My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


4. it feels like I'm floating

It's be almost two week that I have been dating luke an I couldn't be happier, the guys have gone to work so it's just me and Rosie for once,we decide to go out for lunch....

"Hey Katie"

"Yes Rosie"

"How about you stay here live with me"

"Really" I scream all excited

"Yes really that means I get to keep my best friend by my side, instead of seeing you once every year"

"Yes, I have to call luke"

I call luke as we walk to the car we had to park a couple of blocks away,

"Hey babe" luke answers

"Hey guess what"


"I'm ....... Everything goes black

"Kaitlyn" I hear Rosie scream

Luke's pov

I'm on the phone to Katie when I hear a loud bang and a scream on the line,

"Katie Katie are you there" no answer

I ring Rosie's phone, she answers crying


"Rosie what's going on"


"Rosie where's Katie"

"She's been hit by a car, we are heading to the hospital"

"Rosie we are on our way stay with her" I say collecting my things

"Katie's been hit by a car" I say running out the door and the guy follow

We arrive at the hospital and I rush straight to Katie's room,

Kaitlyn is sleeping Rosie is by her side

"Rosie is she ok"I ask worrying

"Yes, doctors say she'll be fine she hasn't broken anything she's just alittle bruised, they said she's lucky" she says as she hugs michael

"Hey babe let's get you home" Michael says to Rosie

They leave and go home while I stay with Katie...

"Luke" I hear kaitlyn call

"Hey babe, how you feeling"

"Hmm sore, my head hurts"

"I'll get the nurse"

The nurse comes in and checks kaitlyn and gives her some drugs to help with the pain, and leaves the room......

Kaitlyn is sleeping, I take her hand in mine and hold it as I drift off to sleep.......

Kaitlyns pov

Hmmm it's morning, argh I'm sore, I look down and luke is asleep holding my hand I try not to move but I need to pee,

"Luke, wake up sleepy"

"Hmm how's my girl"

"Sore,help me up I need to pee"

Luke helps me up and helps me to the bathroom, I shut the door and look in the mirror I'm covers in bruises, I open the door and luke is waiting with the doctor,

"Miss smith how are we feeling" doctor asks

"Sore, please call me kaitlyn"

"Kaitlyn your scans came back clear, you are free to go home aslong as you have someone to look after you"

"I'll look after her" luke says out of nowhere

"Well let's get you ready to leave" doctor says leaving the room

Yay I get to go home, ash is picking us up, Rosie has order that luke moves in to look after me she is staying with Michael,luke is excited about it way more than me.....

Finally home, luke orders me straight to the couch to sit Down while he puts on a movie and gets me a blanket,

"So what did you want to tell me, before this happened" luke says

"Rosie ask me to move here in with her, I said yes"

"Great now I don't have to let you go, I need to tell you something"

"What is it, your not breaking up with me are you" I joke

"No, noway, iii , I love you kaitlyn "

I smile ear to ear

" I love you too luke"

I give him a long kiss and snuggle into his chest and drift off to sleep................

Luke's pov

I've never told a girl I love them before but this one is different, she amazes me she makes me happy, I love her and I want to tell the whole world, so I tweet it.....kaitlyn is asleep snuggled into my chest, I think about how I could of lost her yesterday and it sends a chill down my spine, I don't want to loose the girl I love.........

Thanks for reading, next bit will be up soon,

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