My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


6. it's tour time

Kaitlyns pov

It's that time, time to head for the guys tour, I'm excited but nervous and it's time to say goodbye to Sydney for now and to Rosie, she's not comming, I give her a big hug an walk out the door so her and Michael can say their goodbyes, but there's something not right there,

We hop in the car and head to the airport, the boys are starting their tour in Melbourne.....

Finally we are in Melbourne we are heading to the tour bus, the guys haven't stop smiling, we arrive at the bus and the one direction boys are waiting for us,

"Luke" niall said running to hug him

"Hey niall, how you doing" luke replies

"I'm good, this must be kaitlyn" niall says as he hugs me

"Nice to meet you niall" I blush

"Come meet the guys" niall says and grabs my hand stealing me away from luke

"Hey guys, this is kaitlyn Luke's girlfriend" he says all excited

"It lovely to meet you kaitlyn, I'm Liam"

"Nice to meet you all, and please call me Katie"

Harry gets up and hugs me,

"Let's get this tour started" calum yells and well all laugh at him

The 1d guys go and hop on their bus, and we get on our bus there is 6 beds, ash,cal and mikey call dibs on the top bunks witch I don't mind I don't like being on top, luke doesn't mind either he said it's good cause he can sneak over and cuddle me, I like how he thinks........

Luke's pov

It's so good to see the guys again, we are on the bus heading to the arena, ash, cal and kaitlyn are having a nap so I go and sit with mikey,

"Mikey are you ok, you don't seem yourself"

"Yeah, kinda well not really" he says putting his head in his hands

"What's up" I say tapping him on the back

"Me and Rosie broke up, where just going to be friends"

"Oh man I'm sorry man"

"It's ok" he let's out a sigh oh relief

I'm guessing he's wanted to tell someone but hadn't had a chance,

The bus has stop and we have arrived at the arena so I go wake kaitlyn up, oh and cal, ash

"Hey my sleepy head we're here come look"

She puts her hands out for me to pick her up so I do and cuddle her and give her a quick kiss and pull her towards the bus doors......

Wow this is huge, I can't wait to play but I'll be nervous, all the shows are sold out....

Ashton's pov

This is my dream, I can't wait to play, we are going to take over the world with our music I know it......,,,

Kaitlyns pov

It's that time, I'm excited 😁 the boys are about to go on, I haven't seen them play for real, I've seen then mess around but this is different, luke gives me a kiss and runs on stage...

Their amazing, their singing "she looks so perfect" and luke stares at me, he's so cheesy, they stop singing and start talking

"So who wants to meet Luke's girlfriend" I hear calum yell

The crowd cheers

Before I know it calum is dragging me on stage, he pushes me over to luke,

"Say hi babe" luke whispers in my ear


The crowd is yelling "kiss her kiss her"

Luke grabs me and kisses me

"Ok enough oh that you two" Michael says

"Fine, say goodbye babe" luke says pulling away

"Bye, have fun" I say and walk off stage giving calum a stare...

The boys have finished their set, Luke's all sweaty,

The 1D boys are going on I've always wanted to see them perform......

"Did you like it " luke say as he wraps his hands around my waist

"I loved it baby"I reply

"Good, are you hungry"

"Yes, but I want to watch the 1D guys" I say as I give him a kiss

"We can watch them for two more songs then I'm feeding you, no buts" he says

I nod in approval.......

More comming soon.... Xx

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