up "blargh" I spew behind the bus, I carry on to the bus and slip in my bunk and drift off.......

Luke's pov

I am woken by kaitlyn crawling over me and running to the toilet,

"Babe you ok" I say knocking on the door

"Yeah just give me a minute" she says I can hear her spewing

I go to the kitchen and get a drink and some food, I'm staving for some reason, we just started driving, we are driving to Sydney it beats flying,

"How you feeling baby" I ask as she's sits down next to me

"Bad" she says as she cuddles into me

"You hungry"

"Yes,no, kinda"

I get up and she lays down on the couch.....

"I'll make some food" I say hoping I don't stuff this up cause im starving

"What's with all the noise" calum say stumbling out

"I'm making food" I reply

"Good, kaitlyn move over" he say trying to get her to move


"Fine" he says as he lays half across her

"Wait move the pillows I'm comming in" mikey say climbing down from his bunk

He climbs and lays behind kaitlyn and his legs on cal

"Oi you two stop trying to steal my girlfriend" I joke

"It's too late luke, she's ours now" cal jokes back

"Morning" ash says looks like he hasn't drank as much as we did last night

"Morning" we all say at the exact time

"Wait what's going on here" he looks at cal, mikey and Katie cuddled up on the couch

"Pile up" calum says

"Luke's cooking" kaitlyn says

Ash climb and lays his head on Cals legs and hangs his legs on the top of the couch

"Pancakes and bacon alright"

"Yes" they all say at the same time

I finish cooking and the guys don't want to get up so I go and sit in front of the with a big plate of food to share, I hold a pancake out and kaitlyn bites it,

"Yummy" she says smiling

"Want some bacon" I ask

She nods in approval


"No I'm full thank you" she says

I lean in and kiss her, I grab a pillow and sit on it and lay my head on her chest, laying there she's drawing circles on my hand with her finger, she stills my beanie and ruffles up my hair, I love it when she does that,

"C'mon everyone off my girlfriend we're going in the back studio"

They let kaitlyn up and we head into the back studio,

I kiss her she deepens the kiss

"Is that all you brought me in here for" she questions

"No, your helping me write a song" I reply

"A song, dont know how much help I'll be" she says sitting down

"I've seen your phone, you can write" I say handing her a book and a pen

"Fine,I'll try" she gives in

We sit there for alittle and kaitlyn is writing something down,

"How bout this" she says handing me the book

I read the words and then sing them

"I fell

I fell hard

It knock me down

I'm seeing stars

It takes me up above

It feels like I'm a shooting star

You u u u

Take aakkee

Me eeeee

You take me out of this world

out of this

You take me out of this world

Hold on tight

For the ride

It's like a space ship in flight tonight

Spinning round

We're not comming down

I'm living in your high"

"Just a thought" she says

"I like it" I say as I open the door to yell at the guys

She smiles

"Guys come and listen to this" i yell out

I sing it to them

"Well I like it" mikey says

Cal and ash nod in approval

"Great kaitlyn wrote it" I say kissing her cheek

"Hidden talent" ash says sitting down

"That's all I've got, you guys have to write the rest" she says standing up

"Oh no you don't" I pull her back down

We sit there for awhile just messing around.......

Another updated soon :)....... Xx

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